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«Bright Green» - Organic Kale Seeds NEW
Product code: 2169
1.14 €
Tender light-green leaves with a mildly sweet flavor. The plants are tall, vigorous, and high yielding. More tender than the extra-curly green varieties but not quite as cold hardy.
«Kharkov» - Organic Amaranth Seeds NEW
Product code: 12664
1.14 €
The variety is universal: it is considered as feed, food, grain and medicinal. Vegetation period: 90-100 days. The stem and leaves are green. The grain is bright. Does not give a drop. Plant height: 200-300 cm.
Product code: 10780
1.14 €
This much-loved, compact curly kale is a weather-resistant crops, withstanding strong winds and grows in poor soils. Kale Dwarf Green Curled gives you ornamental, dark, frilled leaves in top condition.
Organic Kaywa Seeds (Cyclanthera Pedata) NEW
Product code: 11495
3.00 €
Cyclanthera pedata, locally known by its Quechua names kaywa (pronounced kai-wa, hispanicized spellings caigua, caihua, caygua, cayua) or achuqcha (also spelled achocha, achogcha, achojcha, achokcha, archucha) It is a herbaceous vine.
Product code: 10549
6.10 €
Pleurotus Eryngii originated from the shores of Mediterranean Sea. It is therefore found in the Middle East and areas in the northern part of Africa. Other names used to refer to this mushroom include French Horn and King Trumpet Royale.
«Kentucky» Heirloom Tobacco Seeds NEW
Product code: 4337
1.14 €
Kentucky is a heavy producing white stemmed burley with yields as high as 6-8 ounces of dried leaf per plant. The light green leaves grow up to 36" in length and average 22"-24 inches wide.
«Black Mammoth» Heirloom Tobacco Seeds NEW
Product code: 4338
1.14 €
This is a deep dark tobacco that gives good weight and supports itself very well. This is a tobacco prized by specialty growers because it provides a great wrapper tobacco or a premium snuff tobacco when ripe.
«Kherson-7» Heirloom Tobacco Seeds NEW
Product code: 167
1.14 €
This is a thermophilic culture. Grown as seedlings, and sowing in the ground. Plant height from 1 to 1.5 m. The leaves are wide, have a peculiar smell. Used for the production of tobacco products as well as to combat dangerous pests of agricultural crops.
Organic Korean Pine Seeds (Pinus Koraiensis) NEW
Product code: 10143
1.14 €
Korean Pine nuts are the most commonly sold pine nut in international commerce. Fresh (shelled) pine nuts often sell for as much as $25/lb. Also known as pignoli nuts, Korean pine seeds can be consumed as a healthy source of protein.
Product code: 6841
1.39 €
A deciduous tree native to China and Japan, it is overall an oval-canopied tree but some specimens can become quite widely spreading with sprawling branches. Its gray-brown bark exfoliates in vertical bands, adding winter and spring interest.
Product code: 10525
1.14 €
They are attractive trees with deciduous glossy pinnate leaves. Develops a smooth gray bark that resembles that of a beech tree and grows to a height of 20 metres. The leaves resemble the foliage of an ash tree and are a glossy dark green in summer.
Product code: 3679
1.39 €
This deciduous tree grows to 40 feet tall and blooms in early spring with a profusion of white-tinged pink goblet to saucer-shaped blossoms that are 3 to 4 inches wide. Grow in moist, well-drained preferably acidic to neutral soil in sun or partial shade.
Product code: 689
1.14 €
This stately perennial flower is also known as Torch Lily. Kniphofia Torch Lily is native to South Africa, and it provides a dramatic display of multi-colored flower spikes that will reach 36-48 inches in height on top of long, dagger like leaves.
Product code: 4022
1.14 €
Start some Aster seeds to grow this spectacular Aster Callistephus. Nothing will be brighter in your garden than this yellow Aster! Aster Duchess plants have an upright growth habit and 5-8 floral stems.
«Kora» - Organic Tagetes Seeds NEW
Product code: 9939
1.14 €
French marigold (Tagetes patula nana), offered here as a low growing "Kora" variety, is a very valuable plant that blooms long and regularly adorning our gardens and balconies. It develops compact, round tufts that reach 25 to 35 cm in height.
«Dwarf» - Organic Kochia Seeds NEW
Product code: 401
1.14 €
This is the ever-popular summer bedding plant with beautiful, soft green foliage forming a dense bush that turns a deep fiery red in autumn. Makes a splendid pot plant. Although usually sold as a half-hardy annual.
«Venic» - Organic Kochia Seeds NEW
Product code: 2350
1.14 €
Kochia is widely grown as an ornamental annual and as a forage crop by farmers in the southwestern United States. Highly drought tolerant, it will usually grow well where nothing else thrives.
«King of Burgundy» - Organic Carnation Seeds NEW
Product code: 1348
1.14 €
Grown from Carnation seeds, this is an heirloom Dianthus flower found in many home gardens which is often used for a cut flower. King of Burgundy is the darkest of a reddish purple color and has the appearance of black velvet.
«Kitty» - Organic Lemon Catnip Seeds NEW
Product code: 2390
1.14 €
Catnip is a large family of perennial plants from the mint family, growing in a range from 90cm – 1.4 meters. Lemon Catnip is very similar to the more common Catnip plant and is considered to be a sister plant.
Product code: 11812
1.14 €
Early ripening. From mass shoots to harvest 30-44, before flowering 51-71 days, before the formation of seeds 89-105. Rosette diffuse, 6-10 large leaves, 29-33 cm high. Coloration green with a faint bluish shade. The stalk is short (5-6 cm).
