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«Perun» - Organic Tomato Seeds SALE
Product code: 11595
1.14 €
2.83 € (Sale: 59%)
A powerful, tall variety for growing in open field and in film cover. The plant is of a strong type of growth, produces a large number of fruits. Fruits are pear-shaped, yellow, weighing 15-20 grams. A versatile variety, excellent for pickling.
Product code: 11562
1.14 €
This is a mid-early variety, a low-growing, compact bush, 40-80 cm high, cylindrical fruits, smooth, weighing 40-60 grams, used for fresh consumption, whole-fruit canning and processing for tomato products.
Product code: 11551
1.14 €
Medium-late variety, round-shaped, large, slightly ribbed, burgundy-brown, weighing 200-300 grams, pleasant taste, used mainly for fresh consumption.
«Planet» - Organic Tomato Seeds SALE
Product code: 10348
1.14 €
5.05 € (Sale: 77%)
Medium late, tall tomato variety, up to 2 m high, for growing in greenhouses and open field, fruits, red, round, juicy and sweet, weighing up to 1 kg, contain few seeds, the variety is drought-resistant and is almost not affected by late blight.
«Piadrops» - Organic Tomato Seeds SALE
Product code: 9124
1.14 €
3.34 € (Sale: 65%)
The ampelous tomato variety was created specifically for growing in low-volume crops (pots, flowerpots, balcony boxes or hanging pots), pear-shaped fruits, as they ripen, the color changes from light green to bright yellow, weighing 10-15 grams.
Product code: 8692
1.14 €
A mid-season tomato variety intended for cultivation in open ground, the fruits are bright red, fleshy, rounded, of high taste, with an average weight of 90-100 grams, characterized by good transportability.
«Kenosha Paste» - Organic Tomato Seeds SALE
Product code: 8288
1.14 €
2.94 € (Sale: 61%)
Mid-season, indeterminate, bushes with ordinary leaves, 1.8 m high, elongated fruits, red, very fleshy, moderately juicy, with a wonderful aroma.
Product code: 8246
1.50 €
Early maturing, undersized, rare variety of tomato, recommended for cultivation in the open field and under temporary film shelters, fruits are round, smooth, at the stage of maturity, rich red-violet color, weighing 100-150 grams, excellent taste.
«Pink whale» - Organic Tomato Seeds SALE
Product code: 8214
1.14 €
2.87 € (Sale: 60%)
Mid-ripening, tall (1.5 m), from the first shoots to technical ripeness 115 days, indeterminate (tall) variety for greenhouses and open ground in the southern regions, pink, large, heart-shaped fruits, weighing 700 grams, pink pulp.
«Pepper striped yellow» - Organic Tomato Seeds SALE
Product code: 8209
1.14 €
2.06 € (Sale: 44%)
Mid-early (103-110 days) variety for greenhouses and greenhouses, plant 50-60 cm high, pepper-shaped fruits, with a spicy "syk", red with yellow stripes, very dense, fleshy, weighing 120-140 grams, with a high dry matter content ...
«Purple Haze» - Organic Tomato Seeds SALE
Product code: 7967
1.14 €
3.53 € (Sale: 67%)
An amazing dark purple tomato, bred by leading purple tomato breeder Jim Myers of Oregon State University (OSU) in the USA, crossing a wild tomato with a varietal.
«Purple Jasper» - Organic Tomato Seeds SALE
Product code: 7965
1.14 €
2.22 € (Sale: 48%)
Early (60 days), tall, indeterminate, with beautiful purple-red fruits covered with green stripes.
«Ei von Phuket» - Organic Tomato Seeds SALE
Product code: 5334
1.14 €
2.78 € (Sale: 58%)
Mid-ripening variety, plum-shaped fruits, smooth, pink in color, weighing 25 grams, very beautiful, of exceptional yield and disease resistance.
Product code: 15170
1.14 €
One of the most promising varieties, obtained by crossing the varieties Ogonyok and Super Suite, super early ripening, fruits with an average weight of 3-4 kg, the pulp is tender, juicy, bright red, sweet, retains density for a long time.
Product code: 13093
1.14 €
The mid-early variety, the fruit is round, aligned, the same, weighing up to 12 kg, has a solid light green peel, on which there are dark green stripes. The pulp is tender, dark red, has no veins, is very crispy and sweet.
«Poplar mushroom» (Agrocybe aegerita) - Organic Mushroom Spawn EXCLUSIVE
Product code: 10707
6.10 €
Poplar mushroom is one of the oldest edible mushrooms, it was known to the ancient Romans, who knew a lot about delicious food, poplar mushroom contains methionine, an essential amino acid that is vital.
