«Cabbage moth» trap - 1 pc. NEW

«Cabbage moth» trap - 1 pc.

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The pheromone trap is designed for monitoring and catching the «Cabbage moth» (Mamestra brassicae), made of kraft cardboard laminated on both sides, trap size - 160x260 mm.
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  • Crop year / Production date: 2024
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  • «Cabbage moth» trap (Mamestra brassicae)

    Designed for monitoring and catching cabbage cutworm (Mamestra brassicae). The trap is made of kraft cardboard laminated on both sides. This material is resistant to negative environmental influences: moisture, high temperatures, sunlight. The dimensions of the trap are 160x260 mm.

    Recommendations for using a pheromone trap:

    Pheromone - is a semi-chemical substance identical to the natural pheromone of the pest. The pheromone is applied to a rubber stopper bottle at a dose of 3 mg. Pheromone is safe for people or animals and does not harm the environment, which is confirmed by the conclusion of the SES, Safety Data Sheet, Quality Certificate, Organic Standard Certificate No. 19-1263-01. Insect pheromones are very specific, meaning that they are only recognized by the same insect.

    To determine the population size and identify foci of pest development (monitoring), it is recommended to use 1 trap per 1 sq.m.

    The trap is placed in the crown of a tree at a height of 1.5-2 m. Before the butterflies begin to fly, the traps are inspected daily, and after the first butterflies are caught, inspections are carried out regularly once every 5-7 days. Pheromone dispensers and adhesive liners are replaced as needed. Protective measures are carried out based on pest population monitoring data.

    For mass catching and sterilization of males, it is recommended to use 1 trap per 1 sq.m.

    The validity period of the pheromone from the moment of use is at least 45 days.

    Deltoid trap equipment:
    • white glue trap «Delta» type;
    • fastening;
    • pheromone dispenser;
    • 2 adhesive inserts;
    • packaging polypropylene bag with valve.

    You can read more about cabbage moth here...

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