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«White» - Organic Ageratum Seeds
Product code: 11033
1.14 €
This popular annual is smothered with soft, puffy, white flowers. It fills beds quickly and blooms continuously throughout the summer. Ageratum plants are vigorous, free-flowering, fully branched and mounded.
Product code: 2869
1.14 €
Pink Ball flossflower is an extremely valuable ornamental plant that blooms all summer long until first autumn frosts. This rather low-growing annual plant grows 15 - 20 cm tall. Numerous tiny blooms are gathered in large panicles or umbels.
Product code: 541
1.14 €
Ageratum Floss Flower is wonderful and an old-fashioned favorite for either container planting or edging borders. Grow alongside soft pink Ageratum for a rather special effect. Ageratum plants prefer a well-drained soil in full sun.
Product code: 4195
1.14 €
Beautiful annual variety of Ageratum, Pink Flint offers the same unique, fuzzy blossoms that we have come to love, this time in pink! Growing a bit taller than other ageratums, Pink Flint works best as a border plant.
Product code: 3147
1.14 €
White Ageratum is a relatively short perennial plant that grows around 10 to 20 centimetres in height. This ageratum variety develops distinctive white flowers, which form umbellate inflorescences.