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Organic Cold-pressed Cedar Nut Oil NEW

Organic Cold-pressed Cedar Nut Oil

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The perfect oil for the perfectly healthy nutrition. Cold pressed oil from organic hazelnuts is unrefined oil, of golden yellow color and luxurious taste. The share of Omega 6 in hazelnut oil is over 80%.

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  • Manufacturer country: Ukraine
  • Product code: 12600-250
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  • Germination: 100%
  • Unit: Oil
  • Crop year / Production date: 2019
  • Shelf life: 1 month

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  • Cold-pressed Hazelnuts Nut Oil

    The perfect oil for the perfectly healthy nutrition. Cold pressed oil from organic hazelnuts is unrefined oil, of golden yellow color and luxurious taste.

    It is obtained by mechanical process, by pressing with pressure presses, which preserves the maximum nutrient value of the hazelnut and the nutritive value of the product.

    The basic difference between hazelnut oil and other refined oils is that no toxic substances or solvents are used in the process of oil production. Namely, in the process of obtaining refined oils, the matter is first milled and then mixed with a solvent. Then the oil obtained is heated at high temperatures to remove poisons from it and it can be used for human consumption. With this method, most of the useful ingredients that oil can contain are destroyed.

    Omega 3-6-9 in hazelnut oil - A winning combination for your health

    Unlike the refined oils, hazelnut oil is obtained by a cold pressing process and as such it retains all nutritive fruit values. Hazelnut oil is rich in vitamins E, B1 and B6 and unsaturated fatty acids Omega 6, as well as Omega 3 and 9, but to a lesser extent. Omega 3-6-9 known under the common name Vitamin F are essential acids, which means that the body does not produce them alone and hence the intake of these acids through the nutrition necessary for the health of the whole organism. The share of Omega 6 in hazelnut oil is over 80%.

    Omega 6 together with Omega 3 and 9 unsaturated fatty acids favorably effect on:
    • the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes,
    • lowering blood cholesterol,
    • reducing fat deposits and help with weight loss,
    • problematic skin, especially acne and eczema,
    • alleviating the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis,
    • reducing the risk of colon and breast cancer,
    • raising mood, concentration and memory,
    • contributing to cell regeneration and capillary strengthening,
    • relieving symptoms of atherosclerosis.

    For the best contribution to health and nutrition, it is very important how to properly store and keep hazelnut oil. First of all, hazelnut oil should be kept in a dark and cool place because heat, light and air are its biggest enemies that can lead to oxidation of oil. It can be stored in a dark cabinet for up to 3 months at a temperature of about 14°C or in a refrigerator up to 6 months after opening.

    Metallic covers should be avoided and the best way to use cork closures. It is best to keep the hazelnut oil in dark glass bottles and do not spill it into plastic packaging because it will quickly absorb PVC.

    Cold pressed hazelnut oil in cooking

    Unlike most of the other unrefined oils or oil obtained from cold pressing, organic hazelnut oil can be used for baking, roasting, cooking and frying. The smoke point is 221 ° C and represents the limit after which the oil begins to smoke and is no longer suitable for human consumption.

    Hazelnut oil is used for the preparation of various toppings and sauces. Since ancient times it has been used in Mediterranean cuisine as a topping for roast frilled fish. In France, it is widely used to make gourmet specialties, and its application is particularly widespread in America, where it has completely suppressed the use of other types of oil. It goes well with pasta, grilled dishes and is an aromatic addition to many cakes and treats.

    Interestingly, hazelnut oil was used by American Indians, as well as ancient Greeks and Romans, calling it the wonders of the Mediterranean due to the incredible aroma that it gives to all dishes, salads and condiments.

    Due to its characteristic that it does not interfere with frying and baking at a higher temperature, hazelnut oil can be used in all dishes and in the ways that all other oils are used.

    Cold pressed hazelnut oil in cosmetics

    Hazelnut oil is excellent for skin and hair care. It is very hydrating and can be used to treat both dry and oily skin. If you use it to care for older skin it will positively affect its tonus and vitality. It is also effective as a cure for stretch marks and scars.

    When it comes to hair care, there are no better packages for the recovery of damaged and dry hair than hazelnut oil. Just apply it on dry hair for half an hour before washing and the effects will be stunning. For a better effect, mix it with one yolk. After several such treatments the most damaged hair will be soft, smooth and shiny. You can also use it to care for eyebrows and eyelashes.

    Cold pressed organic hazel oil is a great choice for anyone who takes care of their health in the right way. Order your best hazelnut oil bottle from our organic production and enjoy all the benefits of its effect on your health and beauty.