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Organic Amur Maple Seeds (Acer Ginnala) NEW
Product code: 6843
1.14 €
The Amur Maple is native to Northeast China and Japan. Amur maple has only started to attain popularity as a bonsai. It can be grown as a multi-stemmed clump or can be trained into a small tree with a single trunk. The tree grows about 20 to 30 feet tall.
Organic Almaty Hawthorn Seeds (Crataegus almaatensis) NEW
Product code: 6846
1.14 €
A tall shrub or small tree 4-5 m. The crown is tent-shaped, the bark of old branches is dark brown, the bark of young branches is dark purple or cherry, the inflorescences are complex, loose, multi-flowered, purple-red.
«White African» - Organic Sorghum Seeds NEW
Product code: 11526
1.14 €
An annual or perennial cereal plant. Refers to spring crops. Its homeland is considered to be the regions of East Africa, where the plant began to be grown in the 4th century BC. e.
Product code: 1296
1.14 €
These unique gourds are produced in many vibrant colors and unusual shapes. All display wings, many are warted. Some are in the shape of 12 inch swans, others may be small spoons, pears, and small to large bottles. Sure attention getters!
«Amish potato leaf» - Organic Tomato Seeds NEW
Product code: 15656
1.14 €
Mid-season (85 days), tall, high-yielding variety. Bush 1.8 m high, potato leaves. The fruits are large, weighing 300-900 grams, round-flat, smooth, without spots or cracks, rich pink in color, very beautiful.
«Arkansas traveler» - Organic Tomato Seeds NEW
Product code: 15657
1.14 €
Tall (up to 1.5 m), mid-ripening, high-yielding sor, fruits are flat-round, ripen evenly, weighing 100-300 grams, red in color, with a good, balanced taste, sweetish taste with sourness, juicy pulp.
«Alice Craig» - Organic Onion Seeds TOP
Product code: 13115
1.14 €
An annual variety of giant onions bred by Dutch breeders, with good care and timely top dressing, the weight of the bulbs reaches 500-700 grams, stored for 3-4 months, one of the best salad varieties with a delicate sweet taste.
Organic Malus domestica Borkh(Apple tree) Seeds NEW
Product code: 6854
1.14 €
Deciduous tree of hybrid origin, 3-6 or up to 10-14 m or more in height, with a straight strong trunk covered with fissured bark.
«Ukrainian Alena» - Organic Tomato Seeds NEW
Product code: 11602
1.14 €
Mid-season, productive variety. Bush indet. up to 2 m high. The fruits are flat-round, pink, have an unsurpassed sweet taste, some reach a weight of 1 kg. The variety is resistant to diseases and has an extended fruiting period.
«Aji Dulce Puerto Rico» - Organic Pepper Seeds NEW
Product code: 15659
1.50 €
Ripens 110 days after planting, compact bush, 50 cm, ripens from lemon green to red. Intended for fresh consumption, preparation of fruit salads, pickling.
«Honey aroma» - Organic Melon Seeds NEW
Product code: 15654
1.14 €
Medium early variety, medium vigor, round fruits with a mesh skin, yellowish-brown color, attractive appearance, weighing 1-1.2 kg.
«Arizona» - Organic Tomato Seeds NEW
Product code: 3013
1.14 €
This is a mid-season variety, the height of the bush is approximately 50-70 cm, the fruits are round, smooth, weighing 120-150 grams, good taste, excellent presentation and increased transportability.
«African liana» - Organic Tomato Seeds NEW
Product code: 11842
1.14 €
Mid-season, tall, productive tomato variety, pink, heart-shaped fruits, very fleshy and tasty, with a small number of seeds, weighing up to 400 grams, very high yield.
«Atol» - Organic Tomato Seeds NEW
Product code: 11865
1.14 €
An early-ripening variety, the fruits are medium in size, their weight reaches approximately 100 grams, due to the fact that they have high taste, are suitable for any type of processing, can be eaten fresh, canned, pickled or stewed.
«Flanders» - Organic Tomato Seeds NEW
Product code: 11883
1.14 €
A mid-early tomato variety with high yield, the fruits look beautiful and neat, they do not crack, they tolerate different weather conditions, both heat and cold, the weight of one fruit can reach 150 grams.
«Avola» - Organic Pea Seeds NEW
Product code: 13863
1.14 €
An early, large-grained, high-yielding pea variety, distinguished by high taste and technological qualities, the grains have excellent taste due to the high sugar content, the possibility of early sowing.
«Altai Honey» - Organic Tomato Seeds NEW
Product code: 15261
1.14 €
Mid-season variety, fruits are round-flat, smooth, red, weighing 400 grams, very beautiful, exceptional yield and disease resistance.
Product code: 15212
1.14 €
A low, but very fragrant and spectacular primrose, also known as "mouse hyacinth", despite its small size, the flower is a simple and effective way to decorate your summer cottage or home garden.
Product code: 15025
1.14 €
A two-three-year-old culture grown as an improved analogue of horseradish, the roots of katran are richer in chemical composition and taste, and are also more technological in processing, the variety is recommended for use in fresh and processed form.
