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Organic Oriental Plane Seeds (Platanus orientalis)
Product code: 1704
1.14 €
The Oriental Planetree is a large, rounded and handsome shade tree. The cream coloured bark is quite attractive and is exfoliating. Its ornamental bark makes it an interesting specimen in a winter garden. A popular street tree.
Product code: 13583
1.14 €
Trees reach a height of 5 meters and more, have a neat crown in the form of an oval, the fruits ripen medium, weighing up to 30 grams, have a maroon color and tender pulp, tolerates pruning well.
Product code: 15015
5.00 €
Mid-season variety, bush height 50-70 cm, cuboid fruits, weight 150-200 grams, dark yellow with anthocyanin, wall thickness 6-8mm, sweet and aromatic, used for fresh salads and preparations for the winter.
Product code: 15014
3.00 €
Mid-season variety from Bulgaria, bush height 50-60 cm, cone-shaped fruits, red color, weighing from 150, wall thickness 8 mm, juicy pulp, tasty, high yield, intended for greenhouses and open ground.
Product code: 15010
1.50 €
Medium early, productive variety, fruits similar to flattened and ribbed "mini-pumpkin", weighing 100-150 grams, thick walls, orange-yellow fruits, dense and crispy flesh with excellent taste, compact bush, suitable for growing in pots.
Product code: 15009
1.14 €
An early ripe fruitful variety, bush height 80cm, elongated cylindrical fruit shape, weight 50-80 grams, red color, sweet taste, walls of medium thickness, intended for greenhouses and open ground.
Product code: 15001
3.00 €
Early ripe variety, bush height 60-80cm, taste with citrus fruit aroma, fruits ripen from green to bright yellow, fruits with folds and wrinkles, for making hot sauces, drying.
Product code: 14999
1.14 €
A unique large-fruited cone-shaped hot pepper, has a high yield, is an excellent choice for pickling and for fresh salads, can be grown in containers of 5 liters or more.
Product code: 14998
3.00 €
A rare perennial variety of hot peppers from Guatemala, bush height 60 cm, ripens from green to orange, diamond-shaped fruits with a spout, fruity taste, intended for fresh eating, making sauces, preservation.
Product code: 14997
2.50 €
Mid-season variety, bush height - 70 cm, pleasant fruity taste and aroma with hints of apricot, an excellent choice for making hot sauce, aromatic hot salt, chili powder.
Product code: 14989
1.14 €
Mid-season variety, bush with a height of 30 - 50 cm, cone-shaped fruits of medium size from green to red when fully ripe, good for pickling, pickling, sauces, suitable for growing in greenhouses and at home in a pot of 3 liters or more.
Product code: 13690
1.14 €
In this variety, the color of the calyx merges with the color of the fruit, the fruits are small cone-shaped, in technical ripeness the fruits are yellow, in biological ripeness they are red, the taste and aroma are fruity, for fresh food and canning.
Product code: 13689
1.14 €
One of the most famous Hungarian hot pepper varieties, the plant is 45 cm in height, the fruits are round, tomato-shaped, up to 6 cm in diameter, the pulp is juicy, for fresh food, stuffing, drying.
Product code: 13682
1.14 €
A beautiful shrub with black leaves, bush height 20-30 cm, round, edible fruits of bright lilac color at the beginning of ripening and bright red color when fully ripe, suitable for indoor cultivation in flower pots from 2 liters.
Product code: 13681
1.14 €
A variety of hot peppers, originally from Macedonia, an old variety and very popular in the Balkans, the fruits are orange-pink in color, plant height up to 1 meter, the variety is very productive and suitable for growing outdoors.
Product code: 13675
1.14 €
This variety of hot pepper comes from China, the taste of pepper is sweet without sourness, similar to the taste of sweet pepper Ramiro, sweet taste and warm spiciness give an amazing effect, for fresh consumption, in salads and sauces.
Product code: 13673
1.14 €
A rare and very hot variety, the pungency is similar to the pungency of Bhut Jolokia, one pepper can be used to season seven pots of ragout, the fruit taste is fruity with hints of celery.
Product code: 13671
1.14 €
A one-of-a-kind baccatum, blooming with very beautiful purple flowers, a green flower with a wide bright purple border, the taste of the fruit is very fragrant and quite pungent, the fruits are medium-sized, conical, red.
Product code: 12978
1.14 €
Chile Institute hot pepper variety, obtained by crossing Pemagreen sweet pepper (remains green when fully ripened) with Jalapeno Early hot pepper.
Product code: 12976
1.14 €
A small-leaved variety with dark green leaves and black conical fruits when incompletely ripened, the ripened fruits turn red, the size is small, 5-6 times the size of the match head, fruits for fresh consumption, drying and preservation.
