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«Japanese honey agaric» (Pholiota nameko) - Organic Mushroom Spawn NEW EXCLUSIVE
Product code: 10708
6.10 €
Japanese honey mushroom is one of the most revered mushrooms in Japanese cuisine, Japanese mushroom contains vitamins D and B2, a lot of fiber, as well as natural antibiotics that help fight staphylococcal infections and eliminate inflammation.
Product code: 13687
1.14 €
One of the hottest chili peppers in the world, more wrinkled than most white Jolockias, citrusy aroma, ripens from green to creamy white.
«Javelin» - Organic Corn Seeds NEW Income for support AFU
Product code: 15492
0.91 €
This is early ripening variety, the growing season is 75-85 days, the plant is powerful, 160-200 cm high, cobs are cylindrical, 16-20 cm long, 4-5 cm in diameter, weighing 140-170 grams. Income for support Armed Forces of Ukraine.
«Jupiter» - Organic Lithops Seeds (schwantesii v.marthae) NEW
Product code: 15473
3.00 €
Small stemless leafy succulents from the Mesembryanthemaceae family, most of the plants are immersed in the soil, the aerial part is two thick leaves fused into a column up to 20-50 mm high.
«Javelin» - Organic Tomato Seeds NEW
Product code: 15459
1.14 €
Mid-season high-yielding variety, fruits are black-green, with raspberry stripes, fleshy, dense, without cracks, spots, with a sweet taste, weighing 50-100 grams, perfect for conservation, market, processing into tomato paste and fresh consumption.
Product code: 13138
1.14 €
Super-ripe variety, plant height 60-70 cm, fruits are round, red, weighing 90-100 grams, good taste, yield 10kg / m2, very early ripening allows you to get two crops.
Product code: 15305
1.14 €
Carpal variety of mid-season ripening, fruits are pepper-shaped, dense, fleshy, in the stage of maturity they are painted red with yellow strokes and stripes, an individual tomato reaches a weight of 50-120 grams, collected in brushes of 6-8 pieces.
Organic Juglans Walnut Seeds (Juglans lancastriensis) NEW
Product code: 15126
3.00 €
A tall plantation with a powerful trunk, medicinal leaves and tasty, healthy fruits, on the site the tree grows up to 10 meters in height, the culture is unpretentious, it will develop well in both loamy and sandy soil.
Product code: 13300
3.00 €
A tree up to 30 m tall, usually growing from the base with several trunks, when free standing, forms a powerful wide-pyramidal crown.
Product code: 13715
1.14 €
A perennial herb, up to 1 m high, with a rod, highly branched rhizome, is used to treat diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, nerves, joints, respiratory tract, skin diseases.
Product code: 15007
1.50 €
Chili peppers, fruits are elongated-cone-shaped and 10-15cm in length, have a deep red color and pronounced aroma, they are used both as a component of various hot sauces and for fresh food.
Product code: 15004
2.00 €
Early ripe variety, bush height 50-60cm, fruits are beautiful chocolate color, fleshy walls, sweet and aromatic flesh, spicy-fruity taste, can be grown indoors in pots of 3 liters or more.
Product code: 12962
1.14 €
The bush is 120 cm high, the scarlet color of the fruit and a characteristic fruity aroma with a predominance of melon tones, the dried fruit aroma and taste are much more intense, the fruits ripen about 120 days after sprouting seedlings.
Product code: 4505
1.14 €
The plant is an annual, stems are strong height, 40-60cm, inflorescences are large, 6-9cm in diameter, excessively bright colors? b used in the design of flower beds, working, garden and balcony containers, as well as for cutting.
Product code: 13670
1.14 €
An early ripe jalapeno variety with aromatic and thick fruits, red fruits with white cracks, bush height 40 - 50 cm, this variety is good for grilling, pickling, preserving, making sauces and eating fresh.
Product code: 13333
1.14 €
Mid-season tomato variety, bush determinant, stunted, round-shaped fruit, red, juicy, weighing 60-70 grams, not acidic, characterized by a long fruiting period.
«Jordan» - Organic Chickpeas Seeds EXCLUSIVE
Product code: 13343
1.14 €
The variety is mid-season, the height of plants is 50-60 cm, beans and seeds are large, the shape is intermediate, the surface is wrinkled, beige, drought tolerance is high, and the variety is also resistant to ascochitosis and fusariosis.
Product code: 13431
1.14 €
Medium-early variety, 75-90 days, fruits of a round-oval-round shape, green with light green stripes, weighing 3.5-5 kg, pulp YELLOW PAINT, crispy, sweet, juicy and aromatic, with a small content of seeds ...
Product code: 12989
1.14 €
One of the longest varieties in the Cayenne variety group, fruits are 15 cm long and thin, slightly curved, the plant is tall, up to 1 m, fruitful, used in sauces, for pickling, for tinctures on vodka, olive oil or vinegar with herbs.
Product code: 12996
1.14 €
An early determinant tomato variety, Bush 60 cm high, fruits of red color, roundish, weighing 50-80 grams, taste with sweetness and pleasant acidity, for fresh consumption, salads, juices, whole fruit preserves.
