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«Dona» - Organic Tomato Seeds
Product code: 6817
1.14 €
This excellent variety was bred by the French specifically for their customers in markets, where flavor and quality standards are uncompromising. Slightly flattened, almost seedless, plum tomato with a sweet/acid balance (just like the commercial hybrid)
«Bonsai» - Organic Tomato Seeds SALE
Product code: 6521
1.14 €
2.90 € (Sale: 60%)
Уникальный скороспелый сорт томата, формирующий чрезвычайно декоративный компактный куст высотой 20-30 см, усыпанный многочисленными миниатюрными ярко-красными, плотными, очень сладкими плодами массой 20-25 грамм.
Product code: 1109
1.14 €
The original Shah or White Mikado Tomato dates to 1886 and is shrouded in mystery. Some think the strain has been lost, while others claim it has not. Either way, this is a unique, robust and delicious tomato for the home gardener. It grows 8-15 oz.
Product code: 1287
1.14 €
Longtime home garden favorite. Oxheart tomatoes have been grown in this country for many years but are relatively unknown to younger gardeners. This variety is called Bull's Heart and it may be the best tasting tomato of all.
Product code: 1118
1.14 €
This spectacular introduction of indeterminate tomato, which never turns red, staying milky yellow when ripe and can be stored up to 6 months! The meaty tangy 80-110g tomatoes are wondrously sweet and juicy. Perfect to use raw, baked, grilled or sauteed.
Product code: 2074
1.14 €
The Amana Orange tomato is an Iowa heirloom obtained from Gary Staley of Brandon, Florida, who named it for the Amana Colonies of Amana, Iowa, produces globe shaped, reddish orange beefsteak tomatoes that average 1-2 lbs. Indeterminate.
Product code: 2087
1.14 €
One of the most unusual tomatoes you can find, this stunning, red, bell-pepper-shaped tomato has vibrant yellow stripes, and a semi-hollow interior with a mild sharpish flavour, the seeds forming what looks like a shiny strawberry inside.
Product code: 2073
1.14 €
This is a mid-season, indeterminate, large-fruited, new original variety of tomatoes with large, flat-rounded, tasty fruits weighing 800 to 1500 grams. The yield of the variety reaches 5-7 kg per plant.
Product code: 2084
1.14 €
One of the oldest American heirlooms dating back to the 1700's, big, prolific, regular leaf, sprawling plant produces hundreds of cute, deep-red, pear-shaped fruits with wonderfully sweet and juicy flesh, a wonderful snacking or salad tomato.
Product code: 2082
1.14 €
This is a mid-season variety. The vegetation period from germination to maturity 110 days. The plant is short, 50 cm high. Fruits are round, smooth, red in color.
Product code: 2080
1.14 €
Last March I received the most fabulous surprise. I was so excited I could hardly contain myself. It is enclosed. When I saw his photo I had pepper. This name is what was written on the homemade pack.
Product code: 2090
1.14 €
A most exciting tomato, it is wonderful in every way, this unusual variety was developed by Pascal Moreau, a horticulturist from Belgium, the multi-colored, smooth fruit (green, yellow and purple mix) weigh about 1 lbs.
Product code: 2078
1.14 €
Fire engine orange fruits overlaid with golden yellow stripes, fine, slightly acidic flavour, not unlike Green Zebra, start these Orange Zebra tomato seeds late season variety early and grow with protection from the rain.
Product code: 2856
1.14 €
Find a large, lovely container and grow the biggest and best crop of cherry tomatoes you've ever seen with Vishenka, a new determinate (we'll explain that in a minute!) variety bred just for growing on the patio!
Product code: 3197
1.14 €
Rare Ukrainian Heirloom tomato. Mid-season (110-120 days), high-yielding, salad variety. Indeterminate tomato variety, plant up to 150 cm (60 in) height. Large, fleshy, heart-shaped, intense red fruits, weight 200-500 g (7-17 oz) sometimes up to 1 kg.
Product code: 3196
1.14 €
This is a mid-ripening variety, the growing season from shoots to the beginning of fruiting 110-120 days. The bush is tall. The fruits are small, plum-shaped with a spout, red, medium weight 30-60 grams.
Product code: 3485
1.14 €
This is an early, determinant variety. 108-115 days. The plant is strong, well-leafy with 3-5 fruits in claster. Fruits are flat, meaty, bright red with excellent taste. Fruit weight 150-180 grams. Best uses - fresh in summer salads.
Product code: 3193
1.14 €
64 days. Determinate. Early Polish variety whose “rigid stem” habit doesn’t require staking or pruning. Handsome potato-leaf vines are very productive, yielding 3- to 6-oz round to oblate fruits. These were very smooth and blemish-free in our trials.
Product code: 4371
1.14 €
Its vigorous plants produce produces continuous, heavy yields of consistent, clean, sweet and delicious, 6-7 oz. fruit. Fruits are round, fleshy, pink-red in color, of great in taste. Weight reaches 120-170 grams. Universal use.
Product code: 4431
1.14 €
Mid-early russian heirloom variety (105-110 days). Indeterminate tomato, plant grows 130-160 cm (50-60 in) height. Heart-shaped, fleshy, intense red fruits, weight 150-350 g (5-12 oz.) with an excellent flavor.