«Knight» - Organic Pea Seeds NEW
Product code: 5536
1.14 €
This reliable, popular variety is the classic fresh market pea. Knight’s broad, 3-1/2 to 4" long pods stand up well to handling and yield 6 to 8 tender peas each. Bred at the NYAES in Geneva, NY by Dr. G. Marx, this compact 20 to 24.
«Dark Red Kidney» - Organic Bean Seeds NEW
Product code: 9059
1.39 €
Dwarf (bush) bean. Named after the beens resemblance in colour and shape to a kidney. The seeds within the pods are used as a dried bean and have an excellent flavour ideal for soups, stews and homemade baked beans.
«Khao Nuan» - Organic Wax Gourd Seeds NEW
Product code: 10248
1.14 €
Khao Nuan is an early variety of wax gourd, which has become very popular in Southern Asia. Fruits are uniform in shape and 2-3 Kg. in weight, with green skin and thick/firm white flesh. Plants are vigorous and high yield.
«Kikinda» - Organic Calabash Seeds NEW
Product code: 11677
1.39 €
Grow mammoth 7’ long gourds and amaze your family. Super tasty fruit are tender up to 4’ long. The tenderness and great flavor made them a favorite in our kitchen. Fun for craft projects and entering garden fairs.
Product code: 10777
1.14 €
An early variety that grows to 12″ inches high. The pale purple, flattened, globe shaped bulbs are smooth and form above the ground. The uniquely flavored white flesh is best when bulbs are 3″ in diameter.
«Delicate» - Organic Kohlrabi Seeds NEW
Product code: 9857
1.14 €
Mid early (50-60 days) cabbage, attractive rounded shape. Leaves light green color, heads aligned, weighing 0.8-1.2 kg, inside - pure white. No internal voids. Fine delicate taste.
Product code: 1064
1.14 €
This giant kohlrabi remains tender up to the largest sizes but must be spaced at least 30cm (1′) apart. When Giant kohlrabi seeds are spaced 60cm (2′) apart it can weigh up to 4.5kg (10lb)! Its large root system lets it grow well where water is limited.
Product code: 5236
1.14 €
Round, above-ground "bulbs" with light green, smooth skin have creamy white, tender flesh. Flavor is mild, sweet, turnip-like. Superb raw or steamed. Ready for harvest 55 days from seed sowing. Use bulbs when the size of an apple before they become hard.
«Purplish» - Organic Kohlrabi Seeds NEW
Product code: 5235
1.14 €
Purplish leaves and globes with mild turnip-cabbage flavor. Leaves are eaten like kale and white-fleshed bulbs are eaten like broccoli. Plants grow to 18" tall, with globes growing above the soil.
«Delicatesse» - Organic Kohlrabi Seeds NEW
Product code: 1151
1.14 €
Light green, round to slightly elongated ”bulbs.” Plants with light green petioles, but some light purple at the base of the petiole. Leaves mostly elliptic in shape with a few obovate and a round toothed margin.
Product code: 5237
1.14 €
This variety was brought to our shores-and our gardens-by Italian immigrants. A deliciously old-fashioned broccoli, it boasts dark bluish-green central heads about 5" across. Tall, erect, 30-36" plants give way to multiple side shoots.
Product code: 10009
1.14 €
High-yielding medium-ripening variety. Vegetation period from shoots to harvest is 130-145 days. Root crops large, 15-20 cm in length, 8-12 cm in diameter, cylindrical, light pink, weighing 1-2 kg.
Product code: 9767
1.14 €
Ideal for early sowings in frames and for successional sowing outside, Kahira is a flatter-rooted beet with smooth skin and a deep red, tender and flavoursome flesh. Roots grow mainly above the surface of the soil in a well-drained and sunny position.
Product code: 10008
1.14 €
Variety of sugar beet. Vegetation is - 115-133 days. The root of round shape, diameter 12-15 cm, 230-300 grams, deepens into the soil by 2/3, easily pulled out. The flesh is dark red with a burgundy tinge, sweet and very juicy. Core without rings.
Product code: 11358
1.14 €
The early-ripening variety of spinach, commodity yield comes on 21 days after mass shoots. Rosette semi-elevated, diameter 42.8 x 46.0 cm, height about 20 cm. Number of leaves 18-20. Leaves large, up to 20 cm long, 16.0 cm wide, elongated-oval.
Product code: 7249
1.14 €
This is a late-ripening variety of cabbage. Vegetation period is 160-170 days. Heads are mid-sized, round-flat or round. The outer stump is medium or long. Heads are dense, resistant to cracking. High transportability and storage in the winter-spring.
Product code: 5421
1.14 €
One of the best late varieties of domestic selection. Transportable, frost-resistant. Well preserved. Vegetation period is 154-165 days. The head is round-flat, weighing 2-4 kg, dense, white. The taste is excellent.
Product code: 11336
1.14 €
This variety is early, highly productive - from every square meter on average to 9-11 kg of pepper. The bush is up to 70 cm tall, compact, with a small amount of foliage. Cuboid fruits weighing up to 300 grams.
Product code: 10646
1.14 €
This variety grows excellent edible luffa, 8-12 inches long, 3-4 inches across, around 350 grams in weight, with relatively light green skin and white flesh. Young fruits are very delicious, excellent for soup and stir-fry cooking.
«Khaki» - Organic Tomato Seeds NEW
Product code: 12559
1.14 €
Indeterminant mid-early variety. The plant has a strong stem, up to 2 m high, the leaves are thin. The plant needs garter. The fruits have an ounce, an elongated pepper icicles are smooth, weighing up to 70 grams, have a green-red color.
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