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Organic Black Marshmallow Seeds (Althaea Officinalis) NEW EXCLUSIVE

Organic Black Marshmallow Seeds (Althaea Officinalis)

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An original two-year-old variety, dark purple, almost black inflorescences look amazing on a long, tall stem; people call them black rose or wild mallow for their beauty.

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  • Manufacturer country: Ukraine
  • Product code: 15743-0.2
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  • Germination: 90%
  • Unit: Grams
  • Crop year / Production date: 2023
  • Shelf life: 5 years

  • Black Marshmallow Seeds (Althaea Officinalis) or Althaea black or black rose

    An original two-year-old variety. The dark purple, almost black inflorescences look amazing on a long, tall stem. For their beauty, they are popularly called black rose or wild mallow. Frost-resistant and easy to care for, they bloom long and vigorously until frost. Perhaps these are the most unpretentious black flowers that can be grown in any area.

    • height 100-200 cm;
    • the flower is dark burgundy, almost black, 8-10 cm in diameter, with a golden center;
    • 5 buds bloom simultaneously on the stem;
    • blooms from July to October, the next year after planting.

    The marshmallow flower is valued not only for its rare color, but also for its beautiful tall bouquets that remain fresh for up to two weeks. It is grown everywhere: in borders, mixborders, flower beds in company with phlox, rudbeckia, and cosmos. He has settled down where other crops will not grow; he does not even care about poor sandy soils. However, the crop happily responds to nitrogen fertilizing.

    Features of growing marshmallow:
    • do not tolerate transplantation, so they are sown immediately in a sunny area, protected from the wind;
    • marshmallow seeds are sown in open ground in June-July, shallow holes are made, where 2-3 seeds are placed, sprinkled with a layer of soil no more than 3 cm;
    • the distance between the holes is 30-40 cm;
    • crops are thinned out in the phase of two true leaves, choosing the strongest shoots;
    • Shoots are expected in the fall; they overwinter well, but you can sprinkle them with leaves.

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