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«White Blossom» - Organic Achillea Seeds
Product code: 12699
1.14 €
White Yarrow is seen growing in all regions of the United States. It grows very easily from Yarrow seeds, and it also spreads by underground roots. It is used in the flower garden or in natural settings.
Product code: 12697
1.14 €
Red Yarrow is often called Common Yarrow, but the original flower colour was generally white or cream. Today there are many modern cultivars with different flowers colours, including red.
Product code: 11036
1.14 €
Achillea Cerise Queen is a carefree and generously blooming perennial for summer and early fall. Readily establishes from Yarrow seeds, Cerise Queen Yarrow features flower heads that are bright magenta-pink and finely dissected green, aromatic foliage.
Product code: 11035
1.14 €
Readily establishes from Yarrow seeds, Achillea Parker is an upright, clump-forming perennial which is noted for its deeply-dissected, fern-like, aromatic, grayish-green foliage. It is also known for its tiny, long-lasting, bright golden flowers.
Product code: 10732
1.14 €
This easy to grow perennial is well suited to any sunny situation and will tolerate even poor soil. Produces mounds of fragrant foliage and flowers in a range of colours during early summer. Flat-top flowers contrast well with tall-spire perennials.
Product code: 4208
1.14 €
One of the easiest perennials to grow from Yarrow seeds, this Achillea Rubra is marked by a unique color of reddish pink cluster-like flowers. The color makes a beautiful addition to the summer sunny border and mixes beautifully with other colors.