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«Purple miracle» - Organic Pennisetum Seeds
Product code: 4321
2.44 €
An annual herb of the family of cereals, 3 to 4 m in height, with dark green leaves, very beautiful inflorescences - dense cylindrical or ellipsoidal with a diameter of 10-20 mm.
Product code: 15018
3.00 €
The tree is 15-20 meters high, berry-like with juicy flesh, yellow when grown, 1-2 cm in diameter, edible and contains a lot of sugars, malic acid and vitamins, found in food fresh, caught by frost, often dried.
Product code: 12875
1.14 €
Reliable early Polish variety, with large dense berries suitable for transportation, bushless, productive bushes, firm flesh, very fragrant, sweet, medium-sized berries, round, medium weight berries - 5-6 grams, good taste.
Product code: 15203
1.80 €
A tasty vegetable and attractive ornamental plant, the pods develop from highly decorative, pink flowers, the peas can be used raw, canned or frozen, suitable for all kinds of salads and purees.
Product code: 15167
2.00 €
A variety that combines good taste and unsurpassed appearance, purple flowers are very beautiful, but dark purple pods are especially effective, the variety is very productive and cold-resistant.
Product code: 13632
1.14 €
High-yielding, super-early among the early varieties of peas, which is distinguished by good taste and technological qualities, this variety is unpretentious to growing conditions and tolerates hot conditions well.
Product code: 11836
1.14 €
This towering, flowering plant is a native of the tall grass prairie and readily establishes from Silphium seeds. It is commonly known as Cup Plant and is a perennial giant which has yellow daisy-like flowers.
«Purple» - Organic Foxglove Seeds (Digitalis purpurea) NEW
Product code: 10482
1.14 €
Purple foxglove is a perennial plant reaching a height of 1.2–2 m, has large flowers-bells collected in a brush, the main color is purple, the spots inside the corolla are dark red with a white border, very unpretentious. Blooms in June-July.
Product code: 15427
1.14 €
Belong to the variety type of hedgehog-shaped asters, the shape of the plant is columnar, strong, height 60-65 cm, inflorescence diameter 10-11 cm, pink color, up to 10 strong peduncles on the plant, one of the best varieties for bouquets.
Product code: 15423
1.14 €
The princess cultivar has flat-round inflorescences, consisting of several rows of reed flowers located along the edges of the inflorescence and a large number of long tubular flowers in the center of the inflorescence.
Product code: 15422
1.14 €
The princess cultivar has flat-round inflorescences, consisting of several rows of reed flowers located along the edges of the inflorescence and a large number of long tubular flowers in the center of the inflorescence.
Product code: 1454
1.14 €
This Pink Blush is anything but embarrassing! Glorious, tall spikes of evenly spaced, perfectly formed florets in shades of pink, from pastel to magenta!
Product code: 12009
1.78 €
Medium early variety, root weight 100-120 grams, white pulp, dense, juicy, tender. with a high content of minerals, used for dietary and baby food, has healing properties.
Product code: 14944
1.14 €
Annual tall, powerful and branched plant 70 - 80 cm high, inflorescences-baskets are large, terry, on long strong peduncles, 10-15 cm in diameter, lemon-yellow, flowering lasts from July until severe frosts (October).
Product code: 14943
1.14 €
An annual tall, powerful and branched plant 70 - 80 cm high, inflorescences-baskets are large, terry, on long strong peduncles, 10 -15 cm in diameter, bright orange in color, flowering lasts from July until severe frosts (October).
Product code: 2138
3.00 €
Native to the southwestern U.S and Baja California, the California fan palm is 1 of the 11 native palms in North America. It has a large, gray unbranched trunk, with horizontal lines. The trunk is 2-3 feet in diameter, and grows 20 to 60 feet long.
Product code: 3474
8.35 €
A small, very decorative perennial plant with drooping shoots, dotted with medium-sized and pale pink flowers, abundant flowering, long-lasting, the leaves are slightly smaller than those of the white color, has a more spherical shape.
Product code: 12682
1.14 €
Perennial. Grown as a 2-year-old. Drought-resistant and frost-resistant plant with a height of 75-250 cm. The flowers are large, with a diameter of 10-15 cm, pink color. Used for decoration of flower beds, in groups and for cutting into large vases.
Product code: 13773
1.14 €
Is there a place in your garden for these stunning ground cover plants? You will want Verbena because it blooms all summer long with violet or pink flowers on spreading plants, and the foliage is fern-like and attractive. Verbena comes from South America.
Product code: 4275
1.14 €
Pinus siberica belongs to the family of the Pinaceae, the pine trees. This pine tree species is native to Siberia. Due to that is also known as Siberian yellow pine. In Siberia it occurs in big populations that cover big areas. Those populations are mostl
Product code: 12684
1.14 €
A spectacular plant with strong peduncles that do not require a garter, and luxurious lush inflorescences of a delicate lilac-lilac color, perfect for decorating flower beds and obtaining high-quality cut.
