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Organic Marsh chrysanthemum Seeds
Product code: 15211
1.14 €
A wonderful novelty for rocky hills, borders, balcony boxes, graves, flowers - small daisies with bright white petals and yellow centers, plants 20-25 cm high with many stems that abundantly cover the soil.
Product code: 12700
1.14 €
Large, single flowers form atop the shoots. These flower heads consist of pink or crimson ray flowers and yellow disc flowers. "Robinson" Pyrethrum or painted daisy, as this plant is sometimes called, is sprinkled with beautiful flowers.
Product code: 12022
1.14 €
Anyone who has had the pleasure of traveling to countries such as Japan or China will appreciate the bewildering but totally delicious array of vegetables on offer there. A plethora of differently shaped, textured and coloured Oriental leaves.
Product code: 1357
1.14 €
Consider this new mixture of Gerbera Daisies a bigger, beefier version of the popular Jaguar series. Large flowers are produced on a vigorous plant habit. Bengal Mix Daisies are an excellent choice for 6" pot, quart and gallon production.