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Meadow Sage Seeds (Salvia Nemorosa) NEW
Product code: 12549
1.14 €
A shimmering ocean of blue purple flowers awaits all those who plant this impressive plant in their garden. This plant is commonly known as Meadow Sage and is a pollinator plant! Beautiful bright blue, almost purple flowers spike off of a long green stem.
«Mino Early» - Organic Daikon Seeds NEW
Product code: 12534
1.14 €
Mino Early is a leading open pollinated radish (daikon) for summer to fall harvest in Japan. It has good heat tolerance and can be grown all year round in tropical areas. The tapered root is long, white, tender and crisp with a mild pungency.
«Marusya» - Organic Tomato Seeds NEW
Product code: 12529
1.14 €
Mid early, determinant, pickling tomato variety for open ground and greenhouses. The period from germination to maturity is 105-110 days. Plant 0.5-0.8 high. We recommend forming the plant only before the first flower brush.
«Miner» - Organic Tomato Seeds NEW
Product code: 12517
1.14 €
An early ripe variety drought-resistant, from seedling to ripening 94-100 days. Determinate plant, compact. Height 45-50 cm. Inflorescence with simple branching. Fruits are smooth pink cream, evenly colored with elastic skin and juicy flesh.
«Marizol Gold» - Organic Tomato Seeds NEW
Product code: 12509
1.14 €
The plant produces good yields of 1 to 2 lb gold beefsteak tomatoes with a red blush markings on outside and red streaks throughout the flesh. They are very sweet, juicy, and flavorful.
«Monte Rosa» - Organic Tomato Seeds NEW
Product code: 12495
1.14 €
The first fruits will be completely ripe around 60 days after the plant is transplanted into the soil. The warmer the weather when the cycle starts, the faster they will ripen.
«Mixed» - Organic Tagetes Seeds NEW
Product code: 4399
1.39 €
This species belongs to the tallest-growing Tagetes-representatives, reaching 50 - 100 cm in height. Its blooms that impress with their size take on the whole sunny colour palette, including orange, yellow, rusty-red and mahogany.
«Mixed Gem» - Organic Tagetes Seeds NEW
Product code: 2284
1.14 €
Marigold ‘Mixed Gem’ is a very popular annual variety which grows around 30 centimetres in height. It flowers over a long period of time, thanks to which its beautiful yellow, red and orange flowers can be admired at the peak of their decorative.
«Mona» - Organic Tagetes Seeds NEW
Product code: 371
1.14 €
"Mona" variety stands out with long and abundant blooming that lasts from spring to autumn frosts. Double, round, bright orange inflorescences would make a strong mark in flowery arrangements and would not be overlooked on borders and flower beds.
«Moonsong Deep Orange» - Organic Tagetes Seeds NEW
Product code: 5815
1.14 €
Marigold ‘Moonsong Deep Orange’ is an annual variety with a large decorative potential. Vastly used as a cut flower, this exceptional plant grows up to 100 centimetres in height, which makes it one of the tallest in the entire marigold family.
«Spanish Flag» - Organic Mina Lobata Seeds NEW
Product code: 2283
1.14 €
Start Mina Lobata seeds for this impressive vine that will attract lots of attention. Mina Lobata vine is a tender perennial that is typically grown as an annual. Mina Lobata has many common names: Firecracker Vine, Fire Vine, Spanish Flag Vine.
«Mixed» - Organic Ipomoea Seeds NEW
Product code: 577
1.14 €
This is a mix of several Morning Glory varieties that range in colour from white to red to purple. It is an annual plant with sinuous stems that grow 250 to 350 centimetres in length. With a blooming period which lasts from July to late September.
«Malinka» - Organic Aster Seeds NEW
Product code: 1315
1.14 €
Princess aster "Malinka" (Callistephus chinensis) is a variety producing extremely decorative flowers. Inflorescences of this variety stand out with their form: their broad centres are filled with disc flowers.
«Maryland» Heirloom Tobacco Seeds NEW
Product code: 10121
1.14 €
Maryland is a medium flavored Maryland type tobacco that grows to 6 feet in height and produces very large leaves to 36" long and 18" wide. It air cures to a light reddish brown color. Maryland tobacco is commonly used as a blender. Matures in 55-60 days.
Sweet Clover Seeds (Melilotus Albus) NEW
Product code: 10444
1.39 €
Sweet clovers are widely used as erosion controls, ground cover, forage, and honey production. Clover is a legume and has nitrogen fixing capabilities, thereby improving soils for other crops.
Norway Maple Seeds (Acer Platanoides) NEW
Product code: 12453
1.14 €
Attractive leaves with creamy-white margins turn orange in autumn, with small clusters of red-tinged, yellow flowers appearing in spring. It is a handsome, round-headed tree and makes an excellent specimen for medium-sized gardens and grows well.
Product code: 10709
6.10 €
Traditional and contemporary Chinese medicine admire it as a tonic benefiting vital energy or "Qi", and it is popularly prescribed for a multitude of maladies. Reishi is a polypore mushroom, growing in damp, dark forests and the occasional rotting log.
«Grenadin Mix» - Organic Carnation Seeds NEW
Product code: 557
1.14 €
Carnation 'Grenadin Mix' blooms in summer with fragrant, double flowers in shades of pink, red, rose, yellow and white. The plants are relatively compact, and the blue-green foliage is very attractive. Also known as Carnation 'Grenadin Double Mixture'.
