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Convallaria Majalis / Lily of the Valley Seeds
Product code: 1665
3.45 €
6.90 € (Sale: 50%)
Strongly scented, bell-shaped flowers with waxy textured petals, are followed by bright red berries. These appear on slender, upright to gently arching stems, which arise from amongst the lush green foliage.
«Lowlander» - Organic Setaria Viridis Seeds NEW
Product code: 12691
1.14 €
Setaria viridis is a species of grass known by many common names, including green foxtail green bristlegrass, and wild foxtail millet. It is sometimes considered a subspecies of Setaria italica.
«Lemon Drop» - Organic Tagetes Seeds NEW
Product code: 1444
1.14 €
What is considered to be amongst its most appealing qualities is a relatively long and rich flowering period; this is when the plants produce a plethora of lovely lemon inflorescences that have an exceptional decorative potential.
«Long Pop» - Organic Eggplant Seeds NEW
Product code: 1033
1.14 €
This is a mid early variety. The vegetation period from germination to ripeness 110-130 days. Plants 50-70cm high. Fruits are purple, cylindrical in shape, without ribbing, 16-20 cm long, up to 7 cm in diameter. The flesh is cream-green in color.
Product code: 11945
1.14 €
80 days from transplanting. Eggplant is the king of summer vegetables in Japan. This long, slender purple variety is both attractive and flavorsome. Homegrown eggplant is far superior to store-bought. They are outstanding when harvested at their tender.
«Louisiana Long Green» - Organic Eggplant Seeds NEW
Product code: 4325
1.14 €
Tender, meaty and full of flavor describes this wonderful green eggplant from the South. 8-9" long, lime green fruits are borne on vigorous tall plants that will benefit from some support in order to handle all these long tasty eggplants.
«Moscow Late» - Organic Cabbage Seeds NEW
Product code: 834
1.14 €
This is a late ripening variety, the period from germination to technical ripeness is 140-150 days. Heads of cabbage are large, with an average weight of 3-5 kg, sometimes up to 10 kg, of a gray-green color, of good density, rounded-flat.
«Langedaker» - Organic Cabbage Seeds NEW
Product code: 5852
1.14 €
This is a late ripening variety. The vegetation from germination to technical ripeness 150-160 days. Forms large heads of cabbage, round shape, very dense, dark purple in color, weighing 2.5-3.5 kg.
«Lada» - Organic Potato Seeds NEW
Product code: 8470
1.14 €
Mid early variety of table potatoes. It is characterized by consistently high yield in all regions. Plant average strong. Tubers are white and light yellow, rounded oval, with a smooth skinned, superficial eyes.
Organic English Lavender Seeds (Lavandula Angustifolia) NEW
Product code: 1537
2.00 €
Also commonly known as Common Lavender, True Lavender, Lavandula Spica, Lavandula Vera, Lavandula Officinalis, this ornamental flowering herb features sweetly fragrant, evergreen foliage with leaves that first open white.
«Medicinal» - Organic Lovage Seeds NEW
Product code: 1338
1.14 €
If you haven’t cooked with lovage before then you have missed out on a very flavourful herb. Lovage’s flavour is distinct and greatly appreciated by food aficionados, especially those who claim southern European heritage.
Bird's Foot Trefoil Seeds (Lotus Corniculatus) NEW
Product code: 12544
1.14 €
Originating from sunny pastures and open rocky sites, these long-lived perennials are ideal for gravel gardens, meadows and other naturalised planting schemes. Their bright yellow flowers take on an orange hue as they age.
Sweet Gipsywort Seeds (Lycopus Europaeus) NEW
Product code: 12543
1.14 €
The stem and leaves were used as an astringent and sedative and used to treat anxiety, tuberculosis and heart palpitations. It has also been used in the treatment of hyperthyroidism and related disorders.
Product code: 2825
1.14 €
Goji Berry, also known as Chinese wolfberry, is a cold-hardy, perennial shrub that grows in many regions of the world, but which is specifically cultivated in China. It has been reportedly used in Chinese medicine for nearly 2000 years.
«Large Flowered Mix» - Organic Viola Seeds NEW
Product code: 12047
1.14 €
Garden pansies are very popular spring flowers. The multitude of offered varieties, that differ in size and shape of the blooms, provide us with countless arrangement options. Garden pansies are used for planting on lower borders and flower beds.
«Light-Blue» - Organic Ipomoea Seeds NEW
Product code: 1462
1.14 €
Light-Blue Morning Glory is a fine decorative annual vine. This plant produces lovely purple flowers that without a doubt are its main ornamental quality. Flowering from July to October.
Product code: 3425
1.14 €
Size of ears range from 3-8 inches. Height of plants depend upon water, but can reach up to 9 feet, typically 6 feet. The kernels may be ground into cornmeal or popped. Glass Gem can be harvested approx. 110-120 days after planting.
Product code: 6069
1.14 €
Dark green leaves with creamy white stalks are mild and somewhat sweet in flavor. Perfect for soups, salads and stews! (100-120 days). Harvest while young and tender early in the season, or leave them to bulk up as they'll stand well in the ground.
«Yellow Sun» - Organic Leopard's Bane Seeds NEW
Product code: 2671
1.39 €
Doronicum Orientale plants are uncommon, but they are wonderful spring blooming perennials with attractively toothed foliage and daisy-like flowers. It performs best in a partially shaded, consistently moist location.