Product code: 4498
1.14 €
This is a rare offering from the famed Russian tomato breeder Fedor Tarasenko. This is a great tomato with super flavor. Tarasenko Pink has good keeping qualities and will hold on the counter longer than most open pollinated garden varieties.
Product code: 4430
1.14 €
Mid-early russian heirloom variety (105-110 days). Indeterminate tomato, plant grows 130-160 cm (50-60 in) height. Heart-shaped, fleshy, intense pink fruits, weight 150-350 g (5-12 oz.) with an excellent flavor.
Product code: 4693
1.14 €
Here it is: the classic variety for canning and saucing, now available as organically grown seed, Roma is a small, thick-walled, flavorful tomato just right for crushing into savory sauces that hold spice beautifully and yield a rich, authentic.
Product code: 4497
1.14 €
This selection success of Russian agronomists. A wonderful mid variety with crimson fruit. The plant is strong, 55-60 cm high, fruits are smooth, shiny, weighing 65-100 grams, excellent taste qualities. The variety is high-yielding - up to 50 kg!
Product code: 4962
1.14 €
Yellow Currant tomatoes are the smallest edible tomato, each fruit weighing an average of just three grams and measuring just over a centimeter in diameter, the round, yellow fruits are notable for their intense sweet-tart flavor and firm.
«Blue wonder» - Organic Tomato Seeds SALE
Product code: 5325
1.14 €
3.65 € (Sale: 68%)
A mid-season variety, the fruits are round, smooth, a red-black spot remains on the apical part of the fruit, the rest is covered with blue to the stem, which looks like absolutely black, weighing 100-120 grams.
Product code: 5324
1.14 €
Great White is the largest of the white tomato varieties, and has excellent resistance to sun scald, drought, and cracking, the flesh is so good and deliciously fruity, it reminds one of a mixture of fresh-cut pineapple, melon and guava.
Product code: 5323
1.14 €
This absolute beauty has a quite unique appearance being dramatically striped and slashed in brown, with almost no seeds and firm thick flesh, the distinctive flavour is strong but not acidic.
Product code: 5322
1.14 €
Its tomatoes are indeed special, 1 to 2 pound pink beefsteaks with the delectably complex, rich, sweet flavor that has made Brandywine justifiably famous, indeterminate.
«Big Cherry» - Organic Tomato Seeds TOP
Product code: 5321
1.14 €
An excellent salad tomato, with clusters of 5 on spreading, hardy vines, with dark green foliage, full-season, high yields of deep scarlet, round, flavorful fruits, green fruits may be pickled, while ripe ones are used fresh or for preserves.
Product code: 5320
1.14 €
A mid-season tomato that is a top notch performer in the looks, taste, and production departments, this 2-4 ounce gem has amazing yellow red stripes, is a great producer and is a definite winner if you want a smaller, juicy, sweet tomato.
Product code: 5319
1.14 €
Stock your garden with this eye-catching purple tomato, which develops its beautifully dusky pigment when exposed to direct sunlight, the purple skin boasts high levels of anthocyanins, disease-fighting compounds that help fight cancer.
«Hazel mae» - Organic Tomato Seeds SALE
Product code: 5318
1.14 €
2.32 € (Sale: 50%)
Mid-ripening variety, round-flat, smooth, yellow-pink color, weighing 1000 grams, very beautiful, of exceptional yield and disease resistance.
Product code: 5317
1.14 €
This tomato caught the attention of a lot of gardeners this season, very long and gangly growth habit up to the tunnel roof and on, a habit rooted in the wild ancestory of vining tomatoes, each truss was loaded with sweet delicious red cherry tomatoes.
Product code: 5316
1.14 €
As aesthetically appealing as it is delicious, ruby boasts prolific beautiful huge red-streaked yellow fruits with marbled interior flesh, meaty with superb mild sweet flavor, smooth melting texture and not a bit of acidity.
«Manicure» - Organic Tomato Seeds SALE
Product code: 5339
1.14 €
2.76 € (Sale: 58%)
Mid-ripening variety, plum-shaped fruits, smooth, yellow, weighing 25 grams, very beautiful, exceptional yield and disease resistance.
Product code: 5314
1.14 €
If you have grown oxhearts before, you would know that most are terrific, that’s just what oxhearts are, but Slankard’s to me, sits on the top with the best of them, think about Curtis Cheek, Hungarian Heart or Anna Russian.
Product code: 5338
1.14 €
A very pretty tomato and one of the best for straight from the vine eating, medium-sized, bright orange fruits glow with neon intensity against 36" vines, a high yielder and good keeper, producing loads of tasty, 3 to 5 oz.
Product code: 5337
1.14 €
Beauty Lottringa tomatoes turned every head that walked through our gardens. Huge, flattish, ruffled tomatoes grew on shorter vines(perhaps 4 feet tall) and were awesome all season long. These had absolutely no signs of diseases.
«Reckless Wheels» - Organic Tomato Seeds SALE
Product code: 5336
1.14 €
2.67 € (Sale: 57%)
A mid-season variety, the fruits are round, smooth, red-pink in color, weighing 300 grams, very beautiful, of exceptional yield and disease resistance.
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