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«Suga Baby» - Organic Watermelon Seeds

«Suga Baby» - Organic Watermelon Seeds

1.14 €
Early ripe variety, roundish fruits, medium size, weighing 4-5 kg, bright red pulp with delicate structure, juicy and sweet, the variety has excellent taste, relatively resistant to anthracnose, transportable.

  • Packet Size 10/100/1000: 

  • Manufacturer country: Ukraine
  • Product code: 14961-10
  • Available: a lot of
  • Germination: 90%
  • Unit: Seeds
  • Crop year / Production date: 2023
  • Shelf life: 8 years

  • Heirloom Watermelon «Suga Baby»

    Excellent taste, thin skin. An early ripe variety. Fruits are round, medium-sized, weighing 4-5 kg. The rind is thin but strong. Dark green color. The pulp is bright red with a delicate structure, juicy and sweet.

    The variety has excellent taste, is relatively resistant to anthracnose, and is transportable. Used fresh.