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«Yellow Wonder» - Organic Alpine Strawberry Seeds
Product code: 10447
1.14 €
A unique and rarely offered yellow-fruited form of the European Wild Strawberry. Clumps do not make runners, so these are well-behaved plants suitable for edging, in the rock garden or in containers. Tiny white flowers appear all season.
Product code: 9920
1.14 €
The wood alpine strawberry produces masses of dainty, sweet tasting berries from July to September. The small fruits have a delicate flavour with an almond undertone making them perfect for decorating pastries and cakes.
Product code: 7226
1.14 €
Yellow Cream Alpine strawberry seeds are a bit easier to start than some others. Start the seeds indoors as early as December, and transplant outdoors one week after your last average frost date. That’s around the first or second week in April.
Product code: 1055
1.39 €
One of the better known heirloom alpine strawberries, Alexandria has thimble-sized, luscious, dark red berries. Top-rated for flavor, vigor and yield, these runnerless, everbearing plants produce more fruit when allowed ample space.
Product code: 4863
1.39 €
The Alpine Strawberry "Ruegen" has intensely delicious fruit on beautiful, naturally-everbearing, compact plants without runners. Clusters of large, white flowers followed by remarkably sweet, tasty red berries, June - late fall. Evergreen in warm areas.
Product code: 2036
1.39 €
The strawberries grow upright during the whole summer and a large part of the fall. You can harvest Regina till the first frosts. Very much loved by bees. Strawberries are delicious fruits and the flavour is nicest when they are really fresh.
Product code: 5170
1.14 €
Strawberry Snow White is an unusual white variety with vivid red seeds that will make a refreshing change to fruit salads and ice cream. This popular novelty crop produces fruit with a lovely flavour.
Product code: 163
1.14 €
This ancient of strawberry was popular in colonial America as well as 17th century Europe. Fruit have bright red skin and pure white flesh. These bear in June and are best eaten right out of the garden, they have superb flavor, not shipping quality.
Product code: 5401
4.00 €
This is a fruitful hybrid of large-fruited garden strawberries. The bush is strong, up to 20-25 cm high, with moderate mustache formation. The leaf is large, dark green. The flowers are pale pink. Peduncles powerful, durable. The berries are large, red, s
Product code: 7
1.39 €
Fruit can be eaten fresh or cooked and made into jams, tarts or puddings. Prefers a fertile, well drained moisture retentive soil but is not fussy whether conditions are acid or alkaline. Best in full sun or light shade but can tolerate semi-shade.