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«Four O'Clock Pink» - Organic Mirabilis Seeds
Product code: 12070
1.14 €
The hummingbirds will love your garden when you grow these fragrant flowers from Four O'Clock seeds! These old-fashioned favorites have a bright trumpet shaped flower that is very distinctive. The plants got their name because they open in mid-afternoon.
Product code: 12069
1.14 €
Four O'Clocks take a quiet position in the garden during the day. However, as evening draws near, the flowers burst open and sweeten the night air with beautiful fragrance. What a lovely flower to greet you when you come home from work!
Product code: 12068
1.14 €
Hummingbirds will visit the garden all summer long! This sweetly scented perennial grows easily from Mirabilis Jalapa flower seeds and the hummingbirds love it. The plants are leafy, shrub-like, multi-branched tender perennials.
Product code: 602
1.14 €
Four o’clocks is a large, bushy, tender herbaceous perennial from tropical America. Fragrant, trumpet-shaped flowers appear in abundance all summer. Flowers open in late afternoon and last until morning.
Product code: 2843
1.14 €
Four O’Clock’s, so named because they typically bloom late in the afternoon, are among the most colorful, fragrant, and robust of all flowers that can be grown from seed. They’re very versatile too, as the seeds of the 4 O’Clock can be sown directly.