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«Ksantina» - Organic Rosa Canina Seeds
Product code: 11591
1.14 €
Rosa canina hips can be used to make jam, jelly, syrup, marmalade and wine. Homemade rose-hip syrup is delicious and well worth making. It is an excellent natural source of vitamin C. It also contains vitamins A, D and E, and antioxidants.
«Ukrainian hero» - Organic Pepper Seeds NEW
Product code: 15781
1.14 €
Mid-ripening variety, from germination to technical ripeness 95-110 days, fruits are smooth, light green, and scarlet in biological ripeness, wall thickness 6.0-7.0 mm, fruit weight 50-85 grams, excellent taste, intended for cultivation in open ground.
Product code: 10367
1.14 €
The tree in the range is up to 25 m in height, in culture 6-18 m in height, the trunk is straight, sometimes branched from the base, the crown is compact, thin, narrow oval-conical, in old trees it is irregular, ovoid-conical.
«Brook» - Organic Borage Seeds NEW
Product code: 3517
1.14 €
An annual spicy-aromatic plant with a pleasant smell of fresh cucumber, the leaf is medium-sized, sessile, dark green, with a faint waxy coating, oblong in shape, slightly wrinkled, blue flower.
«Ball bicolor» - Organic Pumpkin Seeds NEW
Product code: 15723
1.14 €
A small decorative flat-round pumpkin, the skin is dark green with thin yellow-green stripes, since the fruits are quite small and the plant grows strongly, the pumpkin can be used well for vertical gardening.
«Baby bear» - Organic Pumpkin Seeds NEW
Product code: 15720
1.14 €
An early-ripening, productive variety of pumpkin with portioned fruits, the fruits are very beautiful, flat-rounded, leveled, orange in color, weighing 0.5-1 kg, ideal for both culinary use and decorative purposes.
«Balcony elo» - Organic Tomato Seeds NEW
Product code: 4982
1.14 €
A dwarf form of cocktail tomato, adapted for growing at home on windowsills, a standard bush, 25-30 cm high, fruits are aromatic, sweet, round in shape, yellow in color, weighing 20-40 grams.
«Balcony red» - Organic Tomato Seeds NEW
Product code: 4980
1.14 €
An early ripening variety, the period from germination to the beginning of ripening is 95-105 days, the bush is standard, 25-35 cm high, the fruits are small, round in shape, weighing 15-30 grams, red in color.
Organic Green Buckwheat Seeds NEW EXCLUSIVE
Product code: 15369
1.14 €
Buckwheat seeds are used for planting in a container at home all year round, it is best to use raw microgreens, buckwheat seedlings are very high in magnesium and phosphorus.
«Bingo» - Organic Watemelon Seeds NEW
Product code: 15715
1.14 €
This is a large-fruited and very tasty high-yielding variety, the fruit is round, weighing 5 - 10 kg, the flesh is dark red, tender, granular, very juicy and sweet, the fruits have high taste, dietary and medicinal properties.
Organic Bearberry Cotoneaster Seeds / Cotoneaster dammeri NEW
Product code: 1568
1.14 €
Decorative deciduous shrub with a low, very dense crown, spreads with branches lying on the ground, which take root over time, 15-20 cm in height, quickly grows in width, an ideal ground cover plant, leaves do not fall off in the winter.
«Black winter» - Organic Radish seeds NEW
Product code: 2360
1.14 €
A high-yielding, mid-season variety for long-term winter storage, the root crops are large, black in color, 9-12 cm in diameter, round-flat in shape and reach 250-500 grams.
«Blue» - Organic Ipomoea Seeds NEW
Product code: 2717
1.14 €
An annual climbing plant, 2-4 m high, the flowers are large, funnel-shaped, up to 10 cm in diameter, blue, open only during the day; in cloudy weather they close at night.
«Big Max» - Organic Pumpkin Seeds NEW
Product code: 10303
1.14 €
A worthy competitor to the famous Atlanta! The fruits are round, incredibly large, weighing about 50 kg, bright orange.
«Miniature Bottles» - Organic Calabash Seeds NEW
Product code: 11676
1.14 €
The fruits are only 6-8 cm long, weighing up to 200 grams, light green, bottle-shaped with a neck.
«Bull heart orange» - Organic Tomato Seeds NEW
Product code: 15682
1.14 €
The most famous large-fruited tomato variety of folk selection, intended for amateur vegetable growers, the plant is tall and has a medium ripening period.
«Brown Egg» - Organic Pepper Seeds NEW
Product code: 15660
1.14 €
Mid-season variety. Ripens 110 days after planting, this variety is a cross of vegetable pepper (annuum) with Chinese pepper (chinense), the bush is compact and low, 30 cm high.
Organic Black Chickpea Seeds (Cicer Arietinum) EXCLUSIVE
Product code: 13591
1.95 €
An annual legume crop, due to the fact that chickpeas are rich in B vitamins, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and iron, as well as essential amino acids, it has a healing effect on the body.
Product code: 10260
1.14 €
Early variety (65-70 days). Productivity up to 3,0 kg/m². Fruits weighing 4-6 kg, are dull-elliptical. The flesh is tender, juicy, carmine-red, sweet. Transportability is good. Resistant to Fusarium wilt and anthracnose.
