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Set of seeds «Borshchevy» - 6 packets NEW

Set of seeds «Borshchevy» - 6 packets

3.99 €
6 packets of seeds in one set.
  • Manufacturer country: Ukraine
  • Product code: 10012
  • Available: Is enough
  • Germination: 90%
  • Unit: Set
  • Crop year / Production date: 2023
  • Shelf life: 5 years

  • Set of seeds «Borshchevy»

    6 packets of seeds in one set:

    White cabbage seeds «Snow White»
    Late-ripening variety, growing season from germination to ripeness 135-150 days, heads of cabbage light green with a bluish tint, large, dense, weighing 3-5 kg.

    Carrot seeds «Amsterdam»
    Variety of original French quality, Nantes type. The growing season is 100 days. The root crops are aligned, have an attractive presentation, cylindrical in shape, 16-18 cm long, 2.5-4.5 cm in diameter. The color of the pulp and core is intense orange.

    Beet seeds «Diy»
    Early ripening variety, germination period to bunch ripeness is 50-60 days, technical - 92-110 days. The root crop is oval-round, 6.2-8.9 cm long, 8.0-10.3 cm in diameter, weighing 380-440 grams, smooth, 1/3 goes into the soil.

    Onion seeds «Globus» (onion)
    This is a mid-season variety. The growing season from germination to lodging of leaves is 92-94 days. The bulbs are round in shape, average weight up to 250 grams, semi-sharp taste, the color of the outer scales is light brown or brown.

    Tomato seeds «Snowman»
    An excellent mid-season tomato variety, fruits of dense consistency, smooth, round, red, weight 120-200 grams, perfect for growing in open ground and film greenhouses.

    Bean seeds «Gift»
    An annual plant of the Legume family, which produces fruits in the form of pods with beans during the ripening period. The stem is herbaceous, forms lateral shoots, often creeping. The root system is taprooted, penetrating to a depth of about 1 m, with many nodules.

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