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«Dwarf Terry Mix» - Organic Nasturtium Seeds NEW
Product code: 12702
1.14 €
Annual plant, up to 40 cm high with creeping branches. Flowers are 3-4 cm in diameter. Their color is creamy, yellow, red, pink, purple and others. The color is abundant and long-lasting.
«Newbie» - Organic Tomato Seeds NEW
Product code: 12644
1.14 €
Mid early variety. The vegetation period from germination to technical ripeness 110-115 days. Determinate plant, 50-80 cm high. Fruit plum-shaped, orange-red, weighing 80-110 grams, very dense.
Organic Chamomile Seeds (Chamaemelum Nobile) NEW
Product code: 2319
1.14 €
Perennial ground cover native to Europe. Cultivated worldwide. Plants grow thickly to interlock, forming an aromatic lawn which may be mowed to maintain close-cropped. A nice place for an afternoon nap.
«Dwarf» - Organic Garden Nasturtium Seeds NEW
Product code: 12540
1.14 €
This is a mix of Dwarf Nasturtium plants; it is an annual variety that grows 20 to 30 centimetres in height. The varieties flower richly from June to September; all of the flowers develop above the leaves.
Product code: 2367
1.14 €
Morning Glory flowers, aptly named, because they are at their best in the early mornings, each last for just one day - but is replaced the following day by others. So, there is a continual supply of the startling blue flowers on the plant in the season.
«Napa Giant» - Organic Tomato Seeds NEW
Product code: 12496
1.14 €
Variety Brad Gates. Tall, mid-season, high-yielding, with very powerful plants and very large fruits. Bush height up to 1.8 meters. All fruits are one-dimensional and large, weighing from 400 grams to 1 kg. The average weight is 500-800 grams.
«Needle Mix» - Organic Aster Seeds NEW
Product code: 10783
1.14 €
Needle Aster is an annual plant which grows 50 to 80 centimetres in height. This variety is truly outstanding due to its lovely multi-coloured inflorescences, whose single flowers look like needles, hence the name of this plant.
Product code: 5264
1.14 €
From Western China, this rare and delightful species bears in July drumsticks of delicate rose-lilac flowers with dark red filaments. These honey-scented heads look to be made of pink velvet.
Product code: 6755
1.14 €
Organic nigella seeds are black seeds and have a nutty and slightly smoky, peppery flavour, together with a crunchy texture. Organic nigella is popular in Indian cooking (often as an ingredient of garam masala) and on Jewish rye bread in New York.
Product code: 10906
1.14 €
A sort of leafy, reliable, highly productive parsley, characterized by very strong energy of growth, large leaf size, pleasant real smell and exquisite parsley taste, the intense green color persists throughout the period of growth.
Product code: 520
1.14 €
Noir Long Maraicher black radish seeds are also listed in some sources as Noir Gros Long d’Hiver. This old French heirloom translates as black, large, long, of winter. The roots are long, black-skinned, and excellent for fall and winter harvests.
Product code: 5978
1.14 €
It has maintained these culinary virtues and qualities and continues to be a Gold standard for medium sized carrots. Its most unique characteristic is that is is both rounded at the tip of the root and at the bottom.
Product code: 6809
1.14 €
Mid-ripening variety. Before ripeness - 100-110 days. The root is cylindrical, with an obtuse end, 10-18 in length, 2.5-4.5 cm in diameter, weighing 142-150 grams, completely immersed in the soil. The rind is intensely orange. The roots are rounded.
Product code: 6156
1.14 €
This is a mid-early variety. Vegetation period from shoots to technical ripeness 90-110 days. Roots of round shape, weight of 100-400 g, excellent taste. The pulp is sugary, juicy, dark red with a purple hue, the rings are slightly pronounced.
«Nephritis» - Organic Livistona Chinensis Seeds NEW
Product code: 1233
4.97 €
A much-loved fan palm that has been popular since Victorian times and makes a superb potted palm for the home or terrace. In warmer climates and over a period of years, it grows into a handsome, medium-sized tree with a slender trunk.
Nordmann Fir Seeds (Abies Nordmanniana) NEW
Product code: 12420
1.14 €
The Nordmann Fir has very dark green needles and dark bark. It has horizontal branching and a dense habit. It is often used as a Christmas tree in Europe and can be grown in a container for several years.
Noble Fir Seeds (Abies Sachalinensis) NEW
Product code: 12426
1.14 €
Noble fir is native to a limited area on the Pacific Coast region of North America, growing in the Cascades from the northern border of the state of Washington south to the border between Oregon and California.
Heart Nut Seeds (Juglans Cordiformis) NEW
Product code: 12427
1.14 €
The Heart Nut tree is named for the shape of the nut - a flattened heart-shaped nut that easily splits into two halves, like two sides of a locket. Native to Japan, it is also known as Japanese Walnut, but it is well suited to our Northern climates.
Niedzwetzky's Apple Seeds (Malus Niedzwetzkyana) NEW
Product code: 12438
1.14 €
This apple occurs in the mountains of Russian Central Asia and bordering parts of China. It is recognised as a species in Fl. SSSR, near to M. sieversii, of which it may only be a colour variant.
