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Organic Cigartree Seeds (Catalpa Bignonioides)
Product code: 10371
1.14 €
The Catalpa has the distinction of bearing some of the showiest flowers of all the American native trees. Its value in this respect has long been recognised and it holds an assured place in the parks and gardens of all temperate countries.
Bitternut Hickory Seeds (Carya Cordiformis) NEW
Product code: 12433
1.14 €
It is a large deciduous tree , growing up to 35 meters tall (exceptionally to 47 m), with a trunk up to 1 m diameter. The leaves are 15-30 cm long, pinnate, with 7-11 leaflets, each leaflet lanceolate, 7-13 cm long.
«Basma K» Heirloom Tobacco Seeds SALE
Product code: 6598
0.57 €
1.14 € (Sale: 50%)
Height of the stalk with inflorescence, leaf number, length of the middle belt leaves and dry mass yield per stalk. The trial was set up in the Experimental field of Tobacco Institute-Prilep in 2013 and 2014.
«Basma Jebel» Heirloom Tobacco Seeds SALE
Product code: 5880
0.57 €
1.14 € (Sale: 50%)
One of the best Turkish tobacco seeds you can buy. These seeds are particularly apt at growing in dry conditions or just about anywhere. They are short in height and the leaves are smaller than usual. Their taste is mild, sweet and aromatic.
«Burley Dark Strong» Heirloom Tobacco Seeds SALE
Product code: 10125
0.57 €
1.14 € (Sale: 50%)
Another great favourite and popular dark Burley tobacco. It is used for its hardiness and rich, stronger flavour. Good for cigarette making, pipes and cigars. This plant grows fast, with broader than usual leaves and is ideal for the beginner.
«Bulgarian Red» Heirloom Tobacco Seeds NEW SALE
Product code: 5872
0.57 €
1.14 € (Sale: 50%)
This tobacco, very similar to Basma, is a golden yellow / brown Oriental type tobacco leaf that is grown in Bulgaria, a country with a tradition in production of high quality tobacco. This is a quick growing, shorter and smaller leafed tobacco.
«Bosikappal» Heirloom Tobacco Seeds NEW SALE
Product code: 5883
0.57 €
1.14 € (Sale: 50%)
A variety of traditional tobacco from India. Plant height 0.8-1 m with light red flowers. The number of leaves - 18. Leaf narrow, dark green. The size of leaf - 32х18 cm. The term of aging is 60 days. Sensitive to cooling. It has a strong peculiar aroma.
«Burley 21» Heirloom Tobacco Seeds NEW SALE
Product code: 1000
0.57 €
1.14 € (Sale: 50%)
Burley 21 is heirloom Burley variety that is a long time favorite of growers. Its history dates back over 200 years. It grows to 6-7 feet and is a reliable producer of large heavy leaf. It does well in a wide range of climates, and matures in 65-70 days.
Product code: 9531
1.14 €
Calendula officinalis is one of the easiest-to-grow medicinal herbs and so versatile in its healing properties that it invariably finds its way into the hearts and gardens of all herb lovers. It is typically grown as an annual.
«Bolero» - Organic Tagetes Seeds NEW
Product code: 1182
1.14 €
Beautiful Bolero Marigolds are a fiery mix of bold colors. Petals are a deep, dark orange that are offset by a brilliant burst of yellow at the center. Marigold Bolero is sure to standout in your garden!
«Red Wonder» - Organic Brussels Sprout Seeds NEW
Product code: 12669
1.14 €
determinate variety, has big leaves. Heads rounded, dense, medium-sized, purple, tender, juicy. Weight of heads is 10-12 grams. From landing to the state of technical maturity 100-110 days. Variety is cold-resistant, contains a large amount of vitamins.
«BBQ» - Organic Eggplant Seeds NEW
Product code: 11784
1.14 €
Mid-season (110-115 days) high-yielding variety. The plant is semi-sprawling, medium-sized, 70-80 cm high. Fruits are cylindrical, elongated, dark purple, smooth, weighing up to 200 grams.
