«April» - Organic Scallion Seeds

«April» - Organic Scallion Seeds

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The variety is early maturing, the weight of one plant is 100-300 grams. the taste is semi-sharp, the leaves are tender, juicy, do not coarse for a long time, a variety of salad purposes.

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  • Manufacturer country: Ukraine
  • Product code: 10958-1
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  • Germination: 90%
  • Unit: Grams
  • Crop year / Production date: 2023
  • Shelf life: 4 years

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    Recommended for garden plots. The variety is early maturing. The growing season from full shoots to mass death of feathers is 102-142 days. The shape of the bulb is elongated.

    The color of the outer scales is dark yellow, juicy - white. The mass of one plant is 100-300 grams. The taste of April onions is semi-sharp. The leaves are tender, juicy, do not coarse for a long time. A variety of salad purposes. I was not surprised by diseases.

    Batun onions are less heat-demanding than onions. It hibernates outdoors and begins to grow in early spring.

    The onion requires maintaining soil moisture, regular watering. If the soil is dry and sandy, it will quickly throw off flower stems, making the leaves unusable due to coarse fiber and bitterness.

    The leaves of the batun onion in the first year of sowing in summer, cannot be cut, this will weaken the bulb before wintering. After the expiration of the growth period in one place (this is 3-4 years), the onion is cut for the last time before August 1. If you cover the onion with a film in the spring, pour it with warm water - this will give a soft feather 2-3 weeks earlier than in the open field.

    Before laying the site for the onion, the place must be well fertilized with the introduction of rotted manure (5-7 kg) and full mineral fertilizer (in terms of the active ingredients: nitrogen 8-10 g, phosphorus 10-12 g and potassium 6-8 g, which approximately 80-100 g of nitrophosphate per 1 m2).

    It is good to plant a batun onion after growing potatoes, tomatoes, cabbage.

    If you sow seeds in April-May, then in the fall the plant is dug up entirely. The distance between the lines when sowing is 15–25 cm. Thickening with an annual crop complicates the flow (it is difficult to loosen), but it gives leveled shoots and a larger yield.