«Mystic Spirit» - Organic Dahlia Seeds

«Mystic Spirit» - Organic Dahlia Seeds

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Stunning dark purple-black foliage counterpoints non-stop blaze of long-stemmed blooms all summer and into the fall. There’s a fresh fashionable passion for dahlias, the classic, beloved ornamental beauty. Stunning new dahlias, in vivid cool hues.

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  • Manufacturer country: Ukraine
  • Product code: 3164-0.3
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  • Germination: 90%
  • Unit: Seeds
  • Crop year / Production date: 2023
  • Shelf life: 4 years

  • Organic Dahlia «Mystic Spirit»

    Mystic Spirit offers golden yellow 6-9 cm flowers with a butterscotch center, purple stems, and unusual fern-like foliage. This beautiful dahlia will bring a warm, sunny glow to your garden and arrangements.

    This dahlia is particularly well-suited for summer field production, producing many flowers. The series was developed specifically for the cut flower market. Long vase life and strong straight stems. Height 40-60 cm. 84 days. Decorative type flower.

    Stunning new dahlias, in vivid cool hues, are lovely additions to the color palette. Vigorous compact plants ignite a non-stop blaze of long-stemmed blooms all summer and into the fall. Stunning dark purple-black foliage prettily counterpoints the starry orange blooms with expressive golden-brown eyes. Creates visual chamber music in the border or in your patio container of choice. Long-stemmed, 18-36" tall beauties dazzle as cut flowers. Plants tolerate heat and show admirable resistance to mildew. Deadheading will encourage additional blooming.

    How to Grow

    It can take a full season for you to see flowers on your seeded dahlias. Do dahlia seeds turn into tubers? In the first year, slender tubers will form but they will not be anything worth harvesting and will need another year or two to develop good growth nodes and produce bodacious plants. The first step to starting dahlia seeds is harvesting ripe, ready pods. Pods contain numerous seeds. Wait until the flower has dropped all its ray petals and the pod is a light tan-green color.

    The seeds inside should be ripe and gray to dark brown. Cut the pod off and let it dry to facilitate removal of the seeds. Separate the seed from the rest of the pod and allow let dry before storing. In early spring, germinate the seeds in soilless seed starting mixture in flats. Sow your seeds an inch apart on the surface of the mixture and cover lightly with a dusting of the medium. Moisten the medium and keep moderately damp, moving the flats to a warm location of at least 70 degrees F. (21 C.). Germination will occur in 7 to 12 days after sowing. Once the seedlings are large enough that their leaves are touching, individually pot them up in 3-inch containers.

    Harden the seedlings off before planting them out into prepared garden beds. Wait to plant them outdoors until all danger of frost has passed. Alternatively, you can plant them outdoors a week before the date of the last frost. In northern climates this may not give the plants enough time to develop and bloom. It works great in long season areas, however. If cold temperatures threaten at the end of summer, repot the plants and move them into a greenhouse or indoors.

    They won’t have much tuber development and the best way to save them for next season is to let them go dormant indoors where icy temperatures can’t damage the tiny root and tuber system. Harden them off the next season and plant outdoors. You will get big beautiful plants with plenty of appealing flowers that will set pods and start the whole growing dahlia seeds process over anew.