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«Pompom Mix» - Organic Bellis Seeds NEW
Product code: 4420
1.14 €
A perennial plant, 10-20cm high, with single, pompom inflorescences, 2-5cm in diameter, white, pink and red colors.
Product code: 11132
1.14 €
The Bellis English Daisy is great for early season color, and it is easily established by growing English Daisy seeds. The pompom-like flowers are bright red and are born on 3 - 5 inch stems.
Product code: 10760
1.14 €
Named (either directly or indirectly) after the greatest Italian poet of the Renaissance is this fine new range of very ornamental, cultivated Daisies. A great improvement on previous pomponette types, the poet's flowers are larger.
Product code: 10729
1.14 €
Start this little charmer with Bellis flower seeds! English Daisy blooms profusely over a long period in late winter and into summer if the temperatures stay cool. Bellis English Daisy is perfect for planting over the top of spent spring bulbs.
Product code: 599
1.14 €
This Bellis flower seed is a mixture of English Daisy seeds that creates a lovely arrangement of shades ranging from white to red. Large, fully double English Daisy blooms grow on compact uniform plants.