Product code: 12964
1.14 €
This is a rare natural version of the red Bhut Djolokiya, the fruits of this variety first turn purple and then ripen to red, their shape looks more like Habanero pepper than the classic Djolokia, the stems and leaves also have a purple hue.
Product code: 12960
1.14 €
A very rare variety of super-hot pepper, a bush up to 1m tall, the fruit aroma is fruity, like that of Bubblegum chewing gum, the taste is very sweet, but it is very spicy, not for fresh consumption, and super-spicy sauces are wonderful.
Product code: 12717
1.14 €
The fruits are more elongated than other Habanero, a distinctive feature is that when ripened, the pepper acquires a bright salmon color, is surprisingly beautiful and has a deep taste.
Product code: 12713
1.14 €
Very fruitful, the cones are bright orange, dense, as if made of plastic and similar to Christmas tree decorations, the length of the fruit is 6 cm, the width is 4 cm, the taste is refreshing, the sharpness is medium and above average, good for sauces and
Product code: 12711
1.14 €
A wonderful bright purple variety of the famous Cayenne pepper, giving good yields of sharp, cone-shaped pods, 4-5 cm long, directed upwards, when ripe, the peppers change color from anthocyanin (dark purple) to dark red.
Product code: 12305
1.50 €
Peter peppers range from medium-hot to pretty darn fiery (reportedly in the 20,000 to 30,000 Scoville Units range and are good tasting (great for spicing up salsa as well as conversation).
Product code: 12880
1.14 €
Annual plant, flowers are very large, with a diameter of 10-12cm, pink in color, collected in spike-shaped inflorescences, 140-160cm high.
Product code: 5265
2.53 €
An annual food, medicinal and ornamental plant native to China, two-meter branched bushes are densely covered with large (20 cm in diameter), wavy leaves with a fringe along the edge.
Product code: 15442
1.50 €
An early ripe variety of foreign selection, 90 days, the fruit is round, amber-yellow in color, weighing up to 200 grams, has an exquisite sweet and sour taste, very productive, one of the promising varieties, both for greenhouses and for greenhouses.
Product code: 15437
1.50 €
Tall tomato with elongated large fruits of bright red color, they have a very attractive appearance and excellent taste, the pulp is dense, sweet, transportability is good.
Product code: 15380
1.50 €
Tall, indeterminate, mid-season variety, curly fruits, weight 200-400 grams, red clusters and stripes on a yellow-hot background, good yield, bears fruit until frost.
Product code: 15352
1.14 €
Early ripe, tall (1.8 m), very productive variety, when ripe, the fruits become golden green, fleshy, sweet, about 20 grams, recommended for growing in greenhouses and open ground.
Product code: 15329
1.14 €
Mid-season, tall, productive variety of Mike Sarnovsky from the USA, dense bush up to 1.8 m high, increased disease resistance, elongated plum-shaped fruits, red, weighing 130-200 grams, pulp is fleshy, sweet, with a pleasant aroma.
Product code: 15326
1.14 €
Tall, early, very productive variety, with powerful bushes and shoots, in clusters of 5-7 fruits, red-chocolate color, pear-shaped, weighing 10-20 grams, dense, very good, do not crack, hang on the bushes until frost without quality loss.
Product code: 15315
1.14 €
This is a mid-season variety, pear-shaped fruits, smooth, dense, brown-burgundy in color, weighing 50-80 grams, good taste, the variety is valued for its high yield and original fruit shape.
Product code: 15314
1.14 €
Mid-season variety, with pear-shaped fruits of wonderful taste, weighing 80-100 grams, indeterminate plant, 1.2-1.5 m high, fruit pulp, sweet-sour, bright red, one of the best varieties for canning and pickling.
Product code: 15312
1.14 €
Indeterminate, tall, early, productive variety of tomato, fruits are flat-round, in the stage of maturity pink with yellow strokes and speckles, weighing up to 400 grams, fleshy, tasty, sweet, fragrant.
Product code: 15308
1.14 €
A mid-season variety for growing indoors, in which the bush is indeterminate, the fruits are flat-round, firm, weighing 300g or more.
Product code: 15303
1.14 €
One of the most delicious tomatoes with original fruits resembling elongated varieties of pepper, a tall plant, low-seeded fruits, medium density, suitable for cultivation in open ground and spring-summer film shelters.
Product code: 15299
1.14 €
Tall, mid-season, high-yielding variety originally from Austria. A bush 1.2-1.5 m high. In the hands of 5 - 7 fruits ripening together. The fruits are elongated, with a pointed nose, purple-violet with green stripes, dense.
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