Product code: 2128
1.14 €
The plant is composed of a countless number of tiny, brilliant green, piquant leaves, each less than 1cm (¼ in) in length. Greek basil is subtler, sweeter than its Italian counterpart. Aromatic, lightly fresh and pleasantly spicy.
«Bright Green» - Organic Kale Seeds NEW
Product code: 2169
1.14 €
Tender light-green leaves with a mildly sweet flavor. The plants are tall, vigorous, and high yielding. More tender than the extra-curly green varieties but not quite as cold hardy.
«Beauty» - Organic Potato Seeds NEW
Product code: 8469
1.14 €
Mid-season variety of table purpose. The plant is strong, upright, with thick stems. Forms 6-8 tubers of 250-300 grams and above. Tubers are oval, with red skinned, slightly deep eyes and light yellow flesh. It has good taste.
«Ballad» - Organic Potato Seeds NEW
Product code: 8466
1.14 €
Mid-season variety of table purpose. Plant is strong, vigorous. Tubers medium and large, oval, smooth, with white skin, superficial eyes and pale yellow flesh. It has excellent taste. It has complex resistance to late blight and viral diseases.
«Berggarten» - Organic Salvia Seeds NEW
Product code: 2129
1.14 €
Salvia ‘Berggarten’ is an evergreen sub shrub, with a size of approximately 60cm by 60cm. It has woody stems and a compact mounding growth habit. The silver toned foliage is considered to be among the finest of all the grey foliage plants.
«Black Square» - Organic Pepper Seeds NEW
Product code: 12578
1.14 €
Special purple color for gourmet chefs. Fruits are blocky, thick-walled and dark purple. Compact plants set heavily, with good cover to protect fruits from sunscald.
«Thai» - Organic Basil Seeds NEW
Product code: 12580
1.14 €
Thai Basil is very fragrant and one of the most available varieties of basil. It has beautiful purple stems with bright green leaves. It is used widely in soups and curries, and other traditional Thai dishes.
«Bright» - Organic Geranium Seeds NEW
Product code: 12568
3.00 €
Pink Geranium is a beautiful perennial which grows 40 to 60 centimetres in height. This outstanding decorative variety has a long flowering period, which spans from the spring to the first frost in the autumn.
«Blanca» - Organic Geranium Seeds NEW
Product code: 12569
3.00 €
White Geranium is a perennial plant that grows 40 to 60 centimetres in height. It is in flower from the spring all the way to the first frost in the autumn. White Geranium is an outstanding decorative plant with many white flowers.
Bird's Foot Trefoil Seeds (Lotus Corniculatus) NEW
Product code: 12544
1.14 €
Originating from sunny pastures and open rocky sites, these long-lived perennials are ideal for gravel gardens, meadows and other naturalised planting schemes. Their bright yellow flowers take on an orange hue as they age.
«Bella» - Organic Tomato Seeds NEW
Product code: 12477
1.14 €
Mid-season variety, bush about 1.3 m high. Fruits are sweet, elongated, very fleshy, almost seedless, tender, tasty flesh, average weight 100-250 grams. Tomatoes are variegated on the outside, saturated red on the inside.
«The Tsar Bell» - Organic Tomato Seeds NEW
Product code: 12461
1.14 €
Mid-season variety. From germination to maturity 110-120 days. Determinate 80-100 cm tall. Fruits of large size, heart-shaped, weighing 400-700 grams, dark pink color. Suitable for processing and fresh consumption.
«Black Finger» - Organic Tomato Seeds NEW
Product code: 12532
1.14 €
Early ripe variety. From germination to fruiting 100-110 days. Harvest from the plant - up to 10kg. The plant is indeterminate. The count of fruits in the plant - 6-8. Fruit plum-shaped, black in color, weighing 20-30 grams. Form 1-2 stems.
«Bear Paw» - Organic Tomato Seeds NEW
Product code: 12531
1.14 €
This is a Siberian monster. Most of the tomatoes were in the ¾ pound range. Very juicy with bold old fashion tomato flavor. A standout in the garden and one I will grow again. The Russian name for this tomato is Medvezhiya Lapa.