Product code: 12450
1.14 €
Deciduous shrub, less often a tree with a height of 4-7 m, in which the leaves are alternate, petiolar, compound, consisting of 5-8 pairs of leaves, flowers are rather large, bisexual, moth-like, with a yellow corolla.
Product code: 12447
1.14 €
The tree is up to 25 (30) m high, the bark is dark gray, lamellar exfoliating in old trees, sometimes to a greater extent with deep grooves. the bark of young twigs is glabrous, brown-reddish, the shoots are at first with silky white pubescence, which soo
Product code: 12814
1.14 €
A medium early variety of curly asparagus beans, beans are juicy, tender, tasty, the grain is not damaged by pests and has a delicate mushroom flavor, and the beans and grain have universal use, the variety is resistant to major diseases and pests.
Product code: 78
1.14 €
Start the Purple Queen flower seeds directly outside and add a charming Agrostemma to the flower garden! Silky, speckled, blooms grow in sprays on willowy gray stems. Agrostemma Purple Queen prefers cool growing conditions for optimum results.
Product code: 526
1.14 €
Anise seeds flavor soups, cookies, cheese spreads, and applesauce. Seeds and leaves carry sweet, licorice-like flavor, make a comforting tea. Anise has been traditionally employed as treatment for sore throats, indigestion, and flatulence.
«Antarctica» - Organic Aster Seeds NEW
Product code: 15444
1.14 €
The variety type is peony-shaped, the plant is medium-sized, columnar in shape, on the plant there are 9-12 hemispherical inflorescences, consisting of wide reed flowers, directed upwards and bent inward, white in color.
«Anelka» - Organic Aster Seeds NEW
Product code: 15429
1.14 €
Variety type of peony asters, semi-spreading bush, 50-60 cm high, 40-45 cm in diameter, peduncles of medium length, strong, inflorescences 10 cm in diameter, densely doubled, the edges are pale pink, the middle is almost white.
Product code: 15562
1.14 €
An annual plant with erect stems, 60-80 cm high, flowers are large, 5-7 cm in diameter, bright red in color, used to decorate flower beds, flower beds and cut into bouquets.
Product code: 15300
1.14 €
An annual plant 160-180 cm high with a powerful stem, large rough leaves and large inflorescences of white-lemon-colored baskets, blooms for a long time, is used to create decorative walls, groups, and also for cutting.
Product code: 630
1.14 €
Grow Sunflower seeds and enjoy these tall stately annuals that brighten up any location. This Sunflower Autumn Beauty mix produces blooms ranging in colors: gold, yellow, rusty red, burgundy and bi-colors.
Product code: 15248
1.14 €
Pumpkins weighing 2-3 kg look like giant apples, green in color with white spots. Dried pumpkins are great for decorative and craft use and are in high demand, especially for making fabulous garden houses.
Product code: 15021
1.14 €
A wonderful, late variety of dish pumpkin, the fruits are very large, round, with a diameter of 30-50 cm, appreciated by artisans for their beautiful round shape, wonderful baskets or containers can be made from them.
Product code: 10958
1.14 €
The variety is early maturing, the weight of one plant is 100-300 grams. the taste is semi-sharp, the leaves are tender, juicy, do not coarse for a long time, a variety of salad purposes.
Product code: 11938
1.78 €
One of the best leek varieties, suitable for home, garden and market, very productive variety. Tall with dark green leaves. The white part reaches 22-25 cm in height, tasty, perfectly stored, transportable.
Product code: 349
1.14 €
Caraway is a member of the carrot family and looks much like a carrot plant prior to flowering. It is an upright growing plant, with a spindle shaped tap root. During flowering it sends up tall stalks that may reach from 60-90cm high.
Product code: 11996
1.14 €
The heads are white, dense, round-flat, coarse-grained, with a diameter of 18-20 cm, weighing 0.8-1.2 kg, the variety has good taste, is resistant to diseases, used for fresh consumption and processing.
«Azovstal» - Organic Radish Seeds Income for support AFU
Product code: 15497
0.91 €
This is a mid-early variety, pink-red root with a white tip, smooth, flat-round shape, 4-5 cm in diameter, weighing 25-30 grams, white flesh, juicy, sweet-spicy taste. Income for support Armed Forces of Ukraine.
Product code: 10902
1.14 €
Designed for winter cultivation in glass greenhouses and film shelters, quickly forms root crops - harvesting 23-25 days after germination, round root crops up to 3 cm in diameter, weighing 16-23 grams.
Product code: 13432
1.14 €
A specially selected mixture of various types of salads, differing in the shape and color of the leaves. A real carnival of color, shape and taste! Perfect for decorating festive dishes, as well as to give them the most unusual taste.
Product code: 15396
1.14 €
Mid-early variety of hot peppers, fruits of bright yellow color, oval with thick fleshy walls, with a pronounced taste and aroma of habanero, but almost without sharpness, suitable for fruit salads and as an aromatic addition to sauces.
Product code: 15010
1.50 €
Medium early, productive variety, fruits similar to flattened and ribbed "mini-pumpkin", weighing 100-150 grams, thick walls, orange-yellow fruits, dense and crispy flesh with excellent taste, compact bush, suitable for growing in pots.
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