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«Kyiv early» - Organic Peach Seeds NEW
Product code: 12261
1.50 €
The tree is medium-sized, the fruits are oval, the taste is good - 4.2 points, the fruits are intended for fresh consumption, as well as for preparing juice with pulp. Fruit ripens in early July. Self-fertile variety.
«Kraiova» - Organic Tomato Seeds NEW
Product code: 15260
1.14 €
An early-ripening, perennial variety of tomato, for growing indoors, the fruits ripen in 90-100 days after germination, their fruiting can be timed to coincide with a significant date for you and please your loved ones with an unexpected treat.
Product code: 2699
3.00 €
An annual herb with a height of 10-80 cm, which every year reproduces by self-seeding, a polymorphic species of the genus Highlander, a group of similar and difficult to distinguish species is united under the general name.
Product code: 13813
3.00 €
Tree up to 30 m tall, with a slender trunk and luxurious, free standing, rounded crown reaching 8 m in diameter. Fruits are red-brown, after ripening bluish-black leathery beans up to 20 cm long.
Product code: 13654
1.14 €
An ornamental tree 4-7 meters high with a spreading crown, leaves are graceful, feathery, large, about 40 cm long, blooms for a long time in July-September with golden yellow flowers in large inflorescences.
Product code: 12805
1.14 €
Mid-season variety, plant height 35-45 cm, bush, excellent taste, beans are suitable for fresh use, as well as for the preparation of various canned salads.
Product code: 12802
1.14 €
Early ripe variety of asparagus bean, beautiful, golden-colored pods, fleshy, juicy, with a very pleasant buttery taste, fruit ripening friendly, the variety is resistant to bacterial and other leguminous diseases, universal use.
«Kid» - Organic Dwarf Sunflower Seeds NEW
Product code: 15640
1.14 €
An annual plant with powerful stems and large yellow-colored inflorescences-baskets, plant height from 60 to 80 cm, blooms for a long time, used to create decorative walls or groups on lawns.
Product code: 12684
1.14 €
A spectacular plant with strong peduncles that do not require a garter, and luxurious lush inflorescences of a delicate lilac-lilac color, perfect for decorating flower beds and obtaining high-quality cut.
Product code: 10769
1.14 €
Medium early, 100-110 days drought-resistant variety, tall plant, 220-230 cm, cylindrical head of cabbage, 21-23 cm long.
Product code: 15022
1.14 €
Lagenaria with large fruits, 10-25 cm in diameter with a flat bottom, which will attract attention on any porch, ideal for bowls, vases, lamps, wood carvings, wood burning.
Product code: 12005
1.14 €
An original, high-yielding, exotic plant - young ovaries are eaten: they are stewed, fried, pickled, dishes are made from ripened and matured fruits or used to decorate the interior.
Product code: 13106
3.00 €
The variety is winter-hardy, resistant to drought and lodging, the leaves of the plant are used for the production of tinctures, tablets, extracts and other drugs for the treatment of various diseases.
Product code: 11559
1.14 €
An early ripe variety, rounded, medium-sized root crops, weighing 22-25 grams, flesh is dull white, dense, crunchy, delicate taste.
Product code: 10040
1.14 €
Medium late, head variety, the period from full sprouting to the economic shelf life of 68-75 days, the leaf is light green, whole-edged, fan-shaped, the tissue of the plate is swollen, there is no consolidation along the central vein, the weight of one p
Product code: 15204
1.14 €
A leafy vegetable, an upright rosette, 18-20 cm high, consists of 4-7 juicy, red burgundy, whole, oval, smooth leaves, is popular due to its sharp spicy taste and aroma, which is well transferred to other foods.
Product code: 15013
3.00 €
Mid-season variety, bush height 50-70 cm, cuboid fruits, weight 200-300 grams, bright orange color, sweet taste, thick walls, fleshy, great for fresh salads and any preservation, intended for greenhouses and open ground.
Product code: 14997
2.50 €
Mid-season variety, bush height - 70 cm, pleasant fruity taste and aroma with hints of apricot, an excellent choice for making hot sauce, aromatic hot salt, chili powder.
Product code: 12990
1.14 €
This is a very rare variety with a sweet flavor, nutty aroma, as if peeled almonds and warming warmth, bush height up to 70 cm in a pot, in the open ground will be higher, numerous fruits 4 cm long and 2 cm wide, ribbed, thin-walled.
Product code: 12979
1.14 €
Medium early variety, bush height 50-60cm, drooping, cone-shaped fruits, with full ripening of dark red color, weighing from 60 grams, wall thickness 6mm, juicy flesh, without bitterness, pronounced sweetness in taste, widespread use.
Product code: 12967
1.14 €
The plant is tall up to 1.2 meters, a garter to the support is required, a productive variety, it is mainly dried and ground into powder, a very strong aroma and coloring properties.
«Red Koenigsberg» - Organic Tomato Seeds NEW
Product code: 15356
1.14 €
An indeterminate variety, the fruits are bright red in color, elongated in shape, resemble eggplants, even, smooth, quite dense inside, few seeds, the peel is shiny, the average weight of the fruit is 230-300 grams.