Product code: 8690
1.14 €
Mid-ripening, vegetation is 105-109 days, plant is determinant. Fruits egg-shaped, 60-75 grams, red, without green spot near the stems, fleshy, dense, transportable. The content of soluble solids in fruits is 5.57-6.15%, sugars - 3.36-4.00%.
Product code: 11988
1.14 €
Very productive yellow cherry with an pearlescentness to them. Great looking with a very good flavor that is sweet rich. Everyone who trialed it was pleased. Another variety that has exceptional hang on the vine quality and can be harvested by cutting.
Product code: 12002
1.14 €
This is an early, determinant variety of tomato. The plant is 50-60 cm. Fruit - beefsteak shape, red color, weighing up to 150 grams. Grow seedlings or sow seeds in the soil.
Product code: 11438
1.14 €
Medium-ripening variety. Vegetation period from shoots to ripening of fruits is 110-120 days. Fertility period 55-70 days. The shrub is small, compact, and has a height of 40-80 cm. Fruits are cylindrical, smooth, weighing 40-60 g.
«Navy» - Organic Bean Seeds NEW
Product code: 12396
1.14 €
Although now commonly referred to simply as 'Navy' beans, into the middle part of the twentieth century they were more commonly known as "Navy Peas." This name is in reference to it being a staple food stock for the American Navy in the early years.
Product code: 10354
1.14 €
Medium sized pumpkin are uniform on productive, semi-bush plants. Each fruit has a small seed cavity in dark orange sweet flesh with a tender, smooth skin that is thin, but very hard. Nova is the best choice of butternut squash for gardeners.
Product code: 10818
1.14 €
Early (38-44 days) heirloom variety for outdoor growing . Elliptical, short, green cucumbers with light stripes and an excellent taste. Resistant to all main cucumber diseases. Excellent, crispy and juicy taste, recommended for salads and canning.
Product code: 1134
1.14 €
Top-quality Napa or "Chinese" cabbage has juicy, tangy-sweet flesh and a delicious cool and crispy texture. Extremely vigorous, with excellent disease resistance, Little Jade plants form dense, wineglass-shaped 8" - 10" heads.
Product code: 3007
3.00 €
Beaucarnea recurvata, also named Nolina recurvata, the Ponytail Palm and Elephant Foot, is native to Mexico in semi-desertic areas. Beacarneas are closely related to Yuccas and thrive under the same conditions. This plant is suitable for growing indoors.
Product code: 11060
1.14 €
Bring the butterflies and hummingbirds to your garden with these tall, stately white flowers. These perennials can be established from Lupine seeds, and they are particularly suited for a cottage garden setting.
Product code: 2843
1.14 €
Four O’Clock’s, so named because they typically bloom late in the afternoon, are among the most colorful, fragrant, and robust of all flowers that can be grown from seed. They’re very versatile too, as the seeds of the 4 O’Clock can be sown directly.
Product code: 2648
1.14 €
Garden nasturtium is a climbing or ground-covering culinary herb with edible flowers. The flower buds and seeds can be pickled in vinegar or brine and used as a substitute for capers. The big beautiful flowers and leaves with their unusual shield-like.
Product code: 2651
1.14 €
The profusion of creamy white blossoms is quite a sight to behold! This tall vining annual is such a rewarding plant to grow from Nasturtium seeds. It grows easily and quickly and gives blooms from mid summer to first frost.
Product code: 2652
1.14 €
The Vesuvius flower is light red, and both the rounded leaves and spurred flowers are edible. These climbing vines are annuals native to South America. They are a versatile flower for the garden either climbing a post or cascading from a window box.
Product code: 6739
1.14 €
Grow this favorite garden flower from Nasturtium seeds and enjoy its beauty all summer long. Double Gleam Orange features vivid semi-double orange flowers that are deliciously scented.
Product code: 2650
1.14 €
Start this beautiful garden addition from Nasturtium seeds! This annual is a very useful flowering plant very familiar to most gardeners. This Climbing Nasturtium is one of the best plants for covering fences or walls.
Product code: 571
1.14 €
Masses of upward-facing flowers in a wide range of colours, from lime and red through pink, to lilac and white. They love hot, sunny borders and can also be grown in large containers close to the house so that their scent can be enjoyed.
Product code: 1498
1.14 €
Nasturtium (Tropaeolum Lobbianum Spitfire) - Brilliant, orange-scarlet colored blooms shine out from trailing green foliage. What a beautiful display grown from Nasturtium seeds.
Product code: 614
1.14 €
Grow this unusual but very attractive little gem from Nigella seeds. This Love In A Mist seed mix produces blooms in shades of red, white and blue which reach up to 2 1/2 inches across.
Product code: 615
1.14 €
Chilean Bellflower Blue Nolana Paradoxa is herbaceous succulent annual plant native to Chile and Peru. Chilean Bellflower Blue seeds can be started indoors in early spring or directly outdoors after last frost.
Product code: 3677
1.39 €
The Red Oak grows rapidly and is tolerant of many soils and varied situations. It is native to the north eastern United States and south eastern Canada. The tree gets its name from the leaves rich autumn colouring when they turn to a rich red color.
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