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«Eureka» - Organic Bean Seeds NEW
Product code: 11348
1.39 €
Bring the bright, garden sunshine right to your plate. Pick 'Eureka' as a young, filet bean or let mature to a beautiful, bright yellow. Plants produce heavy yields of very tender, 5"–6" beans, and yellow pods make finding the harvest a snap!
«Eclipse» - Organic Bean Seeds NEW
Product code: 10697
1.14 €
Earlier and higher yielding version of the Black Turtle bean we all love, Eclipse has impressed nearly everyone by having all the flavor and color of the traditional Black Turtle but returning many more pounds of beans and maturing nearly a week earlier.
Product code: 1508
1.14 €
Alfalfa (Medicago sativa) In Arabic, alfalfa translates to ‘the father of plants’ and is often dubbed the ‘king of foods’. Widely regarded as the richest terrestrial source of trace minerals, the use of alfalfa as a food and medicine.
Product code: 11321
1.14 €
Red-flowering amaranth from Guatemala, where amaranth has been a staple crop for many centuries. This grain type amaranth has recently been revived in the Mayan communities of Baja Verapaz after almost being lost during the civil war.
«Mix» - Organic Eschscholzia Seeds NEW SALE
Product code: 658
0.83 €
1.14 € (Sale: 27%)
A lovely variety with eye-catching, mix flowers. 1½ft (40cm). The well-known Calfornia Poppy - the official State flower of California - is a beautiful annual with lovely blue-grey feathery foliage and flowers borne in profusion throughout the summer.
«Mix» - Organic Echium Seeds NEW SALE
Product code: 657
0.83 €
1.14 € (Sale: 27%)
Viper's Bugloss Mix Bedder Dwarf Echium Plantagineum is a biennial flowering plant that is native to western and southern Europe. The best way to start Viper's Bugloss Mix Bedder Dwarf seeds is direct sowing outdoors in spring after last frost.
«Carmine King» - Organic Eschscholzia Seeds NEW SALE
Product code: 1258
0.83 €
1.14 € (Sale: 27%)
Start Poppy seeds and grow this rosy-red wildflower. The bright carmine rose colors make it shine like a true garden star! As with all California Poppies, Carmine King is an annual in colder climates and a perennial in warmer regions.
«Alba» - Organic Eschscholzia Seeds NEW SALE
Product code: 1257
0.83 €
1.14 € (Sale: 27%)
A lovely variety with eye-catching, creamy-white flowers. 1½ft (40cm). The well-known Calfornia Poppy - the official State flower of California - is a beautiful annual with lovely blue-grey feathery foliage and flowers borne in profusion throughout.
«Orange Princess» - Organic Eschscholzia Seeds NEW SALE
Product code: 1256
0.83 €
1.14 € (Sale: 27%)
A lovely variety with eye-catching, orange flowers. 1½ft (40cm). The well-known Calfornia Poppy - the official State flower of California - is a beautiful annual with lovely blue-grey feathery foliage and flowers borne in profusion throughout.
«Eggplant» - Organic Tomato Seeds NEW
Product code: 12234
1.14 €
Early ripe variety. Plant up to 1.7 m. Unique variety, fruits of violet color in the form of eggplant, tasty, weighing 250-300 grams.
«Express» - Organic Cabbage Seeds NEW SALE
Product code: 10773
0.83 €
1.14 € (Sale: 27%)
Cabbage Express is a pointed-head variety packed with minerals and vitamins B and C. Produces heavy, very pointed cabbages of up to 2 kg in weight. The young leaves are so tasty and full of flavour. We highly recommend this cabbage for eating fresh!
«Purple King» - Echinacea purpurea Seeds NEW SALE
Product code: 10527
0.83 €
1.14 € (Sale: 27%)
Easily grown in average, dry to medium, well-drained soil in full sun to part shade. Best in full sun. An adaptable plant that is tolerant of drought, heat, humidity and poor soil. Divide clumps when they become overcrowded (about every 4 years).
«Star Frost» - Organic Globe Thistle Seeds (Echinops Sphaerocephalus) NEW SALE
Product code: 10481
0.83 €
1.14 € (Sale: 27%)
Echinops is a hardy perennial and a non demanding plant for the border. This robust, upright herbaceous perennial has jaggedy-divided, prickly dark green leaves which are whitish beneath.
