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«Oyster mushroom lemon» (Pleurotgs citrinopileaus) - Organic Mushroom Spawn NEW EXCLUSIVE

«Oyster mushroom lemon» (Pleurotgs citrinopileaus) - Organic Mushroom Spawn

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Lemon oyster mushroom owes its name to the bright color of the cap, identical to the color of the sour fruit, this type of oyster mushroom grows in the Far East, it contains amino acids and trace elements in a composition ideal for absorption by the body.

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  • Manufacturer country: Ukraine
  • Product code: 10700-20
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  • Unit: Plug spawn
  • Crop year / Production date: 2023
  • Shelf life: 5 years

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  • Organic Mushroom Spawn «Oyster mushroom lemon» (Pleurotgs citrinopileaus)

    I call my lemon goiter's clay a sour-coloured droplet, identical to the sour fruit. This variety of glivi grows on the Far Descent, in Skhidniy Asia.

    Shards of gleam are carried to xylotrophic mushrooms, they are actively growing on a dead tree, and you can also grow on fallen stovburs of leafy trees, near the forests of the dead zone .


    On the vіdmіnu vіd zvichaynoї, lemon clay is more thermophilic, good growth in the heat of the time of rock.

    Korisn_ authority

    Gliv is a unique fungus, shards in it contain amino acids and microelements in a warehouse, ideal for assimilation by the body. Spivvіdshenie zhivnіh rechovin glivi not zustrichaetsya more in the current vegetable culture. In this manner, you can match with a brown cocktail, in which all the necessary fruits and vegetables are combined in optimal proportions.

    What is not less important -Clay is breathed in by low calorie content, at the same time, there is a sudden hunger and obviously replaces m'yaso. Also, the clay can be powerful - the removal of toxins, radionuclides from the body, the prevention and treatment of hepatitis, cholecystitis, sludging, atherosclerosis. Also, the implantation of glivi allows you to improve the arterial pressure, neutralize viruses, and strengthen the fight against puffiness.

    Smakovі yakosі

    The clay is not only korisna, but even more savory - it exudes a subtle gusto and a clearly pronounced aroma. The clay is universal - it can be used in greased, boiled, pickled, salty looking. Straws with clay are prepared evenly quickly, the cost of thermal processing is already small, only 5-15%.Also, the clay can be dried and ground into powder, so that it can be added to the herbs for flavoring and strengthening the savory flavors.


    For sympathetic minds, clay bears fruit in warm weather, at which the yield becomes approximately 15-30% of the weight of the substrate. The peak of productivity is planted 2-3 times for the development of mushrooms. Trivality of fruiting mycelium to fall in the thickets of the village, in 3 to 7 years. It is even easier to grow this marvelous mushroom on garden or summer cottages, with which you will be provided with all the necessary microelements.

    Other names: lemon cap mushroom, golden clay, lemongrass mushroom, ilmak, golden oyster mushroom, yellow oyster mushroom

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