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«Oriental Nights» - Organic Alyssum Seeds
Product code: 543
1.14 €
Alyssum plants make a great addition to pots, containers, and baskets. Grow as much as you need from Alyssum seeds! The flower seed can be started either indoors before frost season is over or directly outside once temperatures have warmed up.
Product code: 6740
1.14 €
Alyssum plants are wonderful for the front of the flower border or spilling out of containers. Starting flower seeds is a great way to have as many plants as you want! Red Queen Alyssum has numerous rich red-purple.
Product code: 3146
1.14 €
Nothing is sweeter growing in the garden than Alyssum, and these flower seeds make it so easy to have lots of it! Alyssum Rosie O'Day is marked by clumps of foliage covered with numerous rich, rosy-pink, fragrant flowers, that bloom from spring.
Product code: 6264
1.14 €
This dwarf Alyssum is a prolific bloomer with delicate white flowers that can bloom all summer long. Alyssum Tiny Tim only grows to slightly over 3 inches in height, and its flower seeds can be planted right in-between pavers.
Product code: 11067
1.14 €
This pink alyssum offers can't miss deep pink color display. This Easter Bonnet variety of alyssum combines uniformity of habit and color with unsurpassed earliness. Covered with dainty, fragrant pink flowers, these alyssum plants stay compact and tidy.
Product code: 4216
1.14 €
If you like alyssum plants, then you will love this Mulberry Mix of alyssum colors. Containing whites, pinks, lavenders, and more beautiful colors, this alyssum mix will surely brighten up your landscape.