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Butternut Seeds (Juglans Cinerea) NEW
Product code: 12429
3.00 €
The Butternut tree is really something special! Not only is it a striking shade tree, it's also a wonderful food source. Similar in appearance to Black Walnut, Butternut is sometimes called White Walnut because of the light colour of the bark and wood.
Product code: 2828
3.90 €
A small rare plant usually to no more than 1-4ft. Flowering and fruiting occurs in just a couple of months from seed. Jaltomata procumbens (jaltomato) is a relatively rare fruit with the potential for great things.
Product code: 12125
3.00 €
The Chinese red date was domesticated in South Asia by 9000 BC, and over 400 cultivars now exist. The exact natural distribution of the plant is not known, but is believed to be southern Asia, between Lebanon, Iran, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal.
Product code: 1297
1.14 €
It is commonly known as the Jerusalem Cherry, Madeira Winter Cherry, or simply Winter Cherry. These perennials can be grown decoratively as house plants or outdoors as an ornamental plant. Jerusalem Cherry will grow as a perennial outdoors down to Zone 8.
Product code: 8072
3.00 €
The japanese hop with the scientific name Humulus japonicus belongs to the family of hemp (Cannabaceae). Its origin leads to China, Japan and Korea aswell as the tropical Asia with Vietnam. During the late 1500s it was imported to the USA as neophyte.
Juda's Ear / Auricularia Auricula Judae - Organic Mushroom Spawn NEW
Product code: 10711
7.10 €
Fruit bodies (4 to 6 cm diameter) with gelatine-like to rubbery texture, and dark brown to black share, depending on the humidity. Little infection of insect larva’s, and a very long storage capacity. Easy to grow.
Product code: 10548
6.10 €
Slippery Jack Mushrooms are wild mushrooms that grow in symbiotic relationship with pine and spruce trees. They grow from mid-summer to early autumn. The caps are saffron coloured or yellowish-brown, though they can be a dark chestnut brown.
Product code: 9989
1.39 €
It is quite common for landowners to have jack pine in their woodlots. It is important for landowners to understand the management and value of this tree species. Woodlots, with jack pine, are usually pure but can be a mixed wood of aspen, birch, etc.
Product code: 7950
1.14 €
Japanese Larch is a medium-sized to large deciduous coniferous tree native to Japan, reaching 20–40 m tall, with a trunk up to 1 m diameter. The crown is broad conic; both the main branches and the side branches are level.
Product code: 6866
1.14 €
The Common Juniper has the largest range of any woody plant, throughout the cool temperate Northern Hemisphere ranging from the Arctic south through mountainous areas to around 30°N latitude in North America, Europe and Asia.
Product code: 1643
1.39 €
Japanese Pagoda Tree, Sophora japonica, is a spectacular late summer flowering tree. Also known as Chinese Scholar Tree, the Pagodatree is held in high regard throughout its native Asian range for its beautiful summer flowers.
Product code: 1371
3.90 €
Jacaranda mimosifolia, the Blue Jacaranda, is native of South America, especially found in Brazil. This handsome tree grows in tropical low altitude flatlands. It can reach 30 meters high at its full potential, but it’s usually more around 20 meters.
Product code: 1707
1.14 €
It is best known for its colorful spring flowers of red, white, pink or multi. It produces apple-shaped fruit that are a golden-yellow color containing red-brown seeds. The fruit is edible but not as well known for its jelly and pie.
Product code: 1552
1.39 €
Juglans nigra, the eastern black walnut, a species of flowering tree in the walnut family, Juglandaceae, is native to eastern North America. It grows mostly in riparian zones, from southern Ontario, west to southeast South Dakota, south to Georgia.
Product code: 3681
3.00 €
Magnolia obovata, the Japanese bigleaf magnolia or Japanese whitebark magnolia, is a species of Magnolia, native to Japan and the adjacent Kurile Islands. It grows at altitudes near sea level up to 1,800 m in mixed broadleaf forests.
Product code: 1672
1.14 €
Japanese privet is an attractive and tough plant that requires little care. It is extremely fast growing and can add green "bulk" to new landscapes quickly. Ligustrums provide a source of food for birds when other berries or food sources are meager.
Product code: 11663
1.14 €
Baby Blue Jade Corn is a sweet little heirloom that's small enough to be grown in a container. Plants have multiple stalks and grow only 3' high, producing 3-5 ears per plant. The ears are miniature too, about half the size of ordinary sweet corn.
Product code: 614
1.14 €
Grow this unusual but very attractive little gem from Nigella seeds. This Love In A Mist seed mix produces blooms in shades of red, white and blue which reach up to 2 1/2 inches across.
«Jalapa Mixed» - Organic Mirabilis Seeds NEW
Product code: 602
1.14 €
Four o’clocks is a large, bushy, tender herbaceous perennial from tropical America. Fragrant, trumpet-shaped flowers appear in abundance all summer. Flowers open in late afternoon and last until morning.