Product code: 15127
1.14 €
Black barley is one of the easiest cereals and minerals to grow in home gardens, it is one of the rarest cereals in the world, contains many anthocyanins for your health, adds to salads, soups, converts sprouted.
Product code: 4443
1.14 €
Argentinean corn variety for making popcorn, PopAr Gold popcorn is used for making sweet and salty popcorn, the opened grain is strong, the flakes do not break, it opens in bulky torn flakes.
Product code: 15165
1.14 €
The plant is unpretentious to care for, gives a large yield and has many useful properties that can be used in various industries, has a well-developed root system.
Product code: 8962
1.14 €
A perennial, highly branched plant, in one place the onion grows up to 5 years, the yield is 15-20 t / ha, it is intended for fresh consumption and in cooking.
Product code: 13098
1.14 €
The medium-early variety of onions, bulbs have a rounded and slightly elongated shape weighing 120-150 grams, the color of the scales of ripe fruits is brown-bronze, the inside is white, the taste is semi-sharp.
Product code: 4825
1.50 €
Golden Shallots are a smaller type of onion with a mild subtle onion flavour. Great for making your own pickled onions and a range of sauces. Harvest in summer before flowering and as the tip begins to dry.
Product code: 1873
1.14 €
Plantain is edible and medicinal, the young leaves are edible raw in salad or cooked as a pot herb, they are very rich in vitamin B1 and riboflavin. The herb has a long history of use as an alternative medicine dating back to ancient times.
Product code: 11961
1.14 €
A variety of peppermint with a height of 30-45 cm with light green leaves and a light stem, the aroma is softer than in dark mint, but there are fewer essential oils, good phytoncid and honey plant.
Product code: 13107
1.14 €
In folk medicine in many countries, ground flower baskets of pyrethrum cinerarielis are used as a means of fighting harmful insects, pyrethrinal preparations are used to exterminate bugs, fleas, cockroaches, flies, insects.
«Popping» - Organic Amaranth Seeds EXCLUSIVE
Product code: 11809
1.78 €
The plant is up to 2 meters high, very high-yielding (300-500 grams of seeds per plant), the grain is small, white, from which delicious various dishes are prepared.
«Panpipe» - Organic Okra Seeds EXCLUSIVE
Product code: 11360
1.14 €
Mid-season, medium-sized variety - stem height 115 - 120 cm, diameter - 2 - 2.5 cm, plant diameter 50 - 60 cm, small branches - 6.7-7.8 cm in diameter, yellow color, spot at the base of the wreath is raspberry ...
Product code: 15208
1.14 €
An early (75-80 days) variety of cauliflower with a very dense, snow-white head weighing 1.2-1.5 kg, which is well covered with leaves, is also characterized by simultaneous ripening of the crop.
«Patriot» - Organic Beetroot Seeds Income for support AFU
Product code: 15501
0.91 €
Mid-season variety type, root crop of intense red color, cylindrical, weighing 450-600 grams, 5-9 cm in diameter, 15-20 cm long, immersed in the soil by 1/4 of the length, due to which it is easily pulled out. Income for support Armed Forces of Ukraine.
«Partizan» - Organic Beetroot Seeds Income for support AFU
Product code: 15500
0.91 €
High-yielding mid-season variety, high yield, 4-5 kg/m2, root crops are round, smooth, weighing 200-300 grams, leveled, the flesh is dark red, dense, without rings, excellent taste, juicy. Income for support Armed Forces of Ukraine.
Product code: 13412
1.14 €
The variety is mid-season, the duration of the growing season is 120-130 days, compared with drought tolerance, is well stored, and is resistant to diseases. Root crops aligned in size and shape, average weight 600-700 grams, in favorable years - 900-1200
Product code: 12931
1.14 €
A wonderful hybrid imported from China, juicy, sweet, almost without bitterness, stored for more than 5 months without losing taste, a very valuable dietary product that dissolves kidney stones and bladder.
Product code: 13438
1.14 €
Extremely beautiful and tasty salad, bred in Italy, early ripe plant, round head, average density up to 200 grams, leaves are tender, oily, yield in open soil is up to 4 kg per m2, in the greenhouse up to 7 kg per m2.
«Power of the Armed Forces of Ukraine» - Organic Spinach Seeds Income for support AFU
Product code: 15506
0.91 €
An early ripe variety, the period from germination to the beginning of ripening is 20-40 days, the rosette of leaves is compact, weighing 25-30 grams, the leaves are smooth, oval in shape. Income for support Armed Forces of Ukraine.
Product code: 11802
1.14 €
The variety forms a fleshy, tender, tasty root vegetable weighing up to 500 grams, peeled and cut into strips or cubes, the root vegetable is served fresh for meat or fish dishes, for beer, and excellent nutritious salads, soups, side dishes and sauces ar
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