Product code: 2277
1.14 €
Once a humble American prairie perennial, Liatris (familiarly known as Blazing Star or Gayfeather) is now a celebrity in vases everywhere! Its tall spikes of flowers, irresistible to butterflies, have become a mainstay of the commercial cut-flower.
Product code: 3180
1.39 €
Bring beauty and interest to a natural setting by sowing Lupine wild flower seeds. These flowers stand up in clusters of spikes with sweet pea-shaped blooms. These well-known perennials are legumes and can add nitrogen to the soil.
Product code: 3953
1.14 €
Amazing fully double blooms up to 7.5 cm (3in) in diameter, in a dazzling mixture of yellow, gold and crimson shades. Bushy plants create a dazzling display when used as an edging, in borders, rock gardens or containers.
Product code: 573
1.14 €
Lemon balm seeds are easy to germinate. It is a perennial herb that is very easy to grow from seeds and to establish in a garden. Lemon balm grows up to 70-150 cm tall. The leaves are very aromatic and have a nice lemon scent and flavour.
Product code: 10486
1.14 €
Motherwort has a squarish stem which is clad in short hairs and is often purplish, especially near the nodes. Motherwort is probably native to the southeastern part of Europe and central Asia where it has been cultivated since ancient times.
Product code: 5145
1.14 €
If you haven’t cooked with lovage before then you have missed out on a very flavourful herb. Lovage’s flavour is distinct and greatly appreciated by food aficionados, especially those who claim southern European heritage.
Product code: 10416
1.14 €
Lemon Balm's most popular use is in soothing herbal teas, where its lemon-scented volatile oils are released, but it is also a popular garden plant for its refreshing, soothing aroma. The dried leaves are also a perfect ingredient for potpourri.
Product code: 10443
1.14 €
Spectacular when in full bloom, Purple Loosestrife (Lythrum salicaria) is a vigorous, upright perennial enjoying an extremely long bloom season from early to late summer. It features pink, purple or magenta flowers in dense spikes, up to 18 in.
Product code: 11065
1.14 €
Dwarf, bushy, well-branched 12 in. plants, covered in masses of fragrant, intensely colored, deepest purple-blue flowers all summer long. Evergreen silvery-green foliage. Blooms the first year from seed. Flower spikes are excellent for cutting.
Product code: 2152
1.14 €
Agastache foeniculum «Tibetan» looks ravishing in a border with its lovely creamy-white spikes held over a light-green aromatic foliage which exudes an anise scent when crushed. Its long flowering season and showy flower spikes.
Product code: 3071
1.14 €
This is an annual aromatic plant containing essential oils. The bushes are compact, well leafy. Has a strong smell of lemon. Used in fresh form as a green salad, spicy additive in cooking and canning.
Product code: 531
1.14 €
A beautiful hardy annual herb with rough leaves covered in silvery hairs and the most attractive celestial blue flowers. Nectar rich borage flowers are particularly attractive to pollinating insects, including bees which make distinctive flavoured borage.
Product code: 7260
1.14 €
Specially developed for use as fresh seasoning, this flat-leaf parlsey offers large, bright green leaves on compact plants. Far more nutritious than its curly-leafed cousin, flat-leaf parsley is easy to grow.
Product code: 1776
1.14 €
This is a mid-ripe variety with a slow formation of inflorescences. The stem is single, straight, branched or almost simple, 40-120 cm high, thinly furrowed, undressed, dark green, branched at the top, between branches bent.
Product code: 1072
1.14 €
A unique, sweetly flavoured Ukrainian Salad Onion. Sown at wider spacings it produces thicker stems (almost like mini leeks!) and pungent tubular leaves. Small spaces made easy! Are you feeling left behind by the “grow-your-own” revolution.
Product code: 8939
1.14 €
Medium late bulb onion variety ready for harvest in 106-110 days. Bulbs are unique drop shaped, 150-170 g (5.64-5.82 oz), 12-15 cm (4.72-5.9in) long and 5 cm (1.96in) wide, covered with shinny light brown colour shell. Popular for great, luscious flavour.
Product code: 3178
1.14 €
Garlic chives, or Chinese chives, differ from ordinary chives in having flat leaves and have a delicate mild garlic flavour. They can be used in the same way as chives and are excellent in salads, stews, fish, egg or meat dishes.
Product code: 10227
1.14 €
Thin, flat leaves with delicate garlic flavor. Attractive white flowers in midsummer. Flowers make a great addition to bouquets. The budded flower stalks are sold as "gow choy" in Chinese grocery stores. Edible Flowers!
Product code: 11794
1.14 €
Riding the wave from late summer to early fall, this healthy, robust leek produces strong, upright, uniform plants. Straight, clean white shanks are topped with blue-green leaves for an overall height of 14-16 inches.
Product code: 9731
1.14 €
Green varietal onion with thin dark green long feathers. Leaves of excellent quality, with a light wax coating. The pen does not break. Suitable for growing in the winter and summer seasons.
Product code: 2270
1.14 €
Crisp firm leaves grow in compact, medium-sized heads. Iceberg lettuce has red tinged, pale green outer leaves around the tasty heart. Ideal in mixed salads. Contains Vitamin A. Sow the seeds from early spring, 0.5 cm deep 30 cm apart.
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