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«Mix» - Organic Decorative Sunflower Seeds

«Mix» - Organic Decorative Sunflower Seeds

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Annual plant ornamental plant 100-150 cm high, inflorescences-baskets with a diameter of 15-25 cm, the color of the petals is yellow, the core is black, will be the highlight of the garden.

  • Packet Size 10/100/1000: 

  • Manufacturer country: Ukraine
  • Product code: 4535-10
  • Available: a lot of
  • Germination: 90%
  • Unit: Seeds
  • Crop year / Production date: 2023
  • Shelf life: 3 years

  • Ornamental sunflower (mix) / Helianthus annuus

    This is an annual plant, 100-150 cm high. Inflorescences-baskets, 15-25 cm in diameter. The color of the petals is yellow, the core is black. Decorate any corner of the garden.

    Grown by sowing seeds in open ground, 2-3 seeds per hole, choosing open sunny areas. Sunflower is used in group plantings when decorating walls and fences, cut inflorescences look great in bouquets.

    How To Grow

    After danger of frost has passed, directly sow wild Sunflower seeds into prepared seed beds that are weed free and the soil has been loosened. Broadcast the flower  seeds and cover with 1/2 inch of soil. Sunflower Care: It is important not to over water the flowers. Too much water may result in soil loosening and losing stability to hold the large plants.