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Butternut Seeds (Juglans Cinerea) NEW
Product code: 12429
3.00 €
The Butternut tree is really something special! Not only is it a striking shade tree, it's also a wonderful food source. Similar in appearance to Black Walnut, Butternut is sometimes called White Walnut because of the light colour of the bark and wood.
Product code: 12258
2.00 €
Also known as the strawberry-raspberry for its strawberry-like creeping habit, the Balloon Berry is a woodland plant from Japan. Unlike most Rubus species, is not a cane fruit, but a low, ground-cover perennial or sub-shrub. The berries are very large.
Black Men's Branded T-shirt - ORGANICseeds™ NEW
Product code: 11499
30.00 €
Simple yet stylish, this branded T-shirt from the ORGANICseeds.TOP will be a fine addition to your clothing collection. It comes with short sleeves and has a round neck that adds to its design.
Blue Men's Branded T-shirt - ORGANICseeds™ NEW
Product code: 11500
30.00 €
Simple yet stylish, this branded T-shirt from the ORGANICseeds.TOP will be a fine addition to your clothing collection. It comes with short sleeves and has a round neck that adds to its design.
White Men's Branded T-shirt - ORGANICseeds™ NEW
Product code: 11497
25.00 €
Simple yet stylish, this branded T-shirt from the ORGANICseeds.TOP will be a fine addition to your clothing collection. It comes with short sleeves and has a round neck that adds to its design.
Blue Women's Branded T-shirt - ORGANICseeds™ NEW
Product code: 11504
30.00 €
Simple yet stylish, this branded T-shirt from the ORGANICseeds.TOP will be a fine addition to your clothing collection. It comes with short sleeves and has a round neck that adds to its design.
Product code: 12103
6.10 €
The newest protective and stimulating drug that activates the basic processes of breathing and nutrition of plants, the immune system, prevents the appearance and development of diseases, reduces the phytotoxic effect of pesticides.
Organic Black Gram Seeds (Vigna Mungo) NEW
Product code: 12297
1.39 €
Vigna mungo or also known in various common names such as Black Gram, Urd Bean, Black Matpe, and Black Mung Bean, is an erect, hairy, and bushy annual plant with a well-developed tap root and grows up to 100 cm in height.
Product code: 6758
1.14 €
Utskho Suneli also known as blue fenugreek is an herb that is grows wild in the mountainous parts of northern Georgian. Slightly milder than the popular fenugreek, this herb is very versatile and can be used for meats or fresh salads.
Product code: 1671
1.39 €
This striking British native is a vigorous deep water aquatic with leathery, dark green foliage, similar to that of a water lily. From June to August this submerged hardy perennial sends up golden cup-shaped blooms that smell of alcohol.
Product code: 2531
1.39 €
Water caltrop is a sweet, crunchy and heavy kind of fruit. This fruit belongs to the kingdom Plantae and Lythraceae family. The scientific name of water caltrop is “Trapa Natans”.
«Bright Green» - Organic Kale Seeds NEW
Product code: 2169
1.14 €
Tender light-green leaves with a mildly sweet flavor. The plants are tall, vigorous, and high yielding. More tender than the extra-curly green varieties but not quite as cold hardy.
Product code: 1467
1.14 €
Start Ornamental Cabbage seeds to create a colorful bed that is cold tolerant and easy-to-maintain. Ornamental Cabbage uses include edging the flower border or planting in containers for fall and winter interest.
Product code: 2857
1.39 €
It is a tropical and subtropical vine of the family Cucurbitaceae, widely grown in Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean for its edible fruit, which is extremely bitter. Bitter melon originated on the Indian subcontinent, and was introduced into China.
Product code: 5238
1.14 €
Bright red clusters of half-inch berries give this plant its most striking feature. In the same family as Lamb’s Quarters, it shares weedy tendencies, especially on disturbed ground. The leaves (1-4” long) are triangular or arrow-shaped.
Product code: 10247
1.39 €
Start Balloon Vine seeds for this fun-to-grow tender perennial vine. Cardiospermum Halicacabum Balloon Vine is a woody climbing plant with tendrils that grab structures like a trellis or fence, and the vine produces small white flowers.
Product code: 10975
6.10 €
Imleria badia, commonly known as the bay bolete, is an edible, pored mushroom found in Europe and North America, where it grows in coniferous or mixed woods on the ground or on decaying tree stumps, sometimes in prolific numbers.
Product code: 10896
6.10 €
Lactarius deliciosus, commonly known as the saffron milk cap and red pine mushroom, is one of the best known members of the large milk-cap genus Lactarius in the order Russulales.
Product code: 10547
6.10 €
A couple of weeks ago it seemed that the mushroom year would be a lost one but bolete hunters could put their mushroom-searching urge to good use last week already. The first ceps, or king boletes.
Product code: 10544
6.10 €
Porcini mushrooms are a famous, and delicious, addition in Italian cuisine. Due to their strong nutty flavor, this is an incredibly popular gourmet mushroom. Like so many other good edible mushrooms, porcini are mycorrhizal.
«Bosikappal» Heirloom Tobacco Seeds NEW
Product code: 5883
1.14 €
A variety of traditional tobacco from India. Plant height 0.8-1 m with light red flowers. The number of leaves - 18. Leaf narrow, dark green. The size of leaf - 32х18 cm. The term of aging is 60 days. Sensitive to cooling. It has a strong peculiar aroma.
