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«Salmon» - Organic Salvia Splendens Seeds NEW
Product code: 15744
1.14 €
An exotic crop with an unusual color, which will easily add uniqueness to any garden, flower bed or balcony, the annual plant is a bush with a height of 30 to 40 cm and a width of about 15 cm.
«White» - Organic Salvia Splendens Seeds NEW
Product code: 11098
1.14 €
Popular among gardeners as one of the best plants for landscaping, the low, compact sage bush blooms brightly and profusely throughout the season - right up to frost.
«Mix» - Organic Salvia Seeds NEW
Product code: 12686
1.14 €
It's the bracts which makes this annual Salvia so showy. Easily grown and vigorous it will soon make a 50cm tall by 40cm wide plant covered in blue, pink and white flowers during summer and autumn.
Product code: 15512
1.14 €
Heat-, light- and moisture-loving, slow-growing culture, a very beautiful flower, indispensable in the design of flower beds, lawns, the color is bright, sparkling, colors from dark purple to sky blue predominate.
Product code: 13151
1.14 €
Warm, light and moisture-loving, slowly growing culture, a very beautiful flower, indispensable in the design of flower beds, lawns, the color is bright, sparkling. Recently, in addition to red, salvia varieties appeared with white and even blue color.
Product code: 13150
1.14 €
Annual, plant height 60 cm, light-loving, cold-resistant plant, forming compact bushes, flowers are collected on the tops of the stems, beautiful bright white bracts give the plants a special brightness.
Product code: 1284
1.14 €
Growing Salvia seed is so rewarding. The butterflies and hummingbirds will love your garden when you grow these beauties! Blue Victory Salvia plants are heavy blooming, compact and give a spectacular display of color.
Product code: 640
1.14 €
An enduring favorite of the summer cottage garden is readily grown from Salvia seeds. Salvia White Swan features large blooms of pure white and are delicately veined. This lovely annual is also widely known as Clary.
Product code: 4122
1.14 €
For intense color saturation on neat, compact plants that really take the summer heat, Vista is unbeatable! This charmer begins flowering early (before the end of spring in most climates) and continues up to frost.
Product code: 1916
1.14 €
Clary is an herb plant that is well-known for its many uses. It is easy to grow from Clary seeds, in the mint family and related to common sage. Often it is called Clary Sage. The Clary Sage herb is a biennial having a 2-year life cycle.
Product code: 4860
1.14 €
This exceptional variety of Scarlet Sage, very tall and shrubby, is most impressive. Masses of stunning bright red flowers will bloom all summer long. 2.5 ft (70 cm) Once upon a time this plant from Brazil enjoyed the common name of Scarlet Sage.