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«Brown» - Organic Sorghum Seeds NEW

«Brown» - Organic Sorghum Seeds

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The plant is unpretentious to care for, gives a large yield and has many useful properties that can be used in various industries, has a well-developed root system.

  • Packet Size 10/100/1000: 

  • Manufacturer country: Ukraine
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  • Available: a lot of
  • Germination: 90%
  • Unit: Seeds
  • Crop year / Production date: 2021
  • Shelf life: 5 years

  • «Brown» - Organic Sorghum Seeds

    Sorghum is an annual or perennial cereal plant. Refers to spring crops. Its homeland is considered to be the regions of East Africa, where the plant began to grow in the 4th century BC. NS. Culture in terms of the scale of world production is in fifth place. Such a high popularity of sorghum is explained by the fact that the plant is unpretentious in care, gives a large yield and has many useful properties that can be used in various industries. It is very advantageous that the cultivation of a crop does not require special machinery and equipment.
    Sorghum is a very thermophilic plant. For its normal development and productivity, a predominance of temperature of 25-30 ° C is necessary during growth. Frost can lead to the death of the culture. At the same time, sorghum is very resistant to droughts, all sorts of pests and diseases. Has a well-developed root system.

    Undemanding to the composition of the soil, grows on both loamy and sandy, clayey rocks. It needs regular treatment from weeds, and in conditions of development on marginal soil, it also needs additional fertilization. The plant is very rich in nutrients, vitamin complex. Seeds are light brown, collected in one large bunch.