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«Sunrich» - Organic Sunflower Seeds
Product code: 1527
1.14 €
Bright, lemon-yellow petals surround a lime-green disk. 4-6" blooms. Also known as common sunflower and annual sunflower. Pollenless. Single stem. Ht. 48-60".
Product code: 2725
1.14 €
A treasure in the garden! Fiery, bicolor, 5" diameter sunflower with yellow and deep orange-red blooms are perfect for cut flower arrangements. An easy way to fill your home with bouquets that will radiate a warm, sunny glow.
Product code: 4535
1.14 €
Imagine a meadow filled with wild Sunflowers! These giant annuals produce numerous 3 - 6 inch flower heads on branching stems. They are native to dry plains, prairies, meadows and foothills in the western United States, Canada and northern Mexico.
Product code: 6355
1.14 €
Sunflower seeds are a favorite for children to grow. They are so tall and stately that both children and adults are impressed! Giant Sunflowers have massive 10 inch double blooms that are stuffed with tiny, densely-packed petals of richest golden-yellow.
«Sanghold» - Organic Sunflower Seeds NEW
Product code: 13018
1.14 €
An annual plant, upright stems up to 200 cm tall, flowers up to 15 cm in diameter, terry, bright yellow in color, used primarily for group plantings, flower beds, flowers, in flower beds and for cutting.
«Teddy bear» - Organic Sunflower Seeds NEW
Product code: 13100
1.14 €
A plant with a height of 80 to 150 cm, light and heat-loving, quite drought tolerant, very widely used in the decoration of plots, in group plantings and for cutting, densely-spread flowers in diameter reach 30 cm.
«Lakomka» - Organic Sunflower Seeds NEW
Product code: 12901
1.14 €
The early ripe large-fruited confectionery variety of sunflower Lakomka was removed from the confectionery variety SPK by the method of multiple individual selection with subsequent directed pollination of the best biotype resistance to broomrape.
Product code: 11332
1.39 €
This classic giant variety produces large, yellow heads and big, delicious white seeds perfect for roasting. It also grows very tall, 10’-12’! Fun to grow and eat.
Product code: 12164
1.14 €
Stunning Ruby Sunset will produce 5-15 medium sized, uniquely coloured blooms per stem if pinched out. Beautiful in the garden or pretty in the home. HA - Hardy annual. Medium/Tall variety. Height 1-1.5m (3-5').
Product code: 630
1.14 €
Grow Sunflower seeds and enjoy these tall stately annuals that brighten up any location. This Sunflower Autumn Beauty mix produces blooms ranging in colors: gold, yellow, rusty red, burgundy and bi-colors.
Product code: 11333
1.39 €
In just 110 days from direct sowing, this HEIRLOOM grows 3.6m (12′) tall. Its 60cm (24″) flowers produce delicious and nutritious sunflower seeds, or they can be dried and hung in the garden as a natural bird feeder.