«Pannus ear-shaped» (Panus conchatus) - Organic Mushroom's Dry Mycelium NEW EXCLUSIVE
Product code: 3117
6.10 €
A little-known edible mushroom, used fresh and pickled, the flesh is thin, leathery, tough, white.
«Tiger Pannus» (Panus tigrinus) - Organic Mushroom's Dry Mycelium NEW EXCLUSIVE
Product code: 3116
6.10 €
Hat: 8-12 cm in diameter, funnel-shaped, with a rolled edge, white, covered with brown or almost black scales. Records: narrow, descending along the stem, whitish or cream.
Product code: 15407
1.14 €
An excellent variety of early maturing raceme eggplant with high vigor for cultivation in open ground and film greenhouses.
Product code: 13019
1.14 €
Mid-early variety, vegetation period 110-130 days, bushes 50 - 70 cm high, purple fruits, cylindrical, without ribbing, 16 - 20 cm long, up to 7 cm in diameter, creamy green flesh, medium density.
«Patron» - Organic Cucumber Seeds Income for support AFU
Product code: 15490
0.91 €
This is an early ripe variety, a compact plant, the main lash is short, the green is elongated-ovate, with a tuberculate surface, 9-12 cm long, weighing 110-130 grams, the taste of the fruit is good. Income for support Armed Forces of Ukraine.
Product code: 11555
1.14 €
Here’s a gorgeous all-purpose slicing/pickling type. The plants are of bush habit, usually running no more than 18” or so, making them superior for small gardens, containers, or anywhere space is tight. Fruits hold well on the plants.
Product code: 15178
1.50 €
A quick-growing variety of a round mini-zucchini, zucchini have fruits of the original form of dark green color with white specks, the fruit ripening period is 50-55 days, the taste is wonderful.
Product code: 15558
1.50 €
Mid-season variety of hard-barked pumpkin, ripening period 100 days, fruit shape is oval, round or pear-shaped, fruit surface is warty, long climbing plant, suitable for decorative hedges.
Product code: 13593
3.00 €
Long-leaved, late variety, forms many small (up to 2 kg) beautiful striped pumpkins, grown for unusual tasty seeds - the seeds look unusual, with silvery wings.
Product code: 13096
1.14 €
A medium early table variety, a medium-weed plant, starchy pulp of medium density, is a valuable animal feed, and it is also one of the most productive varieties for seed production.
Product code: 12401
1.78 €
A mid-season variety, the fruits are beautiful, ribbed, orange-brown, weighing 6-8 kg, the wall with aromatic pulp is thick, bright, very sweet, the fruit contains more than 10% of dry matter, the taste is wonderful.
Product code: 12118
1.14 €
Early ripe variety, before harvest 65 days, medium-sized plant, with long branches, oval fruit, weight 2-2.6 kg, fruit surface with a dense net, from bright yellow to orange color, white pulp, 2.5 -3 thick see, juicy, very sweet.
Organic Korean Pine Seeds (Pinus Koraiensis) SALE
Product code: 10143
1.50 €
2.50 € (Sale: 40%)
Korean Pine nuts are the most commonly sold pine nut in international commerce. Fresh (shelled) pine nuts often sell for as much as $25/lb. Also known as pignoli nuts, Korean pine seeds can be consumed as a healthy source of protein.
Pomelo Organic Seeds (Citrus maxima) EXCLUSIVE
Product code: 13628
3.00 €
The plant with the largest fruits among citrus fruits, has a beneficial effect on the digestive system, pomelo is very useful for pregnant women, the presence of vitamin E, helps to reduce blood cholesterol levels.
Product code: 12445
2.00 €
Shrub with ascending trunks or one trunk, pin-shaped crown or creeping with many trunks, gray-brownish bark, scaly, exfoliates in irregular plates, young shoots are light green, later brown.
Pink-red Lotus Organic Seeds (Nelumbo caerulea) EXCLUSIVE
Product code: 13561
5.00 €
A life-loving flower that can easily settle in a reservoir of a garden plot. And it will serve not only as a decorative decoration, but also as a "mini-pharmacy" for home ambulance, and Lotus seeds are also considered an excellent aphrodisiac that allows
Product code: 13578
1.14 €
An evergreen coniferous tree originating from the western regions of North America, which reaches a height of 100m with a trunk thickness of up to 4m.
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