«Chocolate bunny» - Organic Tomato Seeds NEW
Product code: 2092
1.14 €
Mid-ripening variety, 110 days, medium-sized bush, 1.2 m high, fruits are sweet, flat, fleshy, cylindrical, smooth, chocolate brown in color, weighing 40 grams, very beautiful, exceptional yield and disease resistance.
«Black Prince» - Organic Apricot Seeds NEW
Product code: 12254
1.50 €
A hybrid of apricot and cherry plum, ripens in late July - early August, the fruits weigh on average 50-80 grams, are round in shape, dark purple in color, have lightish flesh, and at the same time a slightly sour, sweet taste.
Organic Birthwort Seeds NEW
Product code: 15650
1.50 €
A large, fast-growing shrub vine, capable of climbing to a height of 12 m, is well suited for forming coverings, twining pergolas, gazebos, high fences, looks great on poles, columns or entwining old trees.
«Black Penny» - Organic Nemophila Seeds NEW
Product code: 141
1.14 €
Low-growing annual, 15-20 cm high, flowers 2-3 cm in diameter, black in color with a white border along the edge of the petals.
Product code: 12249
2.00 €
Black Velvet is a mid season vigorous variety of gooseberry with a spreading habit. The berries are a dark red/plum colour with a pleasant mix of sweet and tart when ripe. Yields are high of small to medium sized fruits.
Product code: 15134
1.14 €
An annual herbaceous plant of the grass family, 3 to 4 m high, with dark green leaves, very beautiful inflorescences - dense cylindrical or ellipsoidal with a diameter of 10-20 mm.
Product code: 13650
1.14 €
It is cultivated for the production of brooms and brooms, the variety is early maturing, ripens in 100-105 days, the plants are undersized (155-180 cm), slightly bushy, the panicle is straw, loose, not pubescent, cylindrical, elastic, 40-42 cm long.
Product code: 12446
1.14 €
Deciduous tree of the Linden genus of the Malvovye family, in which the tree is up to 40 m tall, with a dense, wide-pyramidal crown, with reddish-brown, fluffy, less often bare young shoots.
Product code: 11829
1.14 €
Shrub up to 2 meters high, with widely spreading branches drooping at the ends, purple-violet flowers with a honey aroma, up to 1.5 cm, blooms annually and abundantly from July to September.
Product code: 6848
1.50 €
Deciduous tree, 18-27 m high, with a regular oval dense crown, fast-growing, fruit is a purplish-red round drupe about 1 cm in diameter, almost black when mature, with a bittersweet and viscous taste, ripens in late summer, edible.
Product code: 3057
2.00 €
A small thorny shrub from the genus Plum, 3.5-4.5 m high, less often a low-growing tree no higher than 8 m, growing, forms dense thorny and impassable thickets, edible fruits similar to a plum, up to 12 mm in diameter.
Product code: 12873
3.00 €
A perennial ornamental, food and medicinal plant, the leaves are used to make green tea, it is one of the best melliferous plants, it contains many important trace elements, such as iron, copper, nickel, magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium ...
Product code: 9795
2.78 €
A variety of a thornless garden blackberry, with an average ripening period, the average yield is 10-15 kg, and with high agricultural technology up to 20-25 kg, berries weighing about 5 grams, collected in large clusters.
Product code: 12704
1.14 €
Perennial plant with straight, branched, up to 120 cm tall, noticeably lignified stems, baskets 6-7 cm in diameter, reed flowers are golden yellow, tubular - yellow, flowering long, plentiful, until frost. Well worth the cut.
Product code: 15409
1.14 €
Low-growing cowpea from China, this variety has beans 0.5 m long, green shoulder blades, rounded, very tender, without coarse fibers.
Product code: 15167
2.00 €
A variety that combines good taste and unsurpassed appearance, purple flowers are very beautiful, but dark purple pods are especially effective, the variety is very productive and cold-resistant.
Product code: 10233
2.78 €
Late, high-yielding coarse-grained variety, excellent taste and color, uniform ripening, high resistance to a complex of diseases (fusarium wilting, powdery mildew), high heat resistance and drought resistance.
Product code: 13585
1.14 €
The smallest variety of lentils, the grains are round, black, shiny, like black eggs, hence the name. After boiling, it perfectly retains its shape, has a special unique taste and aroma, as if a whole bunch of aromatic spices have already been added to it
Product code: 12814
1.14 €
A medium early variety of curly asparagus beans, beans are juicy, tender, tasty, the grain is not damaged by pests and has a delicate mushroom flavor, and the beans and grain have universal use, the variety is resistant to major diseases and pests.
Product code: 12813
1.14 €
Early ripe high-yielding variety of vegetable beans, pods are wide, flat, cream-colored with bright red strokes, boiled grains in the form of side dishes, separate dishes are eaten, an ideal component for vinaigrettes.
Product code: 12812
1.14 €
An original variety of curly beans with very beautiful purple flowers, the dark purple blades become brown during ripening, green shoulder blades are used for food, which differ in a delicate taste.
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