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«Chocolate Marmalade - Organic Tomato Seeds SALE
Product code: 11597
1.14 €
1.78 € (Sale: 35%)
The fruits are round, weighing 90-150 grams each, the color is unique - black near the stalk, the middle is pale brown, and the top of the fruit is orange-honey, light yellow in section, the fruits are very tasty, sweet with harmonious sourness.
«Crushed Heart» - Organic Tomato Seeds SALE
Product code: 11616
1.14 €
2.78 € (Sale: 58%)
Fruits are heart-shaped with a sharp tip, at the stage of maturity, pink-purple with golden strokes and stripes, weighing 200-400 grams, low-seeded, fleshy, sweet, tasty. These tomatoes are good for fresh consumption, juices and sauces.
«Church» - Organic Tomato Seeds NEW SALE
Product code: 11599
1.14 €
1.78 € (Sale: 35%)
According to the American tomato collector Chuck Whit, this variety is more than 100 years old and got this name because it was previously grown by monks in the church. Fruits are flat-round, deep pink at maturity.
«Coral» - Organic Carrot Seeds NEW
Product code: 12140
1.14 €
Late-ripening variety, conical root crop, pointed, 18-20 cm long, weighing 90-120 grams, dark orange color, good taste, the pulp is juicy, tender and dense.
«Chinese farm» - Organic Cucumber Seeds NEW
Product code: 12621
1.14 €
This variety is medium early, the fruits are dark green, even and neat, the length of the fruits can reach from 35 to 45 cm in mature form, cylindrical in shape, unpretentious in cultivation, resistance to adverse weather conditions.
«Chantane Royal» - Organic Carrot Seeds NEW
Product code: 12725
1.14 €
One of the best mid-ripening varieties of carrots of foreign selection, the root crops are conical, bright, smooth, the core is small, orange, the fruit length is 16 -20 cm, weight 110 -200 grams, the pulp is juicy, sweet, it is stored very well.
«Cherry» - Organic Hot Pepper Seeds NEW
Product code: 10256
1.87 €
A variety of hot pepper with a growing season of 90 days, the plant is compact, erect, well leafy.
Product code: 12720
1.14 €
A very rare kind of chili pepper from Venezuela with fleecy leaves and stems, the fruits are black, long, slightly curved, grow up, ripening, they turn bright red, with the observance of agricultural technology gives a good harvest.
«Chinese heat resistant» - Organic Cucumber Seeds NEW
Product code: 12620
1.14 €
This variety has a high yield and excellent quality of fruits, the fruits are dark green, even, long, cylindrical in shape, the surface of the fruit is covered with large tubercles, the skin is rather thin, the pulp is sweet and aromatic.
«Cayenne Purple» - Organic Hot Pepper Seeds NEW
Product code: 12711
1.14 €
A wonderful bright purple variety of the famous Cayenne pepper, giving good yields of sharp, cone-shaped pods, 4-5 cm long, directed upwards, when ripe, the peppers change color from anthocyanin (dark purple) to dark red.
«Caribbean red Habanero» - Organic Hot Pepper Seeds NEW
Product code: 12716
1.14 €
The fruits of this habanero can be eaten green, but the aroma is fully revealed only in fully ripened fruits, when ripe, the fruits change color from green to red, this pepper can be added to many dishes: sauces, salsa, casseroles ...
Product code: 12867
1.14 €
Mid-season variety, grows well in open ground and in a greenhouse, bush indeterminate, tall, up to 200 cm, the stem is not thick, the leaf is simple, narrow, the flower brush is simple, tied with 4-6 fruits.
«Church yellow» - Organic Tomato Seeds NEW
Product code: 12870
1.14 €
Mid-ripe variety with large fruits, bush up to a height of up to 1.7 m, flattened, yellow fruits, with an average weight of 1-1.5 kg, some can exceed 2.5 kg.