«Bulgarian Red» Heirloom Tobacco Seeds NEW
Product code: 5872
1.14 €
This tobacco, very similar to Basma, is a golden yellow / brown Oriental type tobacco leaf that is grown in Bulgaria, a country with a tradition in production of high quality tobacco. This is a quick growing, shorter and smaller leafed tobacco.
«Burley 21» Heirloom Tobacco Seeds NEW
Product code: 1000
1.14 €
Burley 21 is heirloom Burley variety that is a long time favorite of growers. Its history dates back over 200 years. It grows to 6-7 feet and is a reliable producer of large heavy leaf. It does well in a wide range of climates, and matures in 65-70 days.
Product code: 10125
1.14 €
Another great favourite and popular dark Burley tobacco. It is used for its hardiness and rich, stronger flavour. Good for cigarette making, pipes and cigars. This plant grows fast, with broader than usual leaves and is ideal for the beginner.
Product code: 5880
1.14 €
One of the best Turkish tobacco seeds you can buy. These seeds are particularly apt at growing in dry conditions or just about anywhere. They are short in height and the leaves are smaller than usual. Their taste is mild, sweet and aromatic.
Product code: 6598
1.14 €
Height of the stalk with inflorescence, leaf number, length of the middle belt leaves and dry mass yield per stalk. The trial was set up in the Experimental field of Tobacco Institute-Prilep in 2013 and 2014.
Balsam Fir Seeds (Abies Balsamea) NEW
Product code: 12423
1.14 €
Balsam fir is a native tree of Canada and grows to be a medium sized tree typically ranging from 15-20 m (50-66') in height. It makes a nice specimen for larger landscapes and is of considerable importance in the Christmas tree trade.
Bur Oak Seeds (Quercus Macrocarpa) NEW
Product code: 12430
1.14 €
Native to the eastern and central regions of North America. Bur oak is a long-lived, large deciduous tree with a massive trunk and furrowed bark. It is an attractive and resilient ornamental tree which grows well in cities.
Product code: 6857
1.14 €
Robinia pseudoacacia, commonly known as the Black Locust or False Acacia is a member of the pea family and has nitrogen-fixing bacteria on its root system; for this reason it can grow on poor soils and is an early colonizer of disturbed areas.
European Blueberry Seeds (Vaccinium Myrtillus) NEW
Product code: 745
1.39 €
You do not have to start your blueberries from cuttings or nursery shrubs. For the patient gardener, though, growing blueberry shrubs from seed can give you excellent results.
Black Mulberry Seeds (Morus Nigra) NEW
Product code: 3698
1.14 €
The Black Mulberry is a medium sized deciduous tree usually only to 20 to 30 feet, but can reach 70 feet. Trees are known to be very long lived and can bear fruit for several hundred years. Mulberry trees are either dioecious or monoecious.
Product code: 11591
1.14 €
Rosa canina hips can be used to make jam, jelly, syrup, marmalade and wine. Homemade rose-hip syrup is delicious and well worth making. It is an excellent natural source of vitamin C. It also contains vitamins A, D and E, and antioxidants.
Blueberry Seeds (Vaccinium Corymbosum) NEW
Product code: 4462
1.14 €
Blueberries are expensive at the market, but you can grow your own for relatively very low cost. Fill your yard with rows of the fruit-bearing berry bushes. Highbush Blueberry, which is native to North America.
Product code: 2323
1.14 €
Also known as Summer Lilac, it is a butterfly-attracting, aromatic bush that has narrow branches supporting lilac-like clusters of blossoms. You might even attract a hummingbird or two to this sweet-scented perennial bush.
Product code: 1007
3.00 €
Our only native species is this attractive, medium-sized shrub with pendulous racemes of small, pale yellow flowers (with unusual, sensitive stamens) followed by bright red, translucent berries. These are edible and make an excellent jelly.
Product code: 3368
1.39 €
A. melanocarpa can also be used as an edible fruit crop although the fruit is too astringent to eat raw. The fruit is used instead in baking and to make jams, jellies, syrup, tea, juice, and wine.
Product code: 7949
1.14 €
Bladder Senna Shrub (Colutea arborescens), also called "Bladders Tree" is a shrub in the family Fabaceae characterized by its original fruit named "baguenaudes" reddish brown pods swell mature and become translucent.
«Melitopol Black» - Organic Black Cherry Seeds NEW
Product code: 12255
1.14 €
Prunus serotina, commonly called Black Cherry, Wild Black Cherry, Rum Cherry, or Mountain Black Cherry, is a woody plant species belonging to the genus Prunus. This cherry is native to eastern North America from southern Quebec and Ontario south.
Smooth Brome Seeds (Bromus Inermis) NEW
Product code: 1540
1.39 €
A long-lived introduced perennial with an extensive and aggressive root system. Used for pasture, forage, disturbed sites. Smooth brome is the most widely used of the cultivated bromegrasses.
Product code: 2318
1.39 €
Ornamental Grass Briza maxima 'The Greater Quaking Grass' has blue green leaves and flower heads that hang like scaly heart shaped lockets that are tinged with pink from late spring to mid summer.
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