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«Oyster mushroom blue» (Pleurotus columbinus) - Organic Mushroom Spawn EXCLUSIVE

«Oyster mushroom blue» (Pleurotus columbinus) - Organic Mushroom Spawn

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Blue oyster mushroom is one of the rarest and most exotic varieties of oyster mushroom, the active antitumor effect of oyster mushroom has been proven, regular use of oyster mushroom can normalize blood pressure.

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  • Manufacturer country: Ukraine
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  • Crop year / Production date: 2023
  • Shelf life: 5 years

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  • Organic Mushroom Spawn «Oyster mushroom blue»  (Pleurotus columbinus)

    The blue clay is resplendent with the original blue color of the droplet, which becomes the light of the growth of the mushroom in the world. Blue clay is one of the most common and exotic varieties of clay.

    Habitat in nature

    Blue oyster mushroom belongs to xylotrophic mushrooms, therefore it actively breeds on the trunks of fallen hardwood trees, stumps. Found in temperate forests.


    In nature, blue oyster mushroom, like the common one, bears fruit in autumn and spring. If the weather is good, oyster mushrooms can bear fruit in May.

    Useful properties

    Nutritious blue oyster mushroom is similar to ordinary oyster mushroom. Blue oyster mushroom is an indispensable product of dietary nutrition, which contains all the substances necessary for a person (proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, microelements). With a very low calorie content, oyster mushroom can quickly satisfy hunger, replace meat and seafood in the diet by 80%.

    If we talk about the healing properties of blue oyster mushroom, they are also similar to common oyster mushroom - it removes harmful substances from the body, treats hepatitis, cholecystitis, heals stomach ulcers, helps to cure atherosclerosis. The active antitumor effect of oyster mushroom has been proven. By regularly eating oyster mushrooms, you can normalize blood pressure, reduce the likelihood of developing viral diseases.

    Taste qualities

    Blue oyster mushroom, like ordinary oyster mushroom, is very tasty - it has a delicate, pronounced aroma, rich, oily taste. In addition to all the above advantages - oyster mushroom is universal. It can be consumed in any form, even raw, which further enhances its benefits. Seasoning from dried oyster mushrooms is very popular - this powder can be added to dishes to enhance the taste and smell.


    If favorable conditions are created for oyster mushroom, it will provide a yield of 15-30% of the wood mass. The highest yield is observed in the 2-3 year of crop development. The duration of fruiting ranges from 3 to 7 years, depending on the density of the wood. Oyster mushroom on a stump bears fruit for up to 10 years. Oyster mushrooms can be planted on wood in open ground or in tubs with peat or earth.

    Other names: pigeon oyster mushroom, Colombian oyster mushroom

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