Product code: 11889
1.14 €
Datura Stramonium is perhaps the most well-known species of datura. These seeds will produce true white trumpet-shaped flowers. These are the pure white flowers, not to be confused with the more common Datura Stramonium Lilac Le Fleur.
«Josta» - Organic Jostaberry Seeds NEW
Product code: 12250
1.14 €
Ribes ‘Josta’ is the result of crossing the blackcurrant and the gooseberry. It’s a very strong and healthy bush that can become 2 m high. The branches don’t have thorns. The small flowers of the Ribes ‘Josta’ appear in April.
Product code: 1349
1.14 €
Hypericum perforatum is a yellow-flowering, stoloniferous or sarmentose, perennial herb indigenous to Europe, which has been introduced to many temperate areas of the world and grows wild in many meadows.
«Jof» - Organic Pea Seeds NEW
Product code: 1757
1.14 €
This is a mid-lateed shelling variety. The vegetation period from germination to technical ripeness 90-100 days. Stems powerful, 80-100cm high. Pods about 8 cm long, wide, green in color, contain 8-9 large peas, excellent taste.
Product code: 11733
1.14 €
This is a traditional medium early Japanese type bunching onion. At maturity, the stalk has white shanks up to 20-24" long with 6-7 deep green, thick leaves. These green onions do not form bulbs and do not multiply by division.
«June» - Organic Cabbage Seeds NEW
Product code: 12613
1.14 €
The period from germination to harvest - 90-110 days. To transplanting the seedlings are ready in 30 - 45 days after emergence of shoots, when it has 4 - 5 true leaves.
«Jana» - Organic Cabbage Seeds NEW
Product code: 11821
1.14 €
Late-ripening variety. From germination to harvesting - 160-170 days. The head is flat-rounded up to 2.4 kg. Juicy, dense, the cut is white. Tastes excellent. The variety is suitable for fresh consumption and fermentation.
«Jalapeno Red» - Organic Hot Pepper Seeds NEW
Product code: 12577
1.14 €
Jalapeño doesn’t need any description as they are most well known & widely used chillies all over the world! This plant produces loads of sweet flavoured & spicy chillies all the year round (except winter).
Product code: 10655
1.14 €
Forget paying boutique prices for this all-natural, luxurious bath sponge! Grow your own Luffa Gourds and discover even more uses for this fascinating, porous fruit! The fruit of these species is cultivated and eaten as a vegetable.
«Jolie Coeur Yellow» - Organic Tomato Seeds NEW
Product code: 12318
1.14 €
Mid-season (85-95 days from transplant). Indeterminate, plant with a "potato" leaves, height about 1,2-1,3m. Fruits are round shape with a small nose, smooth and even, when fully ripe - purple-black in the stem, and yellow - at the top of the fruit.
«Jolie Coeur» - Organic Tomato Seeds NEW
Product code: 12317
1.14 €
Mid-season(85-95 days from transplant). Indeterminate, plant with a "potato" leaves, height about 1,2-1,3m. Fruits are round shape with a small nose, smooth and even, when fully ripe - purple-black in the stem, and crimson - at the top of the fruit.
Product code: 11639
1.14 €
A rare tomato from the East Coast, similar to Jersey Devil but with generally larger fruits. The elongated, pepper-like fruits were popularly used for canning. Fruits have meaty flesh, excellent for paste but also quite delicious eaten fresh.
Product code: 10380
1.14 €
Ultra-early variety. Vegetation period is 95-105 days. The plant is compact, 40-50 cm high. The fruits are large, flat-rounded, weighing 200-300 grams, red color. Used for fresh consumption, pickling and processing.
«Japanese Pink Crab» - Organic Tomato Seeds NEW
Product code: 2073
1.14 €
This is a mid-season, indeterminate, large-fruited, new original variety of tomatoes with large, flat-rounded, tasty fruits weighing 800 to 1500 grams. The yield of the variety reaches 5-7 kg per plant.
Product code: 1022
1.14 €
Janosik is a highly recommended, yellow-flesh Polish breeding. It appears dark green skinned, nearly seedless and 4-5 kg (8,8-11 lbs) in weight. It`s yellow pulp contrasts perfectly other known pinkish and orange varites.
«Jack O Lantern» - Organic Pumpkin Seeds NEW
Product code: 2058
1.14 €
Jack O Lantern pumpkin seed reaches maturity in approximately 100 days. This plant requires consistently moist soil. Attractive to bees, butterflies and/or birds.
«Jalapeno White» - Organic Hot Pepper Seeds NEW
Product code: 12336
1.14 €
Creamy in color, juicy, fleshy, thick walls and fruity aroma. Very compact undersized bush, abundant fruiting. As the fruit ripens, it becomes cream with a red tip, and when fully ripe it becomes bright red.
Heart Nut Seeds (Juglans Cordiformis) NEW
Product code: 12427
1.14 €
The Heart Nut tree is named for the shape of the nut - a flattened heart-shaped nut that easily splits into two halves, like two sides of a locket. Native to Japan, it is also known as Japanese Walnut, but it is well suited to our Northern climates.