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Set of seeds «From the author» No. 1 - 10 packets NEW

Set of seeds «From the author» No. 1 - 10 packets

5.99 €
10 tomatoes in one set.
  • Manufacturer country: Ukraine
  • Product code: 10002
  • Available: Is enough
  • Germination: 90%
  • Unit: Set
  • Crop year / Production date: 2023
  • Shelf life: 5 years

  • Set of seeds «From the author» No. 1

    10 tomatoes in one set:

    Tomato seeds «Orange Blue»
    Mid-season indeterminate variety, 1.5 m high, exotic fruits of orange-golden color, round, covered on the side of the stalk with a black-violet tan, weighing 50-120 grams.

    Tomato seeds «Mary Robinson German»
    Indeterminate, mid-season, high-yielding tomato variety, tall plants, 1.2 m high, flat-rounded fruits, yellow with red stripes and spots, pink in cross section, very tasty, weighing up to 500 grams, seeds in There is almost no fruit.

    Tomato seeds «Dixie Golden Giant»
    Medium late indeterminate rare variety, flattened fruits, bright yellow-orange, pleasant refreshing taste, weighing 400-800 grams, can reach up to 1.5 kg, consistently high yield.

    Tomato seeds «Tigeretta cherry red»
    A mid-ripening variety, super-determinant bushes, low-growing, up to 35 cm in height, does not require pinching, this variety differs from others in that it has decorative leaves of light green color, suitable for growing in pots.

    Tomato seeds «Pink Furry Boar»
    Indeterminate, tall, productive, tall plant, up to 1.5 m in height, fruits are round, pink, painted with light yellow stripes, excellent taste, weighing up to 150 grams, a real miracle from Brad Gates.

    Tomato seeds «Cascade Village Blue»
    The fruits are one of the most beautiful among blue-fruited tomatoes, the fruits are blue-red, some are even black in color, the flesh is tender, good taste with a spicy tint and a fruity aftertaste, fruit weight is up to 100 grams.

    Tomato seeds «Pink Bumble Bee»
    An early ripening tomato variety, super dense, bright, shiny fruits, very beautiful in appearance, pink, with thick golden stripes, sweet, tasty, weighing 30 grams.

    Tomato seeds «Carol Chyko's Big Paste» (Big Carol)
    Tall, mid-season, super productive variety, bush up to 1.5 meters high, large fruits, can grow up to 1200 grams, average weight 500-600 grams, super beautiful, with edges, rich bright color, not a single speck.

    Tomato seeds «Giant Belgium»
    All the best characteristics of large-fruited tomatoes are collected in one variety, excellent taste, beautiful sweet pulp without compactions near the stalk, productivity and of course huge fruits, possible fruit weight more than 1 kg.

    Tomato seeds «Stripes of Yore»
    Mid-season, high-yielding tomato variety, recommended for growing in greenhouses and open ground, at the ripe stage the tomatoes are bright yellow in color with very impressive, rich purple-black strokes, yellow flesh, very tasty, sweet.

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