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«Sugar Baby» - Organic Watermelon Seeds

«Sugar Baby» - Organic Watermelon Seeds

1.14 €
The most popular variety all over the world, early, intensively growing, fruits are round, dark green in color with barely noticeable stripes, the flesh is bright red, juicy, sweet, fruit weight is 3-4.5 kg.

  • Packet Size 10/100/1000: 

  • Manufacturer country: Ukraine
  • Product code: 15171-10
  • Available: a lot of
  • Germination: 90%
  • Unit: Seeds
  • Crop year / Production date: 2022
  • Shelf life: 8 years

  • Heirloom Watermelon «Sugar Baby»

    The most popular variety in the world. Early, intensive-growing. The fruits are round, dark green in color with barely visible stripes. The pulp is bright red, juicy, sweet. Fruit weight 3-4.5 kg.

    Due to its unique precocity, the fruits have time to ripen even in open ground (in warm, sunny places) in areas with a cold climate.