«Super Strain» - Organic Tomato Seeds NEW

«Super Strain» - Organic Tomato Seeds

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The variety of the Dutch selection of early ripening, the plant is determinate, strong, the fruits are round-oval with a spout, the variety is valued for its very high yield, resistance to diseases, excellent presentation and transportability.

  • Packet Size 20/200/2000: 

  • Manufacturer country: Ukraine
  • Product code: 15436-20
  • Available: a lot of
  • Germination: 90%
  • Unit: Seeds
  • Crop year / Production date: 2022
  • Shelf life: 5 years

  • Organic Tomato «Super Strain»

    Variety of Dutch selection of early ripening. The plant is determinate, strong, the fruits are round-oval with a spout.

    Tomato "Super Strain" is valued for its very high yield, disease resistance, excellent presentation and transportability.

    thermophilic culture. Grow seedlings or sowing in open ground. Seedlings are sown from March 1 to March 10 in nutrient pots 10x10 cm in size. Seedlings grow in cups for 55-60 days before planting in the garden. They are planted in a permanent place in the second decade of May according to a 50x50 cm pattern.

    To obtain a high and early harvest, tomatoes planted in the garden in early May are temporarily covered with a transparent film until warm weather sets in. The best predecessors are legumes, pumpkin, root crops, green crops. You can not plant after potatoes, peppers, eggplant, physalis.

    A sunny place protected from cold winds is taken for planting, loamy soils with the addition of organic fertilizers are preferred.

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