«Bagheera» - Organic Tomato Seeds NEW
Product code: 12526
1.14 €
Early, determinant, high-yielding tomato for open ground and greenhouses. Determinant plant, well leafy, does not require staging. The leaf is medium in size, dark green. Fruits are round, dense, red, weighing 80-120 grams (up to 200 grams), fleshy.
«Blueberry» - Organic Tomato Seeds NEW
Product code: 12468
1.14 €
The fruits are ready to harvest when the skin turns bright rosy red on the bottom, shoulders are indigo shaded and the fruit is soft to the touch. Produces an avalanche of cherry size, amethyst colored clusters.
«Burracker's Favorite» - Organic Tomato Seeds NEW
Product code: 12480
1.14 €
A big-fruit variety with record-breaking fruits can reach over 2 kg when cultivated properly. Strong rooted, vigorous plants require fertile ground and are productive until the end of season. Its huge fruits have colorful flesh and excellent sweet taste.
«Blue Keys» - Organic Tomato Seeds NEW
Product code: 12479
1.14 €
Tiny antho, cherry fruits, are so uniquely colored that they always turn heads. In addition, they are perfect little pear shaped things. Bottom ends are a mix of green, orange and some antho striping that is like a work of art. Blue Keys taste good too!
«Bride» - Organic Viola Seeds NEW
Product code: 94
1.14 €
Pansy ‘Bride’ is a fine example of an eye-catching decorative biennial plant; it grows 15 to 20 centimetres in height. Its beautiful large white flowers have a black blotch in the very centre, which significantly contributes to its ornamental value.
«Blue Star» - Organic Ipomoea Seeds NEW
Product code: 574
1.14 €
Morning Glory ‘Blue Star’ is a unique annual vine whose most attractive decorative feature is its large, 10 centimetres broad flowers in a beautiful shade of white, with a beautiful blue star in the centre of each flower.
«Blue Peony» - Organic Aster Seeds NEW
Product code: 1298
1.14 €
Blue peony aster (Callistephus chinensis) with summer-sky coloured blooms outshines the majestic peonies, whom it owes its name. This original variety with untypically coloured blooms can become an exquisite decoration on every sunny corner.
«Contraster Blue» - Organic Aster Seeds NEW
Product code: 5154
1.14 €
Dark blue Chinese aster (Callistephus chinensis) "Contraster" combines compact, clustered habit and small size (30-40 cm in height) with unusual ornamental value that results from magnificent, double flower heads.
Smooth Brome Seeds (Bromus Inermis) NEW
Product code: 1540
1.39 €
A long-lived introduced perennial with an extensive and aggressive root system. Used for pasture, forage, disturbed sites. Smooth brome is the most widely used of the cultivated bromegrasses.
Product code: 10781
1.14 €
This ravishing new zucchini is a feast for the eyes and palate. The novel beauty of the luminous creamy light green color is matched by the creamy, rich, refreshing taste. Yellow-green fruits come dressed to impress.
Product code: 10236
1.14 €
The standard summer squash, introduced in the 1920s. Large bush plants grow semi-upright and open, and are loaded with glossy dark green fruits with firm creamy white flesh and fine flavour. Plants are productive very early, and over a long period.
Product code: 12003
1.14 €
Very early variety of bushy zucchini. From shoots to the first harvest of 35-40 days. Fruits smooth, beautiful, up to 20-25 cm long, elongated-cylindrical. The weight of the commodity fetus is 0.2-0.5 kg., The color is light green, almost white.
Product code: 3177
1.14 €
This early ripening variety. Vegetation period from shoots to technical ripeness 40-45 days. Plant bush type. Fruits are dark green, with a thin skin, round shape, weighing 500-700 grams. The flesh is white, tender, sweet to the taste.
Product code: 11673
1.14 €
This smooth-skinned, nicely-rounded green gourd is just crying out to be a crafts project! Perfect for birdhouses, this Lagenaria (bottle-shaped) type is as fun after harvest as it is to grow. Very easy and heavy-bearing.
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