«7 Pot Bubblegum Chocolate» - Organic Hot Pepper Seeds NEW
Product code: 12960
1.14 €
A very rare variety of super-hot pepper, a bush up to 1m tall, the fruit aroma is fruity, like that of Bubblegum chewing gum, the taste is very sweet, but it is very spicy, not for fresh consumption, and super-spicy sauces are wonderful.
«Cherry-Cherry» - Organic Tomato Seeds NEW
Product code: 13004
1.14 €
An early ripe variety of tall cherry tomatoes, a 2m tall bush with many stepsons, forms long brushes with 30 or more cherry-like pink-raspberry tomatoes, the fruit is round, weighing 10-15 grams, sweet.
Product code: 11555
1.14 €
Here’s a gorgeous all-purpose slicing/pickling type. The plants are of bush habit, usually running no more than 18” or so, making them superior for small gardens, containers, or anywhere space is tight. Fruits hold well on the plants.
«Chiriman» - Organic Pumpkin Seeds NEW
Product code: 10691
2.78 €
An early ripe Japanese variety was very popular during the Edo period (1603-1867), but to this day it does not lose its relevance due to its excellent taste and beautiful fruits, the pulp is bright orange, fragrant, sweet, aromatic.
«Chinese early» - Organic Tomato Seeds NEW SALE
Product code: 11805
1.14 €
1.78 € (Sale: 35%)
Early ripe, flat-rounded, red fruits, weighing 70-110 grams, disease resistance, early maturity, productivity, unpretentiousness to conditions.
«Carp» - Organic Tomato Seeds NEW
Product code: 11814
1.14 €
Mid-early, the length of the growing season is 105-110 days, fruits are oval and rounded-oval, weighing 100-140 grams, the first up to 180 grams, smooth, dense, without a green spot near the stalk, red, high-yielding.
«Carnival (mix)» - Organic Radish Seeds NEW
Product code: 12737
1.14 €
For early production, it includes seeds of the following varieties: Zlata, Icicle, Snow White, Red with a white tip, 18 days. Varieties of high-yielding, with excellent taste and marketable qualities of root crops, resistant to shooting and sagging.
«Chocolate nutmeg» - Organic Tomato Seeds NEW
Product code: 12872
1.14 €
Mid-ripening variety, bush up to 1 m high, flattened fruits, chocolate in yellow and green stripes, chocolate flesh, fruit weight 150-350 grams, very juicy, very tasty fruits with a musky flavor.
«Alice Craig» - Organic Onion Seeds NEW
Product code: 13115
1.14 €
An annual variety of giant onions bred by Dutch breeders, with good care and timely top dressing, the weight of the bulbs reaches 500-700 grams, stored for 3-4 months, one of the best salad varieties with a delicate sweet taste.
Product code: 13001
1.14 €
Low-growing, mid-ripening, productive variety, bush 0.5 m high, orange-red fruits with pink stripes, beautiful flat-rounded shape, with a slight ribbing and without a green spot, juicy, sweet and sour, tasty.
«Cayenne Joe’s Long» - Organic Hot Pepper Seeds NEW
Product code: 12989
1.14 €
One of the longest varieties in the Cayenne variety group, fruits are 15 cm long and thin, slightly curved, the plant is tall, up to 1 m, fruitful, used in sauces, for pickling, for tinctures on vodka, olive oil or vinegar with herbs.
«Jamaican Hot Chocolate» - Organic Hot Pepper Seeds NEW
Product code: 12975
1.14 €
Very similar to Habanero Chocolate, but the fruits are much larger and the plant is more compact, the aroma and taste are fruit, for growing in a greenhouse, greenhouse or at home in a pot of 5 liters or more.
«Sherwoods Carbonero» - Organic Hot Pepper Seeds NEW
Product code: 12974
1.14 €
A bush up to 60-70 cm tall with active lateral branching and many buds in each node, abundant fruiting, cone-shaped fruits, orange in color with a fruity pleasant taste (light citrus hue) and a weak hinens aroma.
