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Set of seeds «From the author» No. 2 - 10 packets NEW

Set of seeds «From the author» No. 2 - 10 packets

5.99 €
10 tomatoes in one set.
  • Manufacturer country: Ukraine
  • Product code: 10003
  • Available: Is enough
  • Germination: 90%
  • Unit: Set
  • Crop year / Production date: 2023
  • Shelf life: 5 лет

  • Set of seeds «From the author» No. 2

    10 tomatoes in one set:

    Tomato seeds «Gnoccia di Limone»
    Early ripening, productive variety, with tall powerful bushes up to 2 meters, round fruits, yellow in color, weighing 15-20 grams, unique taste, as if with the addition of an amplifier taste with a hint of sweet lemon.

    Tomato seeds «Brandywine, Sudduth's Strain» (Brandywine)
    Mid-season variety, growing season from germination to ripening 85 days, tall bush, 1.3 m high.

    Tomato seeds «Luch»
    Medium, bush 30 cm, fruits are elongated, pepper-shaped, orange, weighing 120 grams, sweet, great for canning and summer salads, up to 3 kg can be harvested from a bush.

    Tomato seeds «Ei von Phuket»
    Mid-season variety, plum-shaped, smooth, pink fruits, weighing 25 grams, very beautiful, exceptional yield and disease resistance.

    Tomato seeds «Dean’s whiskey plum»
    Mid-season variety, fruits are round, smooth, orange in color, weighing 100 grams, very beautiful, exceptional yield and disease resistance.

    Tomato seeds «Delta Diver»
    Low-growing, medium-late, super productive variety, bush up to 1 meter high, flat-rounded fruits, yellow with orange stripes, good taste, weighing 100-250 grams, the variety is not yet resistant, possible green striped fruits.

    Tomato seeds «Antho Striped Dwarf»
    Low-growing, early, high-yielding variety, round-flat fruits, weighing 50-100 grams. Dark foliage, which is not affected by diseases, and red-blue fruits give this variety a truly highly decorative appearance.

    Tomato seeds «Ozark Sunrise»
    This incredibly exotic variety of tomato will not leave any gardener indifferent - both amateur and professional; the bushes are strewn with an abundance of beautiful fruits, which, when fully ripe, are covered with purple-black stripes.

    Tomato seeds «Scatolone 2»
    The fruits are elongated cream with a «pip» at the bottom, dense, red in color at maturity, weighing 120-150 grams, excellent taste, not prone to cracking, the flesh is thick and dense, these tomatoes are good both for fresh consumption and for canning.

    Tomato seeds «Red Coal»
    The largest of the tomatoes is purple (blue) in color, and the earliest, wonderful, very rich tomato-fruit taste, works well both in open ground and in greenhouses.

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