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«Hercules» - Organic Brussels sprout Seeds
Product code: 10304
1.14 €
Vegetation is 130-140 days. One of the last open pollinated varieties in existence that still retains excellent eating quality and uniformity. Bred in Hurst, England, Hercules is quite cold hardy. The medium to tall plants yield plump, green sprouts.
Product code: 1149
1.14 €
Plants perform well on a range of soil types and produce an outstanding number of buttons per stem for late season use. Sprouts boast a distinctive but delicate flavour and plants show good disease resistance, making them ideal for the home gardener.
«Rosella» - Organic Brussels sprout Seeds NEW SALE
Product code: 1062
1.03 €
1.39 € (Sale: 25%)
Brussels Sprout ROZELLA is a specialist sprout variety from Europe, it offers smaller yields of dark red sprouts, but has a milder, delicate, nuttier flavor than standard green types. Brussels sprout ROZELLA is a open pollinated variety.