Product code: 15290
1.14 €
Mid-season, tall, high-yielding variety, fruits are beautiful, red-orange, rounded with a sharp tip, fleshy, juicy, with a very balanced sweet taste and strong tomato aroma, weighing 90-140 grams.
Product code: 15281
1.14 €
Medium-sized, mid-season, productive variety, flat-rounded lods, bright orange outside and inside, very fleshy, juicy, oily, with sweetness and sourness, very tasty and pleasantly fragrant, weighing 250-600 grams.
Product code: 13319
1.14 €
This is a mid-early tomato variety, indeterminate bush, 100-120 centimeters high, the fruit is red, flat-round, juicy, weighing 200-300 grams, has a long storage period.
Product code: 12995
1.14 €
Mid-ripe indeterminate tomato variety, lianate bush, pear-shaped fruits, in technical ripeness, ink-lilac, and when fully ripe, orange-yellow with brown streaks of anthocyanin, weighing 20-40 grams.
Product code: 12911
1.14 €
The bush is ordinary, determinant, compact, with a height of 45-55 cm, before the fruit ripens - 107-115 days, the fruit is elongated-oval in shape, red, without a stain on the stalk, weighing 50-60 grams, is intended for whole-canning.
«Kulichek» - Organic Tomato Seeds SALE
Product code: 11669
1.14 €
2.77 € (Sale: 58%)
Indeterminate bush, 1.8 m high. One of the most productive varieties this season. Fruits are yellow, ribbed, very fleshy, tasty, with a small void in the seed chambers. Very thick and fleshy, beautiful.
«Karacharovsky lighthouse» - Organic Tomato Seeds SALE
Product code: 10346
1.14 €
2.78 € (Sale: 58%)
Medium early, indeterminate, old, amateur variety for conservation and fermentation from the village of Karacharovo, in which Ilya Muromets was born, a powerful, tall and rather productive plant, forms many strong fruits weighing 150-200 grams.
«Kenosha Paste» - Organic Tomato Seeds SALE
Product code: 8288
1.14 €
2.94 € (Sale: 61%)
Mid-season, indeterminate, bushes with ordinary leaves, 1.8 m high, elongated fruits, red, very fleshy, moderately juicy, with a wonderful aroma.
Product code: 8286
1.14 €
Indeterminate, mid-season variety, fruits weighing 100-300 grams, deep red-purple, very dense, one pulp, excellent, very sweet, pleasant taste, dark pink pulp.
«King Kong» - Organic Tomato Seeds SALE
Product code: 8264
1.14 €
4.45 € (Sale: 74%)
A mid-season tomato variety, a plant with a height of 1.8 m, requires a garter, heart-shaped fruits, even, red, weighing 1.5 kg, some can grow up to 2 kg or more.
Product code: 5479
1.14 €
Early maturing, universal, belongs to the determinant type, bushes of a rather powerful type with thick, strong stems, although they grow no more than 50-60 cm in height. In the middle lane, you can grow it in 3-4 stems.
«Kherson» - Organic Watermelon Seeds Income for support AFU
Product code: 15483
0.91 €
An early ripe variety, the period from germination to the beginning of ripeness is 65-75 days, fruits are medium in size, rounded, weighing 5-6 kg, light green in color with dark green stripes. Income for support Armed Forces of Ukraine.
Product code: 14959
1.50 €
The early ripe variety differs from other berries in the color of the yellow pulp, as well as in the increased sugar content of the pulp (up to 13%), the fruits are rather large, weighing 8–11 kg, round in shape.
«American Kazbechny» - Heirloom Tobacco Seeds EXCLUSIVE
Product code: 6595
1.14 €
Refers to aromatic varieties of late ripening for the manufacture of blended and skeletal tobacco raw materials, this mid-season tobacco variety has a high yield and increased drought resistance and resistance to leaf burning.
Product code: 12724
1.14 €
A very early variety of table carrots of a cylindrical shape, medium-length fruits of a bright orange color, the pulp is juicy, sweet, the core is small, the variety is widely used for early commercial production and processing.
Product code: 12991
1.14 €
The Japanese variety of bush pumpkin is completely without a specific pumpkin taste and smell, tastes like potatoes, goes well with vegetables and meat dishes, the fruits are round, ribbed, weighing from 1 to 3 kg, high productivity.
Product code: 11275
1.14 €
Early maturing variety, oval fruit with a smooth surface, yellow-orange, weighing 2-2.5 kg, thin peel, white or pale cream flesh, delicate grainy, sweet, the variety is quite resistant to fungal and bacterial diseases.
Organic Korean Pine Seeds (Pinus Koraiensis) SALE
Product code: 10143
1.50 €
2.50 € (Sale: 40%)
Korean Pine nuts are the most commonly sold pine nut in international commerce. Fresh (shelled) pine nuts often sell for as much as $25/lb. Also known as pignoli nuts, Korean pine seeds can be consumed as a healthy source of protein.