«Super Mix» - Organic Bellis Seeds NEW
Product code: 11134
1.14 €
This Bellis flower seed is a mixture of English Daisy seeds that creates a lovely arrangement of shades ranging from white to red. Large, fully double English Daisy blooms grow on compact uniform plants.
«Grenadin Double Mix» - Organic Carnation Seeds NEW
Product code: 11174
1.14 €
Originating from the Greek word for “heavenly flower,” Carnations are sure to bring joy to your garden, and the “Grenadin Double Mix” Carnation seeds pack twice the delight!
«Mix» - Organic Abutilon Seeds NEW
Product code: 540
1.14 €
Abutilon, is also called Flowering Maple or Parlor Maple. This Abutilon mixture makes a lovely house plant or is suitable for containers. Very free blooming and easy to care for, it asks for only a sunny window and a periodic dose of fertilizer.
Product code: 655
1.14 €
Missouri Evening Primrose has huge yellow flowers from late spring through the summer and attractive green foliage. Deep-rooted and xeric, this prairie native is a long-lived beauty. We grow an especially drought tolerant selection.
Product code: 1339
1.14 €
Papaver nudicaule. The Iceland Poppy is a hardy, but short-lived perennial, grown as a biennial in Coastal gardens. Either way, they self sow readily, so will last for years at a time. The large, cup shaped blooms have a texture like crepe paper.
Product code: 831
1.14 €
A wonderful old-time garden plant that is so popular we have decided to make it one of our value pack seeds. This beauty makes an amazing border with it's massive flower heads that get as large as they are tall!
Product code: 1815
1.14 €
Milk Thistle (Silybum marianum) is an annual or biennial plant which belongs to the Asteraceae family. It is native to the Mediterranean region, but is now found throughout the world. It grows 30-200 cm tall, has red purple flowers.
Product code: 10463
1.14 €
Not just for cats! Tall pink and white flower spikes are great in fresh and dried arrangements. Use the leaves in salads, sauces, teas, and soups – and of course fresh or dried for the cats! Catnip seeds are a good choice for a bee attractor.
Product code: 11888
1.14 €
Burr marigold is little used as a medicine nowadays, but it was once esteemed for its styptic properties being used to quickly staunch blood flow - it was often used to treat uterine haemorrhage and conditions producing blood in the urine.
Product code: 10509
1.14 €
Greater celandine has an erect habit, and may reach 30 to 120 cm high. The leaves are lobed and crenate, 30 cm long. The sap is yellow to orange. The flowers consist of four yellow petals, each about 1 cm long, with two sepals.
Product code: 10486
1.14 €
Motherwort has a squarish stem which is clad in short hairs and is often purplish, especially near the nodes. Motherwort is probably native to the southeastern part of Europe and central Asia where it has been cultivated since ancient times.
Product code: 11962
1.14 €
No herb or kitchen garden is complete without mint, and peppermint adds a festive note to the display, evoking the holidays and filling the air with its fresh, clean scent when rubbed.
Product code: 12024
1.14 €
Clouds of airy fragrance, dotted with tiny white daisies! Just the right size for the front of the border! German Chamomile is a must-have herb if you enjoy drinking hot or cold teas. The flowers are a staple ingredient in herbal teas.
Product code: 1873
1.14 €
Plantain is edible and medicinal, the young leaves are edible raw in salad or cooked as a pot herb, they are very rich in vitamin B1 and riboflavin. The herb has a long history of use as an alternative medicine dating back to ancient times.
Product code: 8862
1.14 €
Forms a large leaf outlet (50 cm or more) with a large number of corrugated leaves. Forms early and high yield of leaves. It is recommended to use green fresh, for drying and canning. It is photophilous, but it grows well in semi-dark places.
Product code: 9336
1.14 €
Late ripening aromatic variety. Rosette leaves semi-elevated. The leaf is medium-long, dark green, medium-striated with a wax coating. The plant is in the flowering phase 100-110 cm high, sprawling, strongly bred.
Product code: 5135
1.14 €
Sweet marjoram is a close relative of oregano, but offers a more delicate flavor to cooking. It is best used fresh at the end of preparing a dish so the flavor will be enhanced and not overpowered.
Product code: 10435
1.14 €
White mustard seeds are used whole to improve the preservability of pickles and soured vegetables because they prevent the growth of mould and bacteria. Their flavor is however not released. This only happens when the milled seeds are mixed.
Product code: 8926
1.14 €
Salad, semi-sharp variety of onion with high frying of bulbs. The mid-ripeness. Vegetation period is 102-114 days. Bulbs of roundishly flat and flat shape, weighing 100-150 grams. The outer scales are attractive purple-red.
Product code: 12000
1.14 €
Mid-ripening (95-115 days), a variety of onions. When sowing seeds in one season forms bulbs (sevok). Bulbs are round-flat, large, weighing up to 300 grams. Color of dry scales yellow, sometimes with a pink tinge, succulent scales.
«Medium Blue» - Organic Bellflower Seeds NEW
Product code: 11184
1.14 €
Start these old-fashioned favorites from Canterbury Bells seed and enjoy the familiar bell-shaped flowers, held upright in long, loose clusters. Campanula Canterbury Bells are wonderful for garden color in late spring and early summer.
«Medium Rose-Pink» - Organic Bellflower Seeds NEW
Product code: 11183
1.14 €
Campanula seeds are so rewarding to grow, and the addition of Campanula Canterbury Bells to your spring and summer garden will be most welcome! This popular and beautiful biennial was introduced to this country from southern Spain in 1596.
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