Product code: 12963
1.14 €
The bush is 120 cm high, the scarlet color of the fruit and a characteristic fruity aroma with a predominance of melon tones, the dried fruit aroma and taste are much more intense, the fruits ripen about 120 days after sprouting seedlings.
Product code: 12964
1.14 €
This is a rare natural version of the red Bhut Djolokiya, the fruits of this variety first turn purple and then ripen to red, their shape looks more like Habanero pepper than the classic Djolokia, the stems and leaves also have a purple hue.
Product code: 12975
1.14 €
Very similar to Habanero Chocolate, but the fruits are much larger and the plant is more compact, the aroma and taste are fruit, for growing in a greenhouse, greenhouse or at home in a pot of 5 liters or more.
Product code: 12977
1.14 €
The variety was obtained by crossing Pemagreen sweet pepper (it remains green when fully ripened) with hot Jalapeno Early pepper, the fruits are yellow in color, juicy, fleshy, thick walls and fruity aroma.
Product code: 12978
1.14 €
Chile Institute hot pepper variety, obtained by crossing Pemagreen sweet pepper (remains green when fully ripened) with Jalapeno Early hot pepper.
Product code: 12718
1.14 €
This is a jalapeno with bright orange fruits, the fruits are more elongated than the usual jalapenos and look like carrots, from each bush you can take from 25 to 50 fruits, as they grow and ripen.
Product code: 12729
1.14 €
A storehouse of vitamins and minerals, improves digestion, metabolism, strengthens the nervous system, increases potency, especially tender and juicy, with virtually no stalk fibers that will add a piquant taste and refined aroma.
Product code: 11939
1.14 €
Differs in high cold resistance, leaves are up to 70 cm long, dark green with a white stem, intended for reusable cut (every 15-20 days), can grow in one place up to 6 years, and also ripens 20 days earlier than onions ...
«Jack in the Box Dean's» - Organic Tomato Seeds SALE
Product code: 11640
1.14 €
2.78 € (Sale: 58%)
Very early, indoor, high-yield and unpretentious cultivar of author's selection from the USA. The bush is about 30 cm high. When grown in the open field, with the onset of autumn, it is very easy to transplant it into a large pot and bring it into the hou
Product code: 11324
1.78 €
3.00 € (Sale: 40%)
The variety comes from Germany, greens up to 25 cm, lettuce, when ripe they turn bright yellow, at full weight one green tea gains up to 5 kg, a record holder, there are no analogues.
«Juncker» - Organic Tomato Seeds SALE
Product code: 8239
1.14 €
2.42 € (Sale: 52%)
A mid-season, very productive variety, a stunted plant, 0.40 m high, fruits are red, glossy, excellent balanced taste, with fruity notes, phenomenally beautiful, strongly saturated color, moderately juicy.
«Juwel» - Organic Tomato Seeds SALE
Product code: 8238
1.14 €
2.99 € (Sale: 61%)
Tall, very productive, large-fruited, indeterminate variety, very tasty, aromatic, fleshy, sweet, the variety has been known since 1920.
«Juliana» - Organic Tomato Seeds SALE
Product code: 8237
1.14 €
3.30 € (Sale: 65%)
An early ripe tomato variety, a plant with a height of 45-60 cm, fruits are round, smooth or slightly ribbed at the base, dense, fleshy, with a small amount of seeds, sweet, weighing up to 120 grams, can be cut with 8-15 fruits in brushes.
«Purple Jasper» - Organic Tomato Seeds SALE
Product code: 7965
1.14 €
2.22 € (Sale: 48%)
Early (60 days), tall, indeterminate, with beautiful purple-red fruits covered with green stripes.
Product code: 7945
4.68 €
An evergreen species of barberry from the Barberry family, the Juliana barberry is very decorative and is used in single or group plantings against the background of a lawn, near trees, in the form of curbs and hedges.
Product code: 12441
1.14 €
Though native to Japan, Larix Kaempferi is also widely planted in other parts of the world as a forestry tree due to its strength and vigour. Its growth as a juvenile tree is even faster than the European Larch though its ultimate height is no greater.
«Jalapeno Mini» - Organic Hot Pepper Seeds NEW
Product code: 15397
1.14 €
Very productive, early variety, red peppers, 5 cm long, fleshy, 4 mm wall thickness and high pungency, used for canning and pickling, can be grown in pots from 5 liters.
«Jalapeno Casablanca» - Organic Hot Pepper Seeds NEW
Product code: 15398
1.14 €
A mid-season productive pepper variety with a noticeable sharpness and thick fruit walls, used for fresh salads, grilling, preservation, stuffing and pickling, for growing in open ground, greenhouses and hotbeds.
«Japanese» - Organic Tomato Seeds NEW
Product code: 15384
1.14 €
Mid-season productive indeterminate variety, fruits weighing 300 grams, heart-shaped, pink-raspberry in color, fleshy, with a small number of seeds and a large amount of oily dense pulp, sweet with a fruity aftertaste.
«Jam» - Handmade Apron NEW
Product code: 7158
22.50 €
Bright, beautiful and practical apron, which will not only protect clothes, but also a wonderful gift.
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