«Chilhuacle Negro» - Organic Hot Pepper Seeds NEW
Product code: 12973
1.14 €
The fruit is cuboid, thin-walled with a deepening on the tip, 15-18 grams, unripe - dark green, and ripe - chocolate in color, it tastes like sweet bell pepper with a spicy smoky flavor and notes of dried fruits.
«Cheiro Roxa» - Organic Hot Pepper Seeds NEW
Product code: 12972
1.14 €
The branches are dark in color, the leaves are blue-green, the unusual shape of the fruits is in the form of a small top, the ripened fruits of a cream color with purple influxes grow in bunches from 3 to 6 in one node.
«Canadian» - Organic Lentil Seeds NEW
Product code: 13129
1.14 €
It has high drought tolerance and heat resistance + 60 ° С, is characterized by resistance to abiotic stresses - it tolerates spring frosts well in the seedling stage, and can withstand temperature drops to -10 ° С.
«Cherry yellow round» - Organic Tomato Seeds NEW
Product code: 13124
1.14 €
An early ripe, fabulously productive variety, a plant about 2 m high, more than 30 round yellow fruits weighing 15-20 grams are formed in the brush, it is recommended for fresh consumption, pickling and whole-fruit preservation.
«Pink cheeks» - Organic Tomato Seeds NEW
Product code: 13139
1.14 €
Gorgeous pink-fruited tomato of early ripening, a strong plant, 65-70cm high, beautiful fruits, large 200-300 grams, smooth, firm flesh, acid sweet, few seeds, good taste, good transportability.
«Citrine» - Organic Pepper Seeds NEW
Product code: 14994
1.14 €
Mid-early variety, bush height - 70 cm, fruits are elongated-cuboid, weighing up to 160 grams, wall thickness - 8 mm, tasty, juicy, aromatic, yellow in technical ripeness, and orange-red in biological ripeness.
«Marshmallow in chocolate» - Organic Tomato Seeds NEW
Product code: 13642
1.14 €
Mid-ripening, indeterminate tomato variety, round fruits, at maturity stage of unusual color, red-brown with small green strokes on the side of the stalk, average fruit weight 120-150 grams, juicy, sweet pulp.
«Criolla de Cocina» - Organic Pepper Seeds NEW
Product code: 15012
3.00 €
Mid-season variety, bush height 40-50 cm, unique fruit shape, strongly wrinkled, weight 80 grams, when fully ripe, the peppers turn bright red, like lights - lanterns, suitable for paprika (dries quickly).
«Plovdiv Capia» - Organic Pepper Seeds NEW
Product code: 15014
3.00 €
Mid-season variety from Bulgaria, bush height 50-60 cm, cone-shaped fruits, red color, weighing from 150, wall thickness 8 mm, juicy pulp, tasty, high yield, intended for greenhouses and open ground.
Product code: 12281
4.97 €
Chinese mountain yam is one of the few tubers grown commercially in China and used extensively as a source of starch. Until recently this species was used only as an ornamental in the U.S, for the sweet smelling cinnamon like blossoms.
«Credo» - Organic Melon Seeds NEW
Product code: 14949
1.14 €
It is a very early and stable variety, the fruit is oval attractive in shape, has a large size and a pronounced mesh on the skin, white makot, the weight of one fruit is 2-2.5 kg.
«Dwarf Tasmanian Chocolate» - Organic Tomato Seeds NEW
Product code: 13664
1.14 €
Mid-season tomato variety, strong, determinate bush, you can not form, flat-round fruits, red-brown color, weighing 80-200 grams, rich sweet taste, harmonious, intended for fresh consumption, salads, juice.
Product code: 12467
1.78 €
Black tobacco is a group of varieties united by a number of common properties, the main of which is their inherent special taste and aroma; Bolivian black is rightfully considered one of the most aromatic pipe-cigar tobaccos.
Product code: 3329
1.14 €
105 days. A unique and wonderful sweet pepper. Very long 45-60-cm fruit are curved and twisted, very slender, like a Cossack's sabre. This rare heirloom from Ukraine has a very rich flavor. Perfect for roasting, grilling, stirfry, use fresh in salads.
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