Organic Eastern ninebark Seeds (Physocarpus Opulifolius) NEW SALE
Product code: 6858
0.83 €
1.14 € (Sale: 27%)
Another excellent native shrub for year-round interest. Arching branches with lobed leaves give Common Ninebark a mounded look. Five petaled flowers appear in dense, spirea-like clusters in spring, and give way to a multitude of reddish-pink.
Organic European Crab Apple Seeds (Malus Sylvestris) NEW SALE
Product code: 6853
0.83 €
1.14 € (Sale: 27%)
The native, wild Crabapple tree, Malus sylvestris, is an excellent hedging plant, commonly planted in mixed country hedges. It makes a decent, if unevenly shaped, ornamental tree for an average sized garden and it will also pollinate orchard apples.
Organic European Bladdernut Seeds (Staphylea Pinnata) NEW SALE
Product code: 6842
1.03 €
1.39 € (Sale: 25%)
The large bladder like fruiting structures of this medium sized shrub are just irresistible to curiosity each one containing one or more chestnut brown seeds that are a bit larger than a fat pea.
Organic Edelweiss Seeds (Leontopodium Alpinum) NEW SALE
Product code: 3808
2.22 €
3.00 € (Sale: 25%)
Grow these famous flowers from Edelweiss seeds! Edelweiss is a favorite wildflower of the Swiss Alps, best suited to growing in a well-drained rock garden, mass ground cover planting, or alpine trough.
«Explosive Ember» - Organic Hot Pepper Seeds NEW
Product code: 12338
2.00 €
The Explosive Ember Chili is a beautiful variety as both the chillies and the leaves have beautiful colours. The plant grow small and are ideal for pot cultivation on balconies and window sills. The pods stand upright and ripe from purple to orange.
«Elephant Ears» - Organic Pepper Seeds NEW
Product code: 12321
1.14 €
The Elephant Ears is a rare large sweet Paprika type from Croatia. It gets it's name from because the peppers flatten to a shape resembling an ear. It is also called Slonovo Uvo. In Croatia these peppers are roasted, stuffed and used to make sauces.
«Eye of the Tiger» - Organic Tagetes Seeds NEW
Product code: 12304
1.14 €
Grow this charming annual from Marigold seeds. It is a dwarf variety and early flowering with double crested flowers. The blooms are bi-colored with shades of red and orange, and they are so gorgeous that they demand a second look!
Product code: 12122
1.14 €
White Iceberg has a classic, tapered, teardrop shape and white fruit that are sweeter and less bitter than the purple types. The 5-7” long fruit are smooth when mature and measure 2” at the top and 3.5-4” at bottom.
Product code: 12013
1.14 €
Mid-early - 115-125 days. The plant is semi-slender, with a height of 45-60 cm. Fruits are purple, elongated-pear-shaped, 16-20 cm long, 5-7 cm in diameter, weighing 170-250 grams. Flesh white, medium density, without bitterness.
Product code: 12012
1.14 €
This Italian heirloom eggplant, Long Purple, produces dark purple cucumber-shaped fruit with firm, mild flesh. Good yields, especially in northern climates! Plants will typically produce 4 or more 8-10" fruits with harvest beginning in 70 to 80 days.
Product code: 11995
1.14 €
A very colorful, circular shaped eggplant with 2-4" diameter fruits that ripen to green, with white and purple stripes. Fruits have a great flavor and are popular in parts of Southeast Asia. Plants bears well. 90 days.
Product code: 11945
1.14 €
80 days from transplanting. Eggplant is the king of summer vegetables in Japan. This long, slender purple variety is both attractive and flavorsome. Homegrown eggplant is far superior to store-bought. They are outstanding when harvested at their tender.
Product code: 11944
1.14 €
This beautiful, round, white eggplant is shaded with rose-pink color. The lovely fruit grow to large sizes, making this one of the most striking types we sell! Excellent for market growers, this Iatalian heirloom is mild and delicious.
Product code: 11943
1.14 €
Auberine Bellezza Nera is a traditional Italian, large oval to round, darkly coloured fruits with excellent flavour and texture, an essential ingredient in many Italian and Greek dishes. Best grown in a greenhouse or frame.
Product code: 11327
1.14 €
Kumari Sri Lanka is a new variety developed by a leading seed company in India. Fruits are oval white with green calyx. High quality small eggplant is 70-100 grams in weight. Plants are erect, bushy and vigorous in warm climates.
Product code: 969
1.14 €
This is the medium-early variety. Vegetation period from shoots to technical ripeness is 95-120 days. The shrub is tall, with a height of 70-100 cm. The fruits are large, oval in shape, in biological ripeness of red-violet color, weighing 200-300 g.
Product code: 3027
1.14 €
Violetta di Firenze / Italian Lavender and White Eggplant. A beautiful and unusual Eggplant that will be one of the surprise stars in your garden. The oblong to round fruits in shades of rich Lavender colour are sometimes striped with a creamy white.
Product code: 3026
1.14 €
A favorite Heirloom variety of Eggplant, Florida Market is noted as doing remarkably well in the humid southern regions. The eggplants are a drak glossy purple and does well in the South.
Product code: 41
1.14 €
80 days. Black Beauty is a very well-adapted open-pollinated variety, thriving in almost every part of the country. It boasts big yields of large, glossy, delectable fruit. Try it this season and you'll become one of its thousands of fans!
Elderberry Seeds (Sambucus nigra) NEW SALE
Product code: 1679
0.83 €
1.14 € (Sale: 27%)
Elderberry is known for its fragrant, flat topped, cream flowers that are followed by abundant, edible purple-black berries in September. The flowers are hermaphrodite. The shrub is attractor of beneficial insects and hummingbirds.
«Early Spring» - Organic Heirloom Seed Variety Packs NEW SALE
Product code: 10752
7.98 €
11.40 € (Sale: 30%)
Organic Heirloom Variety Seeds. 100% Heirloom, Natural & Non-GMO Strains Grown in the Ukraine. Brand New 2017 Stock. Open Pollinated with Very High Germination Rate.
«Easy Garden» - Organic Heirloom Seed Variety Packs NEW SALE
Product code: 10751
13.68 €
22.80 € (Sale: 40%)
Organic Heirloom Variety Seeds. 100% Heirloom, Natural & Non-GMO Strains Grown in the Ukraine. Brand New 2017 Stock. Open Pollinated with Very High Germination Rate.
«Emerald Apple» - Organic Tomato Seeds NEW SALE
Product code: 11869
0.83 €
1.14 € (Sale: 27%)
Emerald Apple Tomato Seeds. Heirloom Emerald Apple is a heirloom tomato from Ukraine that's large and flavorful, weighing up to 1 1/2 pounds. As the name implies the fruit of Heirloom Emerald Apple Tomato are nearly round like an apple.
Organic European Larch Seeds (Larix Decidua) NEW SALE
Product code: 6836
0.83 €
1.14 € (Sale: 27%)
L. decidua is a medium-size to large deciduous coniferous tree reaching 25-45m tall, with a trunk up to 1m diameter (exceptionally, to 55m tall and 2 m diameter). The crown is conic when young, becoming broad with age.
Organic Eastern Black Walnut Seeds (Juglans Nigra) NEW SALE
Product code: 1552
1.03 €
1.39 € (Sale: 25%)
Juglans nigra, the eastern black walnut, a species of flowering tree in the walnut family, Juglandaceae, is native to eastern North America. It grows mostly in riparian zones, from southern Ontario, west to southeast South Dakota, south to Georgia.
Organic Korean Evodia Seeds (Tetradium Daniellii) NEW SALE
Product code: 10525
1.03 €
1.14 € (Sale: 9%)
They are attractive trees with deciduous glossy pinnate leaves. Develops a smooth gray bark that resembles that of a beech tree and grows to a height of 20 metres. The leaves resemble the foliage of an ash tree and are a glossy dark green in summer.
Organic Viper's Bugloss Seeds (Echium Vulgare) NEW SALE
Product code: 11837
0.83 €
1.14 € (Sale: 27%)
Herbaceous perennial, sometimes biennial, native to Europe, the Ural Mountains, and Siberia. Growing in dry and gravelly places, this hairy-stemmed beauty bears large, bright blue, tubular flowers from summer to frost on an upright plant.
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