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«Utskho Suneli» - Organic Blue Fenugreek Seeds
Product code: 6758
1.14 €
Utskho Suneli also known as blue fenugreek is an herb that is grows wild in the mountainous parts of northern Georgian. Slightly milder than the popular fenugreek, this herb is very versatile and can be used for meats or fresh salads.
Product code: 10113
1.14 €
Nicotiana rustica, known in South America as Mapacho and in Vietnam as Thuoc Lao (thuốc lào), is a plant in the Solanaceae family. It is a very potent variety of tobacco. Rustica is also used for entheogenic purposes by South American shamans.
Product code: 3684
1.39 €
Umbrella Tree/Umbrella Magnolia (Magnolia tripetala) Deciduous. This Appalachian native tree gains its name from giant, jungle-like leaves; reaching 2 feet in length and nearly 1 foot across. There’s some shelter for ya!
Product code: 1411
1.14 €
Making decorative, snowball-like flowers in the spring, shiny red berries in the summer and brightly colored leaves in the fall, this gorgeous bush can grow to 20 feet with a 15 foot spread. Used extensively in landscaping.
Product code: 1345
1.14 €
These giant Pansy flowers are rich, deep blue with a black blotch that is characteristic of Viola Swiss Giant. They are easy to grow from Pansy seeds, and you can make an intense display by planting this Pansy Ullswater blue in mass groupings.
«Unicom Violet» - Organic Aster Seeds NEW
Product code: 81
1.14 €
Aster Callistephus is a mid to late season bloomer, but they last into fall and frost season. With a height of 24 inches and strong upright growth, Aster flowers are prized for cutting. They have sturdy stems and a long vase-life.
«Unicom Rose» - Organic Aster Seeds NEW
Product code: 358
1.14 €
Growing Aster seeds is the perfect way to have enough of these stunning annuals that are late season bloomers. Just when other flowers in the borders are about done, Aster Callistephus starts blooming in the latter part of summer and into the fall.
«Unicom White» - Organic Aster Seeds NEW
Product code: 355
1.14 €
Aster seeds grow quickly and are so rewarding! This Aster Callistephus is a late season bloomer. While many of the summer flowers are finished, Aster flowers are just getting started, and they will bloom until frosts.
«Unguiculata» - Organic Clarkia Seeds NEW
Product code: 126
1.14 €
The common name is Mountain Garland or Garland Flower, and it originated in California. This variety produces blooms with an array of pink, salmon and hues of maroon, and the colors are most striking when planted in groups.
Product code: 2145
1.14 €
What a dazzling arrangement of colorful blooms with colors of white, pink, salmon-scarlet, dark blue, azure blue and rose. Petunia plants are the most popular and widely used summer flowering annuals, and they are easily started with Petunia seeds.
Product code: 10024
1.14 €
Parsley has a long and colorful history, being well known in many cultures. Myths and legends abound concerning this herb, making it the symbol of such widely varying things as death, victory, and life.
Product code: 10652
1.14 €
Early ripening variety. Vegetation period to technical ripeness is 70-95 days. Roots are round-flat, dark red in color, up to 160-380 grams, excellent taste qualities. The flesh is dark red with a burgundy tinge and black rings, very juicy and tender.
Product code: 8060
1.14 €
Semi-sugar, multi-growth variety. It is distinguished by the cylindrical shape of the yellow-orange root crop. This feature allows you to save money by hand cleaning. These roots are well kept, have a smooth surface and juicy white slightly creamy flesh.
Product code: 3081
1.14 €
Celtuce is named after its characteristics that are somewhat like a cross between celery and lettuce. Younger leaves are picked and used like normal lettuce, stems are used as a vegetable and have a flavour that is comparable to celery.
Product code: 11963
1.14 €
20-24 days!!! Probably the best and most productive dark green plain leaf spinach for year-round sowing and harvests. Within its class, Olympia is slower to bolt and displays better eating quality than others.
Product code: 5209
1.14 €
Green Utah is a very popular American celery producing tall, delicious, string-less, well-rounded solid stalks which are easily blanched and have a distinctive nutty flavour. This compact variety has excellent disease resistance.
«Ukrainian Autumn» - Organic Cabbage Seeds NEW
Product code: 8738
1.14 €
This is a mid-early variety of white cabbage, which has dense cabbages of a rounded flat shape, light green in color, weighing up to 4 kg. It is recommended for long-term storage and pickling. The variety is resistant to fusarium wilt.
Product code: 285
1.14 €
Thick enough for a bit of crunch when eaten fresh, but thin enough to dry easily. The fruits are sweet with moderately warm heat for a cayenne. "Pepper heads" can eat Red Ember fruits whole, while others craving a touch of heat can slice it.
Product code: 2628
1.14 €
Deep ribs, big size. Deep orange colour and strong handles. Ukrainian prolific is very productive and has lots of character, giving it an old time pumpkin appearance. Barrel shaped 25-35 lb pumpkins are